What is FRAMEID?

FRAMEID is a string which is unique for each raw and quickly-processed frame (image) obtained at the Subaru Telescope. A raw FITS file is saved as FRAMEID.fits.

The Format

The current (as of March 2017) format of FRAMEID is the following.

"%3s%1s%08d" % (instrument, data_type, frame_number)
  • instrument - A three (3) letter instrument code. This is the primary key to distinguish instruments in the database. A list of the current instrument codes is available.
  • data_type - A single letter code to define the data type of each FITS file. data_type is a dictionary and there are pre-defined letters, {'A': 'raw frame', 'Q': 'quickly-processed frame', 'Z': 'reserved by SMOKA'}. Z cannot be used in any case. It is not mandatory for instruments to use A and Q, but A and Q cannot be used for different data types when used. Each instrument team must define a dictionary of the data_type in advance and make an agreement with the Subaru Telescope. Here is a description on instrument-specific data_type dictionaries.
  • frame_number - A 8 digit incremental frame number in the decimal system. frame_number must be unique to each frame taken with an instrument. The largest significant digit has reserved numbers as follows.

    • 0 to 6 - Raw frames.
    • 7 and 8 - Simulated frames.
    • 9 - Engineering frames.

    Here is a description on instrument-specific uses of frame_number.