A separate LATEX template for Filler Queue Mode will be available. Inside the ProMS system, the filler QM proposals can be selected from the field “Service program” (Fig. 2.3). The template itself is however quite different (Fig. 2.4, right), and no scientific justification is required for HSC QM fillers. Boxes 1 (Title), 2 (Investigators), 5 (Targets) and 6 (Archive) are the same as for other kinds of applications. The Abstract in box 3 should briefly describe the scientific aim and methods. In box 4 “Observing Run” one should select “HSC' as the instrument, specify the number of requested hours ($\le 50$), and set the transparency, seeing, and filters. Time-critical programs may be acceptable as Fillers, but the chance of OB execution might be small unless the PI sets very relaxed time constraints. Since ProMS cannot accept proposals with identical title, the PIs submitting filler proposals which have similar scientific objectives to their Normal or Intensive proposals have to use a different title.