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Snapshots of the galaxy SXDF021823.6-052501 at visible, X-ray, and radio wavelengths

June 1, 2004


A multi-wavelength view of the galaxy SXDF021823.6-052501. The three panels on the top row are the radio (VLA), visible (Subaru), and X-ray (XMM-Newton) data of from left to right. Each panel is 400in x 400in. On the bottom row, the radio and X-ray data are superimposed on the visible data. In the optical, SXDF021823.6-052501 appears to be the largest member of a small group or cluster of galaxies. There is no X-ray source associated with it, but it coincides with the peak of a bright and complex radio source. The X-ray sources in this field are associated with blue point-like objects in the visible image, except for one source that appears to be centered on a red galaxy. Such correlations and anti-correlations help astronomers understand the processes that drive galaxy evolution.

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