This page shows some of the scientific highlights from SCExAO. Some of the figures have been published and others have not. Please contact us for more information.


HD36546 Near-IR scattered light discovery of a bright debris disk around HD 36546 with SCExAO/HiCIAO and the vector vortex coronagraph. The disk appears nearly edge on and surrounds an extremely young stars (~5—10 Myr). (Currie, Guyon, & Tamura et al. 2017)

kappaAndVortex Detection of kappa And b with SCExAO/HiCIAO using the vector vortex coronagraph (Kuhn, Serabyn, & Lozi et al. 2018)

CHARIS: Self-luminous planets

Left: Focal-plane image of SCExAO + the shaped-pupil coronagraph after precise optical alignment. Right: Detection of HR 8799 cde with SCExAO/CHARIS using the shaped-pupil obtained in fair conditions: all three planets are easily visible. (Currie, Kasdin, & Groff 2018)

HR8799 Data for HR 8799 reveal planets cde at extremely high SNR even without aggressive SDI, yielding high-quality JHK spectra.
(Data reduction performed by T. Currie)

kappaAnd The low-mass companion kappa And b is easily visible in raw CHARIS data and detected at SNR > 175 in 14 minutes of integration time. Its spectrum may provide new constraints on its gravity (and, in turn, its mass).
(Data reduction performed by T. Currie)


HD32297 CHARIS data for HD 32297 reveal the disk down to ~0.1”—0.15” in a few minutes of integration time.
(Data reduction performed by T. Currie)

CHARIS data for another debris disk provides some evidence for a hitherto unseen brightness asymmetry. Spatially-resolved spectra available with CHARIS can constrain the dust composition of these and other debris disks.
(Data Reduction performed by S. Goebel)


omiCet VAMPIRES imaging of omi Cet (Mira) and comparison star. The star photosphere is clearly resolved showing surface intensity modulations.
(Data reduction performed by B. Norris)

omiCetdust VAMPIRES imaging of omi Cet (Mira) in polarized light, revealing dust structures.
(Data reduction performed by B. Norris)

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