Accepted proposals for Semester S17B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S17B received 133 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 294 nights. After screening by TAC, 44 (+ 11 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 37 proposals. In addition, 17.5 nights are assigned to the HSC SSP Project, 3.5 nights are assigned to the Service Program observations. and total 14.5 nights are assigned to the on-going 3 Intensive Programs (5 nights for S16A-119, 4.5 nights for S16B-001, and 5 nights for S16B-071).

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S17B-001 Toru Misawa Transverse Proximity Effects around BAL Quasars FOCAS 2 abstract
S17B-002 Tadayuki Kodama Mahalo Deep Field: Low mass end of the star-forming main sequence at high-z MOIRCS 3.5 abstract
S17B-003 Michitoshi Yoshida Optical--infrared follow-up observation of gravitational wave sources HSC,FOCAS,MOIRCS,IRCS,HDS 4 ToO abstract
S17B-004 Shogo Nishiyama General Relativistic Measurement of Mass of the Galactic SMBH 2 IRCS+LGS-AO 2 abstract
S17B-005 Ken Mawatari Panoramic HI mapping in the z=3.1 supercluster with HSC HSC(Queue) 0.4 abstract
S17B-010 Tomonori Totani Subaru Follow-up of Fast Radio Bursts HSC&FOCAS/HDS/MOIRCS/IRCS 2 ToO abstract
S17B-017 Masao Hayashi 3D large-scale structures at z=0.4 revealed by two adjacent narrow-band filters HSC(Queue) 1 abstract
S17B-022 Masaomi Tanaka Probing the Geometry of Superluminous Supernovae FOCAS 2 ToO abstract
S17B-028 Toshiya Ueta Direct PDI/ADl Imaging of the Circumstellar Dust Disk around Evolved Stars HiCIAO+SCExAO+NGS 1.5 abstract
S17B-036I Michihiro Takami * Understanding the Mechanism of Jet Launching in Active Young Stars NIFS+NGS-AO(Gemini) 0.5 abstract
S17B-041 Nobunari Kashikawa Mapping the most massive overdensity through HI HSC(Queue) 2.6 abstract
S17B-042 Takuji Tsujimoto The beginning of r-process enrichment in the Draco dwarf spheroidal galaxy HDS 2.5 abstract
S17B-044 Fumi Yoshida Hunting Planet Nine and RR-Lyrae stars with HSC HSC 1.5 abstract
S17B-047 Yuichi Harikane Understanding Reionizing Sources with Newly-Identified IRAC Excess Galaxies MOSFIRE(Keck) 2 abstract
S17B-055I Nao Suzuki * HSC Supernova Cosmology Legacy Survey with Hubble Space Telescope HSC 3 abstract
S17B-061 Masato Onodera Direct metallicity measurement and ISM physical conditions at z>3 MOSFIRE(Keck) 1 abstract
S17B-063 Ryosuke Itoh Optical circular polarization variability study of BL Lac object S5 0716+714 FOCAS 0.5 abstract
S17B-068 Satoru Katsuda Measuring a Polarization of Hα Line Emission in Tycho's Supernova Remnant FOCAS 1 abstract
S17B-070 Tomoki Morokuma Tidal Disruption Event Rate Measurement at z~0.5 GMOS(S)(Gemini) 0.5 abstract
S17B-075 Koki Kakiichi The Ionizing Capability of Luminous Galaxies at the End of Cosmic Reionization DEIMOS(Keck) 1 abstract
S17B-076 Masahiro Takada Constraining primordial black holes with HSC observation of M31 — Part II HSC 1 abstract
S17B-078 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows FOCAS,HSC,HDS,IRCS,MOIRCS 2 ToO abstract
S17B-079 Norio Narita Monitoring an Overtaking Double-Transit Event in the TRAPPIST-1 System MOSFIRE(Keck)&GMOS(N)(Gemini) 0.5+0.5 abstract
S17B-092 Yuhei Takagi Calibration of stellar evolutionary models with high-resolution spectroscopy IRCS+LGS-AO 3 abstract
S17B-093 Thayne Currie Deep SCExAO/CHARIS Imaging and Spectral Characterization of Benchmark Debris Disks CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 1.5 abstract
S17B-096 Yumiko Oasa [EAO time] Spectroscopic Determination of Young Brown Dwarfs, Planetary-Mass Objects and IMFs MOIRCS 1 abstract
S17B-105 Masashi Chiba Spectroscopy of a new Milky Way satellite discovered in the HSC survey I. DEIMOS(Keck) 1 abstract
S17B-106 Masayuki Tanaka Direct Spectroscopic Confirmation of z>4 Quiescent Galaxies MOSFIRE(Keck) 1 abstract
S17B-108 Jessy Jose [EAO time] Steady march of feedback-driven star formation: An HSC survey of Tr37 HSC 1 abstract
S17B-116 Yasuyuki Tanaka Subaru follow-up for IceCube neutrino event HSC 1 ToO abstract
S17B-120 Akihiko Fukui Probing the Skies of the Potentially Habitable Planets MOIRCS&GMOS(N)(Gemini) 0.5+0.5 abstract
S17B-122 Yerra Bharat Kumar [EAO Time] Probing the role of Beryllium in Li-rich giants HDS 1 abstract
S17B-129 Shiro Mukae IGM Tomography of the Extremely Extended and Luminous Lyα Nebulae LRIS(Keck) 1 abstract
S17B-130 Takayuki Kotani Searching for signatures from accreting extra-solar gas giant planets CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 2 abstract
S17B-132 Tyler Groff Characterization of Known Exoplanets with CHARIS (CHARIS PI proposal) CHARIS+SCExAO+NGS 0.5 abstract
S17B-136 Hideki Umehata Unveiling Galaxy Assembly along the IGM Filaments at a proto-cluster core MOSFIRE(Keck) 1 abstract
S17B-140 Ekaterina Koptelova Spectroscopy of new z>6.5 quasar candidates selected from PS1&WISE FOCAS 0.5 abstract

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

* These proposals have been accepted in the category of Intensive Program.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S17B

The following proposals were conducted in S17B as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S17B-151S Toshiya Ueta Enabling 2-D Plasma Line Diagnostics by a Quadratic Programming Method HDS(&FOCAS) 86%
S17B-153S Keiichi Maeda Dead or Alive? II. SN 2015bh FOCAS 12.5%
S17B-155S Keiichi Maeda New Probe on The Nature of The SN IIb Progenitor FOCAS 100%
S17B-156S Tadafumi Matsuno Lithium in Metal-Poor Giants with Gaia parallax HDS 80%
S17B-162S Keiichi Maeda Progenitor and Mass loss of SN IIb 2016gkg FOCAS 100%
S17B-167S Mariko Kubo Deep K-band imaging follow up of SMGs in the SSA22 protocluster at z=3.1 MOIRCS 6%
S17B-171S Keiichi Maeda Intrinsic or Environmental -- Which Determines Properties of SNe Ia? FOCAS(&MOIRCS) 55%
S17B-176S Yuhei Takagi High-resolution spectroscopy of the FU Ori type star V960 Mon HDS 100%

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