Delivery package

The PI will receive an email containing instructions on how to download the data. Its form is similar to the next-day delivery used for other Subaru Telescope observations, i.e. three choices will be listed:

Instructions for using all the options will also be included.

The notification email will be sent to the PI after each observing run. Note that, contrary to the classical mode, some calibration frames (like flat fields), may not be taken the same night as the scientific observation, so there is no next-day delivery for the QM.

The notification email will also summarize the progress of the observation to date, i.e. which OBs have been executed and which are still waiting, or need to be repeated (identified by the Code given in the ob tab of the spreadsheet - Sect. 3.2). For the executed OBs, comments from the FQA for each OB and frame will be available. Finally, the notification email will indicate the weather logs and reports, in order to inform the PIs of the environmental conditions during the observations.

Because OBs of the same program might be executed over several nights (or even carried over to the next semester), the PIs should expect to get several such emails. Notification will be sent and data will be delivered also for OBs that were executed, but did not pass FQA and are to be repeated. At the end of the semester the PI will also receive a final email summarizing the whole program, and notifying whether any blocks have been carried over to subsequent semesters.

Important: If the PI should find any issue with the delivered data, please contact us (queue [at] A decision to re-execute OBs with problematic data may be made in case that the issues turn out to be due to our fault, or the OBs are critical to accomplish the science goals of the program. In a disputed case the final decision will be made by the director of Subaru Telescope. Note that a swift inquiry after the data delivery would be desirable to increase the chance of re-execution, since re-execution must take place in the same semester, while the targets are still visible.