Accepted proposals for Semester S16A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S16A received 181 and 3 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 451.7 nights. After screening by TAC, 85 (+ 1 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 41 proposals. In addition, 31 nights are assigned to the HSC SSP Project and 6 nights are assigned to the Service Program observations.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S16A-003N Masatoshi Imanishi Growth of supermassive blackholes in gas-rich galaxy mergers IRCS+LGS-AO 1 abstract
S16A-006N Kenichi Tadaki An ultra-deep Lyα+[OIII] dual narrow-band survey with HSC HSC(Queue) 2 abstract
S16A-007N Yasumasa Kasaba High spatially resolved Jovian northern IR aurora with Hisaki, Juno, and HST IRCS+NGS-AO 1.5 abstract
S16A-023N Katsuya Okoshi Survey for Galaxies associated with coincident, multiple HI gas at high-z II Kyoto3DII+LGS-AO&OSIRIS+LGS-AO(Keck) 1 + 1 abstract
S16A-024N Masayuki Tanaka Resolved Kinematics of Massive Compact Star Forming Galaxies at z~2.5 OSIRIS+LGS-AO(Keck) 1 abstract
S16A-027N Masaru Kajisawa Spectroscopic Follow-up for Massive Galaxies in a z=2.39 Proto-cluster II MOIRCS 2 abstract
S16A-032N Toshifumi Futamase Systematic Weak-lensing Study of Subhalos in Very Nearby Galaxy Clusters IV HSC(Queue) 2 abstract
S16A-033N Seiji Fujimoto Uncovering the New Class of ALMA Sources Assisted by Gravitational Lensing MOIRCS 1.5 abstract
S16A-038N Shogo Nishiyama Post-Newtonian Effects on Stellar Dynamics near Massive Black Hole 2 IRCS+LGS-AO 2 abstract
S16A-041N Michitoshi Yoshida Optical-infrared follow-up observation of gravitational wave sources HSC/FOCAS/MOIRCS/IRCS/HDS 1 ToO abstract
S16A-045N Jin Koda Environmental dependence of ultra diffuse galaxies (UDGs) with HSC HSC 3 abstract
S16A-048N Thayne Currie Second Epoch Detections of Young Jovian (Proto)Planets with SCExAO SCExAO+NGS-AO 2 abstract
S16A-054I John Silverman * FMOS-COSMOS: the final leg of a Subaru survey of high-z galaxies and AGN FMOS 7 abstract
S16A-056N Yoshiki Matsuoka Subaru Near-Field Exploration of Quasar Feedback Kyoto3DII+LGS-AO 3 abstract
S16A-058N Tomoko Suzuki The ISM properties of z>3 [OIII] emitters and their environmental dependence MOSFIRE(Keck) 0.5 abstract
S16A-060N Takatoshi Shibuya Spectroscopy for Bright LAEs at z~6.6 selected with First HSC-NB Data FOCAS&MOIRCS 2 + 2 abstract
S16A-076N Yoshiki Matsuoka Spectroscopic Identification of HSC-SSP Quasars at z>6 FOCAS 5 abstract
S16A-079N Misa Aoki Examination of Chemical Tagging for a Dwarf Galaxy HDS 1.5 abstract
S16A-085N Toru Yamada Huge volume tomographic survey in the SSA22 proto-cluster with Keck/DEIMOS DEIMOS(Keck) 2 abstract
S16A-086N Thayne Currie The SCExAO Pathfinder Survey for Young Exoplanets and Debris Disks SCExAO+NGS-AO 2 abstract
S16A-091N Nozomu Tominaga Detection and Follow-up Observations of Type II Plateau Supernovae HSC&GMOS(Gemini-N) 1 + 1 abstract
S16A-096N Sakurako Okamoto M81; Near field cosmology beyond the Local Group 4 HSC 1 abstract
S16A-097N Takuji Tsujimoto Identifying the r-process site of the Draco dSph galaxy HDS 2 abstract
S16A-103N Takafumi Ootsubo Cometary crystalline silicate before and after perihelion passage III COMICS 0.5 abstract
S16A-106N Jian Jiang Deep Multi-band Imaging Survey for Very Early Phase Type Ia Supernovae HSC 1.5 abstract
S16A-107N Hajime Kawahara Search for an Agent of Thermal Inversion in a Hot Jupiter HDS 1 abstract
S16A-110N Yuichi Matsuda Lyα intensity mapping around the bright QSO at z=2.84 HSC 2 abstract
S16A-119I Wako Aoki * LAMOST/Subaru study for 500 very metal-poor stars HDS 6 abstract
S16A-125N Krzysztof Helminiak Killing two birds with one stone - precise radial velocities of eclipsing binaries HDS 1.5 abstract
S16A-129N Noriyuki Matsunaga Kinematics and metallicities of Cepheids hidden in the Milky Way disk IRCS+LGS-AO 2 abstract
S16A-135N Kento Masuda A Search for a New Class of Circumbinary Planets HDS 2 abstract
S16A-141N Yuhei Takagi Evolution of Stars and Disks in the ρ Ophiuchus Cloud IRCS+NGS-AO 1 abstract
S16A-145N Takashi Kojima Evolution of N/O Abundance Ratio Probed with Te Determined Galaxies FMOS 3 abstract
S16A-148N Bunei Sato Confirming Transiting Neptunes and M Dwarf Planets From HAT HDS 2 abstract
S16A-149N Nemanja Jovanovic A high angular-resolution study of mass-loss in highly evolved stars SCExAO+NGS-AO 1 abstract
S16A-154N Megan Schwamb Probing the Elusive Inner Oort Cloud HSC 2 abstract
S16A-156N Taichi Uyama Search for Exoplanet Accretion Signatures in TW Hya Transitional Disk OSIRIS+NGS-AO(Keck) 1 abstract
S16A-173N Teruyuki Hirano ESPRINT II: A New Search for Transiting Planets Unveiled by K2 HDS&GSAOI(Gemini) 2 + 0.5 abstract
S16A-178N Mamoru Doi Testing for Time-Varying Dark Energy with z>1 Type Ia Supernovae FOCAS 3 abstract
S16A-179N Thayne Currie A Sensitive GPI Search for Super-Jovian Planets Orbiting WISE-Detected Early-Type Stars GPI(Gemini) 2 abstract
S16A-189N Masamune Oguri Resolving flux anomalies in quadruple quasar lenses Kyoto3DII+LGS-AO 1 abstract

