Queue proposal template and submission via ProMS

Submission of Subaru proposals is done on-line through the ProMS 2.0 system:

This is a web form that has an embedded template, which is used to create a final pdf document that is sent to the TAC and referees. From this page one can also obtain current semester templates, which can be used to prepare proposals off-line. After login to the ProMS system, one can choose to create a new proposal from scratch, or to load a tex file. One can log in using either the STARS or ProMS ID/password.

Figure 2.3: ProMS menu since S17A. Left: The “Normal+Intensive program” part, from which the normal HSC QM proposal can be selected. Right: The “Service program” part with the HSC Filler option.
Image S16B_Proms

Figure 2.4: Proposal templates for HSC QM since S20B. Left: Different box 12 in Normal Queue template (bottom) with respect to the Classical (top). Right: QM Filler template, with major differences marked.
Image prop_template2