Finding charts

There is no dedicated tool for finding charts (FC) preparation at the time of writing. Nevertheless, during the Phase 2, the PIs are responsible for providing correct target coordinates in the OBs. In order to check the coordinates of the fields, and whether or not the targets fall in the gaps between the chips, or into a failed CCD channel, there are a couple of choices available:

First option is to use the Ginga fits viewer3.7, with the additional HSCPlanner plugin:
The plugin helps to visualize a field with a dither on the HSC CCD plane (Fig. 3.2). The detailed instruction of installation and use, including a tutorial video, are available under the link above.

One can also use an Aladin FoV file:,
and plot it over a sky image from a selected image server (Fig. 3.3). Detailed instructions can be found here:

Figure 3.2: Example of a Ginga window with HSCPlanner plugin. Different CCDs are plotted over the (zoomed) sky image as rectangles of different colors. The 5-point dither and field rotation are used.
Image hscplanner-screenshot

Figure 3.3: Example of an Aladin window with the footprint of the HSC CCDs loaded (red fields) and plotted over the sky image.
Image Display-FoV0