Accepted proposals for Semester S21A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S21A received 136 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 286.9 nights. After screening by TAC, 55.8 (+ 2.5 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 34 proposals. In addition, 17.5 nights and 3.5 nights are assigned to IRD SSP Project and HSC SSP Project respectively, 2.5 nights are assigned to Service Program observations, and 25.5 nights are assigned to five on-going Intensive Programs: S18B-011I(5 nights), S19A-060QI(2 night), S20A-096I(3 nights), S20B-088I(7 nights), and S20B-097I(8.5 nights).

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S21A-001 Yuichi Harikane Understanding Reionizing Source with Newly-Identified IRAC Excess Galaxy MOSFIRE(Keck) 1
S21A-002 Kohei Ichikawa Spectroscopic follow-up of extremely radio-loud and low-mass galaxies FOCAS 2
S21A-003 Jian Jiang The Progenitor of Type Ia Supernovae Enlightened by HSC Ultra-Deep Survey HSC&GMOS(Gemini-N) 2.5+1.5
S21A-005 Toru Misawa Transverse Proximity Effects around BAL Quasars II FOCAS 1
S21A-013 Tadayuki Kodama Ruby-Rush: First discovery of ultra-massive jewels at z~5 in Gold-Rush mines SWIMS 5
S21A-014 Keiichi Maeda Supernova Flash Spectroscopy with High Spectral Resolution HDS 1 ToO
S21A-017 Yuu Niino Subaru Follow-up of Fast Radio Bursts HSC/FOCAS/HDS/SWIMS/IRCS 1.5ToO
S21A-019 Keiichi Maeda Late-Time Spectroscopy of Nearby Supernovae: From Seimei to Subaru GMOS(Gemini-N)&SWIMS 1+1
S21A-029 Thayne Currie Clarifying the Spectra of the Benchmark Exoplanets HR 8799 bcde with SCExAO/CHARIS CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS-AO 0.5
S21A-031 Ryo Kandori A Thorough Census of Density Structure in a Magnetized Archetypal Filamentary Cloud SWIMS 1
S21A-034 Takashi Moriya Exploring the long-timescale transient frontier with HSC - Season 5 HSC(Queue) 0.9
S21A-039 Michihiro Takami Understanding the Mechanism of Jet Launching in Active Young Stars (II) OSIRIS+NGS-AO(Keck) 1
S21A-044 Masafusa Onoue Full Census of Supermassive Black Holes at 6<z<7 SWIMS 3.5
S21A-045 Akio Inoue Imaging Lyα filaments around a DLA-SMG-LBG association at z=3.3 KCWI(Keck) 1
S21A-047 Motohide Tamura Spectroscopy of young free-floating planets in Upper Scorpius SWIMS 3
S21A-050 Taro Matsuo Characterization of plume activities and subsurface ocean on Europa IRCS+NGS-AO 2.5
S21A-053 Shogo Nishiyama Spectroscopic Approach to General Relativistic Orbital Precession around SMBH IRCS+NGS-AO 2
S21A-062 Hajime Kawahara Search for C/O tracers by the First High-Dispersion Coronagraphy REACH+NGS-AO 2.5
S21A-067 John Silverman Spectroscopic identification of close dual quasars with Gemini GMOS(Gemini-N) 2
S21A-069I Masami Ouchi * Extremely Metal-Poor Representatives Explored by the Subaru Survey for 3D FOCAS&IRCS+NGS-AO 1.5+1
S21A-072 Hanae Inami A Systematic Search of Lyα Emission in the Reionization Era MOSFIRE(Keck) 2
S21A-074 Daichi Kashino Structure of reionization: the origin for spatially variable IGM opacity HSC(Queue) 0.6
S21A-083 Hideki Umehata The nature of galaxies newly uncovered by ALMA in a giant Lymanα blob SWIMS 1
S21A-091 Yui Kawashima Chemical & Kinematic Characterization of Benchmark Brown Dwarfs with IRD IRD+NGS-AO&REACH+NGS-AO 1
S21A-094 Scott Carlsten Mapping Dwarf Satellite Systems in the Local Volume with HSC HSC(Queue) 0.6
S21A-098 Tadafumi Matsuno LMS-1: a low-mass galaxy or a sibling of the nearby stellar stream? HDS 1.5
S21A-100 Vigneshwaran Krishnamurthy Photoevaporation in sub-Neptune TESS Planet TOI-1235 b IRD+NGS-AO 0.5
S21A-114I Yuichi Matsuda * Mapping of ionizing radiation on the cosmic web with Lyα emission and shadow HSC(Queue) 1.8
S21A-121 Kenichi Tadaki SWIMS wide-area imaging survey with medium K-band filters SWIMS 3.5
S21A-128 Kenneth Wong Spectroscopy of Lensed Quasars for Time-Delay Cosmography FOCAS 0.5
S21A-129 Teruyuki Hirano Transit Spectroscopy for the Youngest Hot Jupiter IRD+NGS-AO 1
S21A-145 Kohei Hayashi Deep and wide imaging of the Milky Way ultra-diffuse galaxy Antlia 2 HSC(Queue) 0.4
S21A-147 Nao Suzuki Probing Dark Energy with z>1 SNe Ia from SSP Transient Survey: Season-II FOCAS 2
S21A-149 Julien Lozi High-contrast H alpha exploration for protoplanets CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS-AO 2

The instruments and nights written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck Telescopes, with which we have time-exchange programs.

* These proposals have been accepted in the category of Intensive Program. S21A-069I will be assigned 2.5 nights also from S21B to S22B, totally 10 nights. S21A-114I will be assigned 2 nights also from S21B to S23A, totally 9.8 nights.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S21A

The following proposals were conducted in S21A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S21A-162S Naoto Kobayashi Catching kinematics of onset of a rare accretion outburst in YSO Gaia 20eae. HDS 100%
S21A-163S Wako Aoki Optical high-resolution spectroscopy of dwarf carbon stars HDS 70%
S21A-165S Teruyuki Hirano Confirming the Properties of Exoplanets around Low-Mass Stars II IRCS+NGS-AO 60%
S21A-170S Yumiko Oasa A Spectroscopic confirmation of Young Brown Dwarfs in the nearby SFRs IRCS+NGS-AO 100%
S21A-176S Masayuki Kuzuhara Testing How To Characterize Young Stars with GAIA-Hipparcos Proper Motion Accelerations plus High-Contrast Imaging IRCS+NGS-AO 70%
S21A-177S Siwei Zou A carbon enhanced Lyman limit system: A new window on the first stars? HDS 100%

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