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Subaru Observes Mars with IRCS and HDTV camera

September 16, 2003

Mars in Near-Infrared with IRCS

Subaru's Infrared Camera and Spectrograph (IRCS) detects light in the near-infrared in the wavelength range of 1-5 microns. During Mars' close approach to Earth on August 27, 2003, IRCS took a near-infrared image of Mars. The apparent diameter is approximately 25 arcseconds (1 arcseconds is 1/3600 of a degree). Since IRCS observed Mars in different wavelengths and at different times, the colors and patterns are different from the following images from the NHK HDTV camera.

August 27, 2003


Mars in Visible Light with NHK Ultra-High-Sensitivity HDTV Camera

NHK's (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Ultra-High-Sensitivity High-Definition TV camera took a look at mars through Subaru Telescope on July 20, 2003 (approximately one month before the close approach) and on August 23, 2003 (a few days before the close approach). The data was recorded in video-rate (30 shots per second). The video data was processed by a computer to produce still images. The apparent diameter of Mars was approximately 20 arcseconds on July 20, 2003, and approximately 25 arcseconds on August 23, 2003.

July, 20, 2003
August 23, 2003




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