Accepted proposals for Semester S17A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S17A received 164 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 418.3 nights. After screening by TAC, 61 (+ 8 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 42 proposals. In addition, 35 nights are assigned to the HSC SSP Project, 6 nights are assigned to the Service Program observations. and total 13 nights are assigned to the on-going 3 Intensive Programs (5 nights for S16A-119, 3 nights for S16B-001, and 5 nights for S16B-071).

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S17A-006 Nobunari Kashikawa Deep Near-IR Spectroscopy of the Most Distant Galaxy Known at z=11.09 MOSFIRE(Keck) 1 abstract
S17A-010 Michitoshi Yoshida Optical-infrared follow-up observation of gravitational wave sources HSC/FOCAS/MOIRCS/IRCS/HDS 3 ToO abstract
S17A-014 Kimihiko Nakajima The Nature of the Ionizing Spectrum in Early Star-Forming Galaxies MOSFIRE(Keck) 2 abstract
S17A-015 Tomonori Totani Subaru Follow-up of Fast Radio Bursts HSC&FOCAS 2 ToO abstract
S17A-019 Katsuya Okoshi Survey for Galaxies associated with coincident, multiple HI gas at high-z II Kyoto3DII+LGS-AO 1 abstract
S17A-021 Jin Koda Environmental dependence of ultra diffuse galaxies (UDGs) with HSC HSC 3 abstract
S17A-022 Tsuyoshi Terai Deep Imaging Survey for Faint Trans-Neptunian Objects HSC 2 abstract
S17A-024 Naoki Yasuda Probing Dark Energy with z>1 SNe Ia from HSC SSP Transient Survey FOCAS 3 abstract
S17A-025 Shogo Nishiyama General Relativistic Measurement of Mass of the Galactic Massive Black Hole IRCS+LGS-AO 2 abstract
S17A-028 Yasumasa Kasaba MIR studies of Jupiter simultaneous with key observations by the Juno orbiter COMICS 1 abstract
S17A-039 Masafusa Onoue Exploring the Least Massive and Active SMBHs Ever Known at z>6 GNIRS(Gemini-N) 3 abstract
S17A-049 Masato Onodera Spectroscopic identification of extreme emission line galaxies at z>3 MOIRCS 1 abstract
S17A-051 Hajime Sugai Subaru Near-Field Exploration of Quasar Feedback Kyoto3DII+LGS-AO 3 abstract
S17A-056 Takashi Moriya Spectroscopic confirmation of high-redshift superluminous supernovae GMOS(Gemini-S) 2 abstract
S17A-058 Nobuhiro Okabe Probing the Assembly Histories of BCGs and DM Halos by Exploiting Synergies between the MaNGA Survey and HSC at z~0.1 II HSC 1 abstract
S17A-063 Yoshiaki Ono Spectroscopy for Very Bright z ~ 6-7 Galaxies Found in 200 deg2 HSC Data FOCAS 1 abstract
S17A-064 Rhythm Shimakawa Deep [O II] line imaging in a HI overdense region at z=5 MOIRCS 0.5 abstract
S17A-075 Masaaki Otsuka Investigations of warm-cold dust mass and gas-to-dust mass ratio in LMC PNe GMOS(Gemini-S) 1.5 abstract
S17A-083 Masao Hayashi Probing metal-poor galaxy candidates with an extremely large [OIII] EW at z=0.8 FOCAS 2 abstract
S17A-085 Yusei Koyama Pinpointing dusty star-forming regions within starburst galaxies in z=0.4 cluster GMOS(Gemini-N) 1 abstract
S17A-086 Philip Lucas A study of eruptive variable YSOs in Cygnus IRCS+LGS-AO 2 abstract
S17A-091 Yuhri Ishimaru First Stars and their chemical fingerprint HDS 2.5 abstract
S17A-100 Hideyo Kawakita Hypervolatiles in comet 45P/HMP: Probing formation chemistry vs. evolution NIRSPEC(Keck) 2 abstract
S17A-105 Jun Toshikawa Systematic Spectroscopy of HSC-SSP Protoclusters at z~4 DEIMOS(Keck)&FOCAS 2 abstract
S17A-106 Teruyuki Hirano ESPRINT IV: A New Search for Transiting Planets Unveiled by K2 IRCS 1 abstract
S17A-118 Mihoko Konishi Detecting Giant Planets in Transitional Disks using AO188+SCExAO+CHARIS CHARIS+SCExAO 1 abstract
S17A-120 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows FOCAS/HSC/HDS/IRCS/MOIRCS 3 ToO abstract
S17A-124 HungHsu Chan Lensed quasars from Hyper Suprime-Cam survey: Spectroscopic confirmation FOCAS 0.5 abstract
S17A-129 Bun'ei Sato Confirming Transiting Neptunes and M Dwarf Planets From HAT HDS 2 abstract
S17A-131 Ernst de Mooij Comparative Exoplanetology: Probing the Atmospheres of Hot Saturns HDS 1 abstract
S17A-132 Hakon Dahle Weak lensing masses of the most massive galaxy clusters at 0.7 < z < 0.9. S-Cam 1 abstract
S17A-133 Masato Onodera Near-IR emission lines: understanding dusty galaxies evolution to z=1 MOIRCS 1 abstract
S17A-135 Miwa Goto First Frost in the Pipe Nebula IRCS+LGS-AO 2 abstract
S17A-136 Rieko Momose Large-scale intensity mapping of Lyalpha emission around 7 QSOs at z=2.2 HSC(Queue) 2 abstract
S17A-141 Poshih Chiang [EAO Time] Spectroscopic confirmation of young substellar objects in L1495 IRCS+LGS-AO 1 abstract
S17A-143 Hsing Wen Lin [EAO Time] A search for the hypothetical vertical TNO/Centaur belt HSC 2 abstract
S17A-153 Daisuke Ishihara Investigating non-steady processes in warm debris disks III COMICS 1 abstract
S17A-155 Kenneth Wong Subaru Adaptive Optics Observations of the Eye of Horus IRCS+LGS-AO 1 abstract
S17A-160 Masayuki Akiyama Shape of the broad-line QSO luminosity function in the early universe DEIMOS(Keck) 2 abstract
S17A-161 Nemanja Jovanovic Characterization of Known Exoplanets with CHARIS (CHARIS PI proposal) CHARIS+SCExAO 1 abstract
S17A-164 Daisuke Suzuki Extinction Law toward the Inner Milky Way HSC(Queue) 1 abstract
S17A-169 Yi-Kuan Chiang JWST High-z Pathfinder: 3D-HST Metal Poor Galaxies at z~0.8 GMOS(Gemini-N) 1 abstract

