The purpose of this document is to describe the queue mode (QM) operations of the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) from the user's perspective. Its purpose is to present the queue mode itself, help the PI to prepare the proposal and observations, explain how the observations are carried out, how to access the data, and present other important information.

Important: This version of the document contains changes compared to the QM operation policy before semester S18B. In particular, the HSC QM observations are no longer being performed in shared-risk mode, and other minor details of procedures and policies have changed as well. As future policy changes occur, this document will be updated accordingly, on a semester basis.

Some details that need to be further specified or confirmed are written in blue. They will be updated once they are established.


General contact for QM proposal PIs and users (questions, comments, suggestions):

The HSC Queue Working Group: