Accepted proposals for Semester S15A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S15A received 160 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 427 nights. After screening by TAC, 96 (+ 6 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 64 proposals. In addition, 20 nights are assigned to the HSC SSP Project. 4.5 nights are assigned to the Service Program observations.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S15A-002 Masatoshi Imanishi Growth of supermassive blackholes in gas-rich galaxy mergers IRCS+LGS-AO 2
S15A-003 Jun Hashimoto Metallicity in Transitional Disks with Large Cavities II HDS 1
S15A-007 Mitsuhiko Honda MIR imaging of the transitional disk source Oph IRS48 COMICS 1 abstract
S15A-008 Yoichi Takeda Clarifying Red Giants Evolutionary Status in Reference to the Kepler sample HDS 1 abstract
S15A-009 Shogo Nishiyama Gas Cloud Accretion onto the SMBH SgrA* and Formation of Jet 4 IRCS+NGS-AO or COMICS 1 ToO abstract
S15A-015 Nobunari Kashikawa Systematic study of QSO radiative feedback in high-z Universe II S-Cam 2 abstract
S15A-016 Motohide Tamura A definitive census of ultracool members in Serpens and Ophiuchus HSC 1 abstract
S15A-017 Jin Koda The Building History of XUV disks of M83& NGC2403 with TRGB Archaeology HSC 1 abstract
S15A-019 Ikuru Iwata Ionizing Radiation from High-z Galaxies in the GOODS-N S-Cam 3
S15A-023 Masaru Kajisawa Spectroscopic Follow-up for Massive Galaxies in a z=2.39 Proto-cluster Field MOIRCS 1 abstract
S15A-025 Kazuyuki Ogura A search for missing over-density regions through high-z damped Lyalpha systems S-Cam 2 abstract
S15A-027 Masamune Oguri Spectroscopy of quasar lens candidates from SDSS-III II FOCAS 2
S15A-028 Kimihiko Nakajima Uncovering the Physical Origin of Ionizing Photon Escape from Galaxies II MOSFIRE(Keck) 1
S15A-029 Kohji Tsumura Vertical structure of Jovian haze based on deep Galilean satellite eclipses IRCS+NGS-AO+NIRI(Gemini) 2 abstract
S15A-031 Rhythm Shimakawa Search for Lyalpha blobs and identification of their energy sources S-Cam 1 abstract
S15A-032 Tomonori Totani Follow-up of Fast Radio Bursts to Discover Other-Wavelength Counterparts any 2 ToO abstract
S15A-036 Yuu Niino The complete metallicity measurements of long GRB host galaxies at z < 0.5 GMOS(Gemini) 1 abstract
S15A-040 Masao Hayashi Direct verification of AGN feedback in active radio galaxies at z~2.5 NIFS+LGS-AO(Gemini) 1.5 abstract
S15A-044 Andreas Schulze An Imaging Survey for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment HSC 1 abstract
S15A-045 Yusei Koyama MOIRCS follow-up spectroscopy of an extremely rich galaxy cluster at z=1.52 MOIRCS 1 abstract
S15A-046 Mikito Tanaka Resolving the stellar outskirts of an interacting edge-on spiral, NGC4631/NGC4656 HSC 2
S15A-047 Tadayuki Kodama MAHALO-DEEP: Ultra-deep NB Halpha imaging of two protoclusters at z > 2 MOIRCS 2.5 abstract
S15A-050 Tsuyoshi Terai Deep Imaging Survey for Faint Trans-Neptunian Objects HSC 1 abstract
S15A-052 Toshihiro Kawaguchi Mapping the feedback in the host galaxies of [O III] outflowing active nuclei Kyoto3DII+LGS-AO 1.5
S15A-054 Toshifumi Futamase Systematic Weak-lensing Study of Subhalos in Very Nearby Galaxy Clusters II HSC 1
S15A-057 Sakurako Okamoto Complete mapping of Milky Way satellites: I. Ursa Minor HSC 1
S15A-058 Kiyoto Yabe Chemical Abundance Ratio of Galaxies at z~1.4 Revealed with FMOS FMOS 2 abstract
S15A-059 Mariko Kubo Resolving the hierarchical formation of a massive galaxy at z=3.09 IRCS+LGS-AO 0.5
S15A-061 Yoshiki Matsuoka First spectroscopic identification of HSC-SSP high-z quasar candidates FOCAS 1 abstract
S15A-062 Shiang-Yu Wang Exploring Shape and Surface Properties of Trans-Neptunian Objects S-Cam 2
S15A-069 Takuji Tsujimoto First Eu detection in Sextans to test neutron star mergers as the r-process site HDS 2 abstract
S15A-070 Suk-Jin Yoon A Chemo-structural Study on Galactic Building Blocks S-Cam 2 abstract
S15A-073 Norio Narita Probing Transit Spectra of the Youngest Hot Jupiter FOCAS+GMOS(Gemini) 1
S15A-074 Teruyuki Hirano Measurements of the Spin-orbit Angles for Multiple Systems HDS 1
S15A-075 Takayuki Muto Probing a Protoplanetary Disk in Transition Phase in a Binary System HD~100453 GPI(Gemini) 1
