Acceptance letters (AL)

After the proposal evaluation, each PI will receive an acceptance letter (AL), not later than two weeks after the TAC meeting. The AL will include such information as: acceptance judgment, referee score, Grade, and comments from referees and SAs. For Grade B and C proposals, in the AL the TAC may also ask to relax the observing constraints. Moreover, the ALs will include the request for preparation of OBs (Phase 2; see next chapter), together with all necessary deadlines and web addresses, as well as the values of the total allocated time and observing constraints (used for OB validity check, see next Chapter).

Grade C program PIs will be asked whether they still wish to participate in the queue programs, given the fact that the completion rate of Grade C programs is very low, typically less than 10%. For Grade F, the TAC will notify whether the program was allowed for observations or not. Once the OBs for Grade C and F are submitted (Phase 2), there will be no further iteration process involving the PI, although the QWG may make minor changes.

Note that the proposal Grade may later be published, however the referee score and all comments will only be known to the PI.