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S17A

The following proposals were conducted in S17A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S17A-176S Yusei Koyama Where do stars form?: spatially resolved Halpha imaging of z>2 cluster galaxies IRCS+LGS-AO 25%
S17A-182S Yoshinobu Fudamoto Linking the most luminous starburst at z>4 with a massive proto-cluster S-Cam 100%
S17A-185S Satoshi Yamamoto Measuring the SEDs of IRAS16293 A and B COMICS 100%
S17A-186S Kazuyuki Ogura A search for missing over-density regions through high-z damped Lyalpha systems S-Cam 93%
S17A-187S Tetsuya Hashimoto Gas-phase Iron Abundance of High-metal Host Galaxy of GRB080517 FOCAS 100%
S17A-189S Wako Aoki Beryllium abundances in weak G-band G-K giants HDS 100%
S17A-196S Tadafumi Matsuno C and Ba Abundances for Very Metal-Poor Stars with Known Binary Status HDS 100%
S17A-198S Rhythm Shimakawa Characterizing the most massive galaxy structures at z=2.3 MOIRCS 38%
S17A-201S Ichi Tanaka A Wide-Area HAE Survey around the Protocluster 4C+23.56 at z=2.49 MOIRCS 100%
S17A-207S Hajime Kawahara Compact Object Discovered by Self-Gravitational Lensing in the Kepler Field HDS 100%
S17A-210S Tao Wang The galaxy and star formation content of the most distant X-ray cluster at z_spec=2.506 MOIRCS 50%
S17A-214S Vardan Adibekyan From stellar chemistry to planetary composition HDS 100%
S17A-216S Masayuki Akiyama New Search for Luminous Type-2 QSOs at Intermediate Redshifts FOCAS 100%
S17A-221S Patricio Sanhueza The HH-jet counterparts in high-mass star formation IRCS+LGS-AO 100%
S17A-222S Ekaterina Koptelova Spectroscopy of three z~6.5 QSO candidates from PS1-2MASS-WISE FOCAS 33%
S17A-226S Mihoko Konishi Search for New Planets Potentially Inducing the Asymmetric Transitional Disk IRCS+LGS-AO 100%
S17A-237S Mihoko Konishi Mapping Molecular Gas in Old Transitional Disks/Young Debris Disks IRCS+NGS-AO 100%

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