Accepted proposals for Semester S18A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S18A received 154 and 1 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 347.3 nights. After screening by TAC, 78.5 (+ 3.5 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 45 proposals. In addition, 37 nights are assigned to the HSC SSP Project, 3 nights are assigned to the Service Program observations. and total 12 nights are assigned to the on-going 3 Intensive Programs (3 nights for S16B-001I, 5 nights for S16B-071I, and 4 nights for S17B-055I).

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S18A-002 Masatoshi Imanishi Growth of supermassive blackholes in gas-rich galaxy mergers IRCS+LGS-AO 2.5 abstract
S18A-011I Shogo Nishiyama * Exploring General Relativistic Effects and Environment of Galactic SMBH IRCS+LGS-AO 9.5 abstract
S18A-012 Yoshiaki Ono Spectroscopy for Very Bright z ~ 7 Galaxies Found in 320 deg2 HSC Data FOCAS 2 abstract
S18A-017 Masayuki Tanaka First Observational Test of the Missing Satellite Problem Beyond Local Group HSC(Queue) 2.5 abstract
S18A-018 Masaru Kajisawa What drives the quenching of star formation in high-z massive galaxies II FOCAS 1.5 abstract
S18A-021 Miho Ishigaki Spectroscopy of a new Milky Way satellite Virgo I discovered in the HSC survey FOCAS 1.5 abstract
S18A-023 Nozomu Tominaga Populations of Shock Breakouts: Variety of SN Progenitors and CSM Structure HSC&GMOS(Gemini-N) 2+2 abstract
S18A-025 Takuji Tsujimoto Clocking r-process enrichment in the Sextans dwarf spheroidal galaxy HDS 3 abstract
S18A-026 Naoki Yasuda Probing Dark Energy with z>1 SNe Ia from HSC SSP Transient Survey FOCAS 4.5 abstract
S18A-027 Roland Gredel Fullerenes in the Cyg OB2 association HDS 2 abstract
S18A-032 Tadayuki Kodama Environmental effects on star-formation and gas in/out-flow processes at z~2 MOSFIRE(Keck) 2 abstract
S18A-034 Takashi Moriya Spectroscopic confirmation of high-redshift superluminous supernovae II FOCAS 3 abstract
S18A-039 Andreas Schulze An Imaging Survey for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment HSC(Queue) 1.5 abstract
S18A-042 Ikuru Iwata Follow-up spectroscopy of high-redshift ionizing radiation emitters MOIRCS 1 abstract
S18A-043 Mizuho Uchiyama Follow-up infrared observations of methanol maser outburst MYSOs IRCS+NGS-AO 1 ToO abstract
S18A-044 Hajime Kawahara Establishing the Neptune world near snowlines HDS 1 abstract
S18A-051 Kiyoto Yabe Spectroscopic properties of extremely strong emission line galaxies at z<1 FOCAS 2 abstract
S18A-053 Yoshiaki Ono Large Area Search for High-z Metal-poor Young Galaxies with Subaru/HSC FOCAS 1 abstract
S18A-054 Mitsuhiko Honda Observations of Water Ice Distribution in the Disk IRCS+NGS-AO 1 abstract
S18A-055 Masaomi Tanaka Probing the Geometry of Superluminous Supernovae FOCAS 1 ToO abstract
S18A-058 Mitsuru Kokubo Hidden broad lines in type 2 AGNs from polarimetric and NIR perspectives FOCAS 0.5 abstract
S18A-061 Masafusa Onoue Mass Measurements of Low-Luminosity Quasars at z~6.5 MOIRCS 4 abstract
S18A-062 Nobunari Kashikawa Deep Near-IR Spectroscopy of the Most Distant Galaxy Known at z=11.1 II MOSFIRE(Keck) 1.5 abstract
S18A-071 Hideyo Kawakita Volatiles in peculiar comet 21P/GZ: Probing formation chemistry vs. evolution IRCS+AO188 2 abstract
S18A-072 Tadafumi Matsuno Age and Abundance of the Galactic Halo from Red Giants in the Kepler Field HDS 2 abstract
S18A-076 Chan-Kao Chang Rotation Period Survey of Jovian Trojans HSC 1 abstract
S18A-084 Lorenzo Spina Chemical signatures of rocky-meterial accretion in binary pairs HDS 1 abstract
S18A-089 Teruyuki Hirano Validation of Small Planets Transiting Low-Mass Stars IRCS+NGS-AO 0.5 abstract
S18A-093 Ryo Kandori Dust Grain Alignment in a Cold Dense Cloud FOCAS 1.5 abstract
S18A-095 Keiichi Maeda Studying Final Evolution of Massive Stars by Gemini and ALMA/ATCA/GMRT GMOS(Gemini-S) 0.5 ToO abstract
S18A-096 Yasumasa Kasaba MIR observation of Jupiter for supporting NASA's Juno mission COMICS 2 abstract
S18A-102 Gáspár Bakos Confirming Transiting M Dwarf Planets From HAT HDS 1 abstract
S18A-104 N.Jeremy Kasdin Expanding Our Understanding of Known Exoplanets with CHARIS CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 1 abstract
S18A-107 Takatoshi Shibuya Physical Origins of Bright-end Excess in Lyalpha Luminosity Functions FOCAS 1 abstract
S18A-108 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows FOCAS/HSC/HDS/IRCS/MOIRCS 1 ToO abstract
S18A-123 Michael Ireland [AUS Time] Calibrating Young Stellar Models in the Gaia Era CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 2 abstract
S18A-125 Tadayuki Kodama Nature of the blue dominated clusters at z=0.84 newly discovered by HSC-HSC FOCAS 2 abstract
S18A-126 Masataka Aizawa Characterization of the First Possible Ringed Planet HDS 0.5 abstract
S18A-130 Stuart Ryder Project SUNBIRD: Supernovae UNmasked By Infra-Red Detection IRCS+LGS-AO 1 abstract
S18A-134 Ekaterina Koptelova FOCAS spectroscopy of two z~7 quasar candidates detected with ALMA FOCAS 0.5 abstract
S18A-135 Wako Aoki LAMOST/Subaru follow-up spectroscopy for extremely metal-poor stars HDS 1 abstract
S18A-136 Bun'ei Sato Detecting Planets around Early-type Stars with High-resolution IR Spectroscopy IRCS+NGS-AO 2 abstract
S18A-140 Masayuki Akiyama Shape of the broad-line QSO luminosity function in the early universe DEIMOS(Keck) 2 abstract
S18A-141 Barnaby Norris [AUS Time] Resolved spectro-polarimetric imaging of AGB shocks & mass-loss CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 1 abstract
S18A-161 Jeff Cooke [AUS Time] Multi-wavelength detection and followup of fast transients and counterparts to fast radio bursts HSC 2 abstract

