HSC FoV Check with Aladin

1. Download HSC Instrument FoV file

2. Download and install Aladin desktop program

3. Start Aladin by clicking the icon Aladin icon

Aladin start

4. Input your target name or coordinates in Location field window at the top

The following example is for M33.

Input M33 to Location

Aladin will resolve the target name (M33) into its coordinate and display the image of DSS colored as the default.

You can also choose a server from DSS, SDSS, etc.

Image Display

5. Load HSC instrument FoV file

  1. Choose File/Load instrument FoV... in main menu. Load FoV

  2. Push Load it... button at the bottom of FoV ... tab in Server selector pop-up window. Load it

  3. Select Subaru_HSC_FoV.xml in your folder and push Open button on Access to user data by filename or URL pop-up window. Select and Open FoV

  4. You can find the Subaru_HSC_FoV on the top of the list as follows HSC FoV in the list

6. Zoom out the image and check the Current position and Angle of FoV.

Current Position

7. Display the HSC FoV on the Current position with Angle (= 0.0 deg)

Push Submit button on Server selector window.

Display FoV with angle=0

8. Adjust the HSC FoV

You can rotate and move the HSC FoV with draging around the Current position mark (green 5 dots).

  • To move FoV, grab the center green point and drag your mouse (The mouse pointer turns to a hand shape).
  • To rotate FoV, grab the green points around the center and drag your mouse (The mouse pointer turns to a rotation arrow mark).

Rotation of FoV

9. Example: Set Angle=30 and three dither positions

  1. First, delete FoV with Angle=0
    • Select Subaru_HSC_FoV at the right side (set active layer).
    • Push X delete icon on the right of the image.
  2. Set Angle=30 in Server selector window.
  3. Push Submit button in Server selector window.
  4. Check the FoV displayed over the image.

Display FoV with Angle=30 deg

Display FoV at the 2nd position

  1. Click the 2nd position, then the Target coordinates are changed to that of the 2nd position.
  2. Push Submit button.
  3. Check the FoV at the 2nd position.

Shift FoV

Measure the offset between the 1st and 2nd FoV

  1. Click dist icon on the right side of the image.
  2. Click and drag the mouse button from 1st and 2nd position.
  3. Read the offset and position angle.

Measure Distance

Add the 3rd position with FoV

Add 3rd position