If the user decides to apply for time in the queue mode, the proposal may be of one of the following categories:

Normal program
Proposal with total requested time of less than 35 hours, but with no lower limit of requested time. Same deadline as for Normal Open Use proposals.
Intensive program
Available since S17B. Proposal which satisfied either or both of the following two conditions: (i) one requesting $ 35 \le t_\mathrm{exp}/\mathrm{h} \le 140$; (ii) one requesting observing time over up to 6 consecutive semesters and on-source time of $ \le 280$ hours in total. In either case, the maximum on-source time per semester is 140 hours. Same deadline as for Normal Open Use proposals.
Filler program
Short proposals which request equal to or less than 4 hours, and are specifically intended for observations during bad weather, i.e. seeing $ >1.2''$ or transparency $ <0.5$ (see Section 2.1.4). PIs can submit filler programs which have the similar scientific objectives as the Normal/Intensive programs by them. Note that in this case the maximum on-source exposure time to be requested is 4 hours. Educational and public outreach programs are also welcomed as Filler programs. The same deadline as for Service Open Use proposals, which is typically 1 month after the Normal.