Accepted proposals for Semester S20A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S20A received 143 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 330.93 nights. After screening by TAC, 66.6 (+ 13.6 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 53 proposals. In addition, 25 nights and 17.5 nights are assigned to HSC SSP Project and IRD SSP Project respectively, 4.5 nights are assigned to Service Program observations, and 11.5 nights are assigned to four on-going Intensive Programs: S18B-011I(5 nights), S18B-093QI(0.5 night), S19A-060QI(3 nights), and S19A-069I(3 nights).

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S20A-002 Yuichi Harikane Remarkably Luminous z~6 Galaxies with ALMA [CII] and [OIII] Detections MOIRCS 2
S20A-009 Kohei Ichikawa Spectroscopic follow-up of extremely radio-loud and low-mass galaxies FOCAS 2
S20A-011 Shiro Mukae Uncovering the Physical Origin of a Giant Lyα Nebula with MOIRCS MOIRCS 1
S20A-015 Toru Misawa Direct Measurement of Quasar Outflow Wind Acceleration II HDS 1
S20A-016 Toru Misawa Transverse Proximity Effects around BAL Quasars II FOCAS 2
S20A-019 Hajime Kawahara Finding Methane/Ammonia in a Cloudless Warm Neptune IRD+NGS-AO 0.5
S20A-022 Yuu Niino Subaru Follow-up of Fast Radio Bursts HSC&FOCAS 3 ToO
S20A-023 Michitoshi Yoshida Optical–infrared follow-up observations of gravitational wave sources various# 4.5 ToO
S20A-024 Masaomi Tanaka Unveiling the Nature of Rapid Transients in the Local Universe GMOS(Gemini-N) 1.5 ToO
S20A-026 Yuichi Harikane Completing Spectroscopy for a Galaxy Overdensity at z=7 DEIMOS(Keck) 1
S20A-032 Keiichi Maeda Infant Supernovae Seen in Thermal and Non-Thermal Emissions GMOS(Gemini-S) 0.6 ToO
S20A-033 Mizuho Uchiyama Follow-up infrared observations of methanol maser outburst MYSOs IRCS+NGS-AO&COMICS 1 ToO
S20A-034 Mihoko Konishi Statistical Investigation of Planet–Disk Interaction in ALMA Ring Disks CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 1.5
S20A-035 Yasumasa Kasaba Spatial and time variations of Jupiter: Last Subaru MIR observation with Juno COMICS 2
S20A-037 Masayuki Tanaka Direct spectroscopic confirmation of z≥4 quiescent galaxies MOSFIRE(Keck) 1
S20A-041 John Silverman Spectroscopic identification of close dual quasars with Gemini GMOS(Gemini-N) 1
S20A-042 Takashi Moriya Exploring the long-timescale transient frontier with HSC HSC(Queue) 1.4
S20A-044 Satoshi Yamanaka Spectroscopic confirmation of Lyman continuum Emitters at z=4.9 FOCAS 1
S20A-045 Seiji Fujimoto Unveiling the Connection between 10-kpc Lyα and [C II] Halos at z=6.033 FOCAS 1
S20A-051 Tadayuki Kodama Nature of blue-dominated clusters at z=0.84 newly discovered by HSC-HSC FOCAS 2
S20A-054 Ryan Lau Completing the COMICS Survey of Dusty WR Stars COMICS 2
S20A-065 Tomoki Morokuma Optical Follow-Up Observations for IceCube High-Energy Neutrino Sources HSC&GMOS(Gemini-N/S)&FOCAS 2+0.5+0.5, ToO
S20A-073 Mitsuru Kokubo Variability-based AGN selection with extended COSMOS time-domain survey HSC(Queue) 0.8
S20A-075 Tadayuki Kodama Environmental effects on gaseous inflow/outflow processes at the cosmic noon MOSFIRE(Keck) 1.5
S20A-079 Miho Ishigaki A spectroscopy of the faintest Milky Way satellites discovered by HSC survey FOCAS 1.5
S20A-083 Tien-Hao Hsieh COMICS Mid-IR Imaging Survey for High-Mass Protostars COMICS 2
S20A-085 Yuichi Harikane Understanding Reionizing Source with Newly-Identified IRAC Excess Galaxy MOSFIRE(Keck) 1
S20A-088 Takashi Kojima LRIS Spectroscopy for Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies Discovered with HSC II LRIS(Keck) 1
S20A-092 Teruyuki Hirano Measurement of the Stellar Obliquity for a Pre-main-sequence Cool Star IRD+NGS-AO 1
S20A-093 Daichi Kashino Structure of reionization: the origin for spatially variable IGM opacity IV HSC(Queue) 1.3
S20A-094 Hideki Umehata Uncovering the IGMs/CGMs around the most active starbursts at z=3-4 FOCAS 1
S20A-096 Fumi Yoshida *Formation of the Outer Solar System–an Icy Legacy: Phase I (FOSSIL I) HSC 4
S20A-098 Nicolas Lodieu Testing the fragmentation limit in Upper Sco: T-type brown dwarfs at 10 Myr HSC(Queue) 0.5
S20A-101 Wako Aoki Near Infrared Molecular Spectroscopy for Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars IRD+NGS-AO 1
S20A-102 Yen-Ting Lin Characterizing the Most Massive Distant Clusters from the HSC Survey III FOCAS 0.5
S20A-103 Norio Narita Subaru IRD TESS Intensive Follow-up Project (Supplementary) IRD+NGS-AO 4
S20A-104 Hideki Umehata Ultra-deep Ks-band imaging of ALMA Deep Field in SSA22 MOIRCS 1
S20A-108 Yongming Liang Galaxy–IGM HI correlation based on z~2.2 MAMMOTH overdensities HSC 1
S20A-110 Misaki Mizumoto Revealing inner structure of the P Cygni nebula NIFS+NGS-AO(Gemini-N) 1
S20A-111 Taro Matsuo Characterization of plume activities and subsurface ocean on Europa IRCS+NGS-AO 1
S20A-114 Annette Ferguson Searching for the Missing Stellar Halo of M101 with HSC HSC(Queue) 2.6
S20A-118 Julien Lozi Resolved spectro-polarimetric imaging of AGB shocks & mass-loss CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 1
S20A-119 Satoshi Kikuta Direct test of the cold accretion scenario KCWI(Keck) 2
S20A-120 Yusei Koyama Unveiling the complete picture of a supercluster at z=0.4 by HSC Hα mapping HSC(Queue) 1
S20A-121 Masaaki Otsuka Planetary nebula Evolution for Galactic Archaeology by GMOS Spectroscopic Survey GMOS(Gemini-N) 2
S20A-122 Takashi Tsukagoshi Search for a Candidate Accretion Planet in the TW Hya Disk VAMPIRE+SCExAO+NGS 1.5
S20A-123 Jingkun Zhao Understanding the Progenitor of the GD-1 stream using stellar abundances HDS 1
S20A-127 Hironao Miyatake The Local Volume Complete Cluster Survey by Subaru HSC HSC(Queue) 1
S20A-137 Masayuki Kuzuhara SCExAO/CHARIS Direct Imaging of Candidate Substellar Companions around Young Sun-like Stars with Proper Motion Accelerations CHRIS+SCExAO+NGS 1
S20A-138 Takuya Takarada Establishing the presence or absence of hot Jupiters in Pleiades HDS 2
S20A-141 Malte Schramm Probing the stars of active galaxies hosting the most massive black holes IRCS+NGS-AO 1
S20A-149 Takafumi Ootsubo Search for complex organic features in the mid-infrared spectra of comets COMICS 1
S20A-152 Nao Suzuki Probing Dark Energy with z>1 SNe Ia from HSC SSP Transient Survey FOCAS 2