S15A-078 Keiichi Maeda Connection between the Environment and Supernova Explosions FOCAS 2 abstract
S15A-079 Keiichi Maeda Environment around Supernovae through Time-Sequence HDS Observations HDS 2 abstract
S15A-083 Yuhri Ishimaru Chemical composition of extremely metal poor stars HDS 2
S15A-089 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows FOCAS or HDS or MOIRCS 1 ToO
S15A-092 Nozomu Tominaga Shock Breakout and Plateau of Type II Plateau Supernovae HSC&FOCAS 1.5
S15A-093 Wako Aoki Subaru/HDS study of very metal-poor stars found with LAMOST HDS 2 abstract
S15A-104 Matthew Bothwell Comparing direct and IR fine-structure metallicity measurements FOCAS 1
S15A-105 Krzysztof Helminiak IR spectroscopy of detached eclipsing binaries -- spotting cool companions IRCS+NGS-AO 1 abstract
S15A-107 Anna Ferre The IMF of nearby relic massive galaxy candidates FOCAS 1 abstract
S15A-112 Thayne Currie Directly Imaging Exoplanets and Resolving Asteroid Belts Around Young Stars with SCExAO+HiCIAO/VAMPIRES SCExAO+NGS-AO 1 abstract
S15A-114 Ernst de Mooij Comparative Exoplanetology: Studying the Atmospheres of Three Hot Saturns HDS 1
S15A-118 Hakon Dahle Joint lensing and X-ray study of the most massive galaxy clusters at z > 0.5. S-Cam 1 abstract
S15A-119 Yui Kawashima Exploring Methane-Haze Photochemistry in the Atmosphere of WASP-80b FOCAS 1
S15A-120 Masato Onodera Fundamental metallicity relation at z > 3: Are galaxies gas-regulated systems? MOSFIRE(Keck) 2 abstract
S15A-121 Takeshi Oka Dynamics of the Gas in the Central Molecular Zone of the GC probed by H3+ IRCS+LGS-AO 2 abstract
S15A-123 Jun Takahashi Revisiting the Mystery of Polarization during a Lunar Eclipse FOCAS 1
S15A-124 Masao Hayashi Definitive Measurements of the Mass-Metallicity-SFR Relation at z~2.2 FMOS 3 abstract
S15A-125 Bunei Sato Confirmation of Kepler Planet Candidates around Giants HDS 1.5 abstract
S15A-126 Kazuaki Ota Completing the Deepest and Largest Census of z=7 LAEs to 0.5L* in SDF S-Cam 4
S15A-133 Masayuki Kuzuhara Second Epoch Observations to Confirm SEEDS Candidate Exoplanets II: Follow-up of S15A Targets HiCIAO+NGS-AO&IRCS+NGS-AO 2.5
S15A-134 John Silverman * The FMOS Legacy Survey of high-z Massive Galaxies and AGNs in COSMOS FMOS 6
S15A-135 Yuriko Saito Secure measurements of SMBH-bulge mass ratio for z ~ 3 quasars IRCS+LGS-AO 2
S15A-138 Tomoki Morokuma Identification of Low-Mass Active SMBHs Selected via Hour-Scale Variability FOCAS 2
S15A-143 Takaya Nozawa Revealing the Properties of Circumstellar Dust Shell around Type Ia SN 2014J COMICS 1.5
S15A-145 Daisuke Ishihara Investigating non-steady processes in warm debris disks COMICS 1
S15A-147 Jun Hashimoto Direct Imaging of Young Planets in Transitional Disk Systems IRCS+LGS-AO 1
S15A-148 Yoshifusa Ita Dust Kinematics in the Winds of Evolved Massive Stars FOCAS 1 abstract
S15A-158 Akira Arai Isotopic Ratios of 12C/13C and 14N/15N as Clues to Nucleaosynthesis in Novae HDS&IRCS+NGS-AO 2 ToO
S15A-169 Malte Schramm What galaxies are hosting the most massive BHs in the early universe? RAVEN+LGS-AO 2

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

* This proposal has been accpeted in the category of Intensive Program, and additional 3 nights will be carried over to S15B.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S15A

The following proposals were conducted in S15A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S15A-174S Yusei Koyama Mapping large-scale structure hosting Herschel-selected ULIRG clump at z~1.5 MOIRCS 90%
S15A-180S Masaru Kajisawa Star Formation Activity in a Proto-cluster Selected by LAEs at z~2.4 S-Cam 40%
S15A-187S Gang Zhao Investigation of the merging history of the Milky Way through LAMOST survey HDS 20%
S15A-188S Donald Kurtz Asteroseismic core-to-surface rotation in the main-sequence star KIC~11145123 HDS 100%
S15A-192S Wako Aoki Follow-up high-S/N spectroscopy for EMP stars found with LAMOST/Subaru HDS 100%
S15A-199S Thayne Currie The effects of chromospheric activity in the planet-hosting binary ROXs 42B HDS 100%
S15A-206S Naslim Neelamkodan Probing chemical abundances in heavy-metal rich hot subdwarf stars HDS 100%
S15A-215S Marcin Hajduk Adaptive optic imaging of the molecular ejecta in the oldest nova CK Vul IRCS+LGS-AO 100%

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