Accepted proposals for Semester S14A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S14A received 162 and 1 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 403.6 nights. After screening by TAC, 97.5 (+ 3.5 ToO) nights were allocated to the following 70 proposals. In addition, 10 nights are assigned to the SEEDS (HiCIAO SSP) Project, 2 nights to the Fastsound (FMOS SSP) Project, and 6 nights to the HSC SSP Project. 3 nights are added to the S12B Intensive Program (S12B-045I), and 4.5 nights are assigned to the Service Program observations.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S14A-001 Russell Smith The IMF and sodium abundance trends in passive Coma Cluster galaxies FMOS 2 abstract
S14A-003 Christian Maier The mass-metallicity and fundamental metallicity relation at z>2 FMOS 1 abstract
S14A-006 Magda Arnaboldi The Suprime-Cam M49 PN survey: the build up of extended halos S-Cam 1
S14A-007 Toru Misawa Multi-Sightline Spectroscopy of Outflowing Winds in SDSS J1029+2623 II HDS 1
S14A-011 Jin Koda Probing the Initial Mass Function in Extended Ultraviolet (XUV) Disks S-Cam 1 abstract
S14A-013 Shogo Nishiyama Gas Cloud Accretion onto the SMBH SgrA* and Formation of Jet 2 NIFS, IRCS/
1.5 ToO abstract
S14A-014 Tomotsugu Goto Extremely dusty objects in the AKARI NEP field HSC 2
S14A-015 Ikuru Iwata Ionizing Radiation from High-z Galaxies in the GOODS-N S-Cam 3
S14A-016 Shogo Nishiyama Probing Space-time Structure near Massive Black Hole with Orbiting Stars IRCS+AO188 1
S14A-018 Masao Hayashi Completing comprehensive survey of star formation and metallicity at z~1.5 FMOS 2 abstract
S14A-019 Yusei Koyama GANBA-Subaru: dissecting distant star forming galaxies across environments IRCS+AO188 2 abstract
S14A-020 Ken-ichi Tadaki Constraints on bulge and disk formation scenarios in clumpy disks NIFS+LGS-AO(Gemini) 0.5 abstract
S14A-026 Michitoshi Yoshida Gas stripping phenomena in a cluster probed by deep Halpha imaging of Abell 1367 S-Cam 2
S14A-029 Michitoshi Yoshida Spectro-polarimetry of starburst superwinds: kinematics of dust outflow FOCAS 1
S14A-030 Hideaki Fujiwara Variability of Dust Features toward Warm Debris Disks II COMICS 1
S14A-031 Suk-Jin Yoon A Chemo-structural Study on Galactic Building Blocks S-Cam 3
S14A-032 Katsuya Okoshi Survey for Galaxies associated with coincident, multiple HI gas at high-z II OSIRIS+LGS-AO(Keck) 1
S14A-033 Masaru Kajisawa Spectroscopic Follow-up for Massive Galaxies in a z=2.39 Proto-cluster Field MOIRCS 3 abstract
S14A-035 Toshihiro Kawaguchi Mapping the feedback in the host galaxies of [O III] outflowing active nuclei Kyoto3DII 0.5
S14A-045 Masamune Oguri Spectroscopy of quasar lens candidates from SDSS-III FOCAS 1
S14A-049 Hanae Inami The Correlation between UV and IR Dust Features: the UV Bump and PAH FOCAS 1
S14A-051 Masayuki Tanaka Direct measurement of the formation timescale of massive cluster ellipticals MOSFIRE(Keck) 2 abstract
S14A-058 Noriyuki Matsunaga Kinematics of old bulge Miras and the early phase of the Nuclear Stellar Disk FMOS 0.5
S14A-059 Jun Hashimoto Probing Inner Gas in Final Stage of Disk Evolution IRCS+AO188 1
S14A-061 Yasumasa Kasaba Horizontal and vertical structure of Jovian IR aurora observed with SPRINT-A IRCS+AO188 2 abstract