The instruments and nights written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck Telescopes, with which we have time-exchange programs.


* This proposal has been accepted in the category of Intensive Program, and will be assigned 4 nights also for S20B as well.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S20A

The following proposals were conducted in S20A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S20A-157S Teruyuki Hirano Confirming the Properties of Exoplanets around Low-Mass Stars IRCS+NGS-AO 100%
S20A-168S Ichi Tanaka The Deep Ks-band Imaging of the SLUG Nebula at z=2.3 MOIRCS 100%
S20A-170S Jianrong Shi Follow-up spectroscopy of hypervelocity stars discovered by LAMOST HDS 100%
S20A-175S Wako Aoki Optical high-resolution spectroscopy of dwarf carbon stars HDS 100%
S20A-177S Ichi Tanaka No One Knows the True Center of the HS1700 Protocluster MOIRCS 100%
S20A-181S Hideaki Fujiwara Temporal Variability in the MIR Morphology of the HD 142527 Disk COMICS 100%
S20A-182S Malte Schramm Probing the End of Helium Reionization with the HI and HeII Lyα Forest HDS 100%
S20A-185S Wako Aoki Double-lined spectroscopic binaries with very low metallicity HDS 100%
S20A-187S John Livingston Characterization of a giant planet in a low-mass binary HDS 50%

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