Acronyms and terminology

AL - acceptance letter

BBF - broad band filter

CfP - call for proposals

Constraints - observing constraints, limitations on seeing, sky transparency, moon phase, moon distance, air mass

GRADE - Priority level of the HSC queue mode proposal

Filler - type of programs intended for bad weather conditions

FC - finding chart

FQA - final quality assessment

HSC - Hyper Suprime-Cam

IQA - initial quality assessment

NBF - narrow band filter

OB - observing block

Partner - University of Hawaii, Gemini Observatory or Keck Observatory

Phase 1 - period of proposal preparation and submission

Phase 2 - period of OB preparation and submission

PI - Principal Investigator, a person responsible for proposal and OB preparation and submission

QM - queue mode

QO - queue observer, a Subaru Telescope staff member who operates the telescope or instrument at QM night

QWG - queue mode working group

Run - period of time when HSC is attached to the telescope

SA - support astronomer, a person who is supporting HSC operations

SNR - S/N ratio, signal-to-noise ratio

SOD - Science Operation Division

SSP - Subaru Strategic Program

Sukima - “dead time”, classical night time without any observable targets

TAC - time allocation committee

TO - telescope operator