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

* This proposal has been accpeted in the category of Intensive Program.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S16A

The following proposals were conducted in S16A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S16A-194S Masaru Kajisawa Star Formation Activity in a Proto-cluster Selected by LAEs at z~2.4 S-Cam 100%
S16A-198S Kazuyuki Ogura A search for missing over-density regions through high-z damped Lyalpha systems S-Cam 80%
S16A-200S Masafusa Onoue Spectroscopy of Very Faint High-z quasars at z~ 6 FOCAS 100%
S16A-202S Koji Ohta High angular resolution NIR imaging of BR1202-0725 system at z=4.7 IRCS+LGS-AO 100%
S16A-211S Yoshiaki Ono Spectroscopy for Very Bright z=6-7 Dropouts Found in 70 deg2 HSC Data FOCAS 30%
S16A-217S Keiichi Maeda Disappearance of the Supergiant Progenitor of SN 2013df FOCAS 100%
S16A-220S Norio Narita Immediate Validation of Transiting Planet Candidates in K2 Campaign Field 5 IRCS+NGS-AO 75%
S16A-221S Norio Narita Immediate Validation of Transiting Planet Candidates in K2 Campaign Field 7 IRCS+NGS-AO&HDS 100%
S16A-225S Norio Narita Immediate Validation of Transiting Planet Candidates in K2 Campaign Field 6 IRCS+NGS-AO 28%
S16A-226S Takashi Moriya Revealing the environment of the unique superluminous supernova iPTF13ehe FOCAS 100%
S16A-227S Masaaki Otsuka Cosmic Soccer Balls: Investigation of Cation C60 Bands in Galactic PNe HDS 100%
S16A-228S Masayuki Yamanaka Exploring the Inner Structure of Peculiar Type Ib Supernova FOCAS 100%
S16A-229S Myungshin Im Spectroscopic Confirmation of A Faint Quasar Candidate at z ~ 7 FOCAS 100%

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