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

* This proposal has been accepted in the category of Intensive Program.

NOTE (May 14, 2018):
In order to compensate the surplus telescope time resulting from the cancellation of HSC observation due to the earthquake, 4 additional nights were assigned to originally accepted five proposals (see below).

S18A-002 Imanishi et al.,IRCS+AO188, 0.5 night
S18A-011I Nishiyama et al., IRCS+AO188, 1 night
S18A-042 Iwata et al., MOIRCS, 1 night
S18A-104 Kasdin et al., CHARIS+SCExAO, 1 night
S18A-135 Aoki et al., HDS, 0.5 night

Service Programs conducted in Semester S18A

The following proposals were conducted in S18A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S18A-176S Rhythm Shimakawa Hα mapping of the field surrounding a dust-obscured galaxy-DLA system MOIRCS 75%
S18A-177S Toshiya Ueta Enabling 2-D Plasma Line Diagnostics by a Quadratic Programming Method II FOCAS 51%
S18A-181S Per Calissendorff Independent mass-estimates of low-mass binaries with constrained orbits IRCS+NGS-AO 25%
S18A-188S Anton Timur Jaelani AO imaging of two z>3 quadruply lensed quasars from HSC survey IRCS+NGS-AO 30%
S18A-194S Kumiko Morihana Revealing the nature of new source composing Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission IRCS+NGS-AO 50%
S18A-200S Akihiko Fukui Constraining the Masses of a Cold-gaseous Planet and its M-dwarf Host IRCS+NGS-AO 100%
S18A-201S Kei Ito The Systematic Survey of Proto-BCGs FOCAS 6%

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