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Subaru Catches a Burst Again

October 9, 2000

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Object Name:
Gamma-Ray Burst GRB000926
Telescope: Subaru Telescope / Cassegrain Focus
Instrument: IRCS
Filter: K' (2.12micron)
Date: UT2000 September 29
Exposure: 30 minutes
Field of View: 1.5 arcmins
Orientation: North to the top, East to the left
Position: RA(J2000.0)=17h4m9.7s, Dec(J2000.0)=+51d47m10.2s (Draco)

The Subaru Telescope with IRCS attached to the Cassegrain focus made observations of the optical transient (OT) of Gamma-Ray Burst GRB000926. This is the second time Subaru has been used to observe a GRB OT (see "Latest News" on May 4, 2000).

The results were reported as the GRB Coordinates Network Circular # 821 (



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