Proposals (Phase 1)

HSC queue mode proposals are submitted as Subaru Open Use programs, and all the basic policies of the Open Use apply to QM. For more information, see:
Starting from semester S16B, a separate template is provided for the QM programs. The difference is that in QM the time is allocated in units of hours, where 10.0 hours = 1.0 night, or 1 h = 0.1 night. These are the revised numbers since S20B. PIs should first choose between classical and queue (recommended since S17A) modes, and in QM calculate the number of required hours (on-source). The approximate dates of HSC runs, including the QM, will be communicated together with the call for proposals (CfP). Gemini and Keck Telescope partners can apply through time exchange for QM observations. Time-critical programs are acceptable, and cadence observations are allowed only in the form of monitoring proposals (see Section 2.1.2). Some additional limitations may apply (see CfP for details). For the latest policy changes, please check the QM website, which is typically updated more often that the present document.