S14A-068 Teruyuki Hirano Measurements of Stellar Inclinations for Multiple Planetary Systems HDS 2
S14A-080 Kohji Tsumura Multi-band measurement of extragalactic background light by Callisto eclipses IRCS+AO188 0.5 abstract
S14A-082 Toshiya Ueta Spectropolarimetric Dust Kinematic Measurements in the Circumstellar Shells FOCAS 2 abstract
S14A-083 Norio Narita Exploring Methane-Haze Photochemistry in the Atmosphere of WASP-80b MOIRCS 1
S14A-084 John Stott The Fundamental Metallicity Relation of z~1-2 galaxies FMOS 1 abstract
S14A-086 David Sobral Completing Subar-HiZELS: a uniquely matched Halpha & [O ii] survey at z=1.5 S-Cam 2 abstract
S14A-088 Mikito Tanaka Resolving the stellar outskirts of an interacting edge-on spiral, NGC4631/NGC4656 HSC 0.5
S14A-089 Yasuto Takahashi Investigation for the origin of the brightness of Ganymede in Jovian shadow IRCS+AO188 1.5
S14A-090 Yutaka Komiyama The Faint-End of Halpha Luminosity Function of the Coma Cluster DEIMOS(Keck) 1
S14A-092 Katsuya Okoshi First Survey for Galaxies associated with strong MgII gas at z>3 NIFS+LGS-AO(Gemini) 1
S14A-093 Kenichi Yano Probing ultra-high-density starburst in ultraluminous infrared galaxies IRCS+AO188 1
S14A-096 Bun-ei Sato Confirmation of Kepler Planet Candidates around Giants HDS 3 abstract
S14A-097 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows FOCAS/HDS/MOIRCS/
S14A-098 Tohru Nagao The early phase of the SMBH-galaxy coevolution in low-z "young" galaxies IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S14A-104 Mikio Morii Study of Origin of IR-optical Emission of Magnetars IRCS+AO188 1
S14A-106 Takeshi Oka Studies of the Central Molecular Zone of the Galactic Center by H3+ and CO IRCS+AO188 2 abstract
S14A-112 Wako Aoki Subaru/HDS study of extremely/ultra metal-poor stars found with LAMOST HDS 2 abstract
S14A-114 Rhythm Shimakawa Environmental Dependence in Physical States of Two Proto-Clusters at z>2 MOSFIRE(Keck) 1 abstract
S14A-115 Hideyo Kawakita 15N/14N Isotopic Ratios of NH2 and CN in C/2012 K1 (PanSTARRS) HDS 1
S14A-116 Khee-Gan Lee Mapping z~ 2 Large-Scale Structure with 3D Lyman-alpha Forest Tomography LRIS(Keck) 1
S14A-120 Ko Arimatsu Size Distribution of Cometary-sized Trans-Neptunian Objects HSC 1
S14A-122 Akihiko Fukui A Comparative Study of Atmospheres of Warm Exo-Neptunes MOIRCS,FOCAS 2
S14A-123 Jong-Hak Woo Investigating the M-sigma relation using rotation-corrected velocity dispersion FOCAS 1
S14A-124 Nobunari Kashikawa Systematic study of QSO radiative feedback in high-z Universe S-Cam 3 abstract
S14A-125 Takafumi Ootsubo Grain properties of crystalline silicate in Oort cloud comets II COMICS 1 abstract
S14A-126 Akira Arai Isotopic Ratios of 12C/13C and 14N/15N as Clues to Nucleaosynthesis in Novae HDS/IRCS 1 ToO
S14A-127 Kentaro Aoki The 1K Catalog of Mid-infrared Selected Quasars FMOS 5
S14A-131 Kenta Matsuoka Rapid Black-Hole Growth in the Nitrogen-Rich Era MOIRCS 1 abstract
S14A-140 Mariko Kubo Stellar mass assembly at the center of the protocluster at z=3.09 MOIRCS 2
S14A-141 Malte Schramm NIR spectroscopy of a lensed quasar host galaxy at z=2.2 GNIRS+LGS-AO(Gemini) 2
S14A-144 Takehiko Satoh Jupiter's Magnetosphere as Projected to Aurorae: Int'l Observing Campaign IRCS+AO188 1
S14A-146 Malte Schramm Probing Black Hole-Galaxy Co-Evolution at z=3-4 with low Luminosity AGN IRCS+AO188 1
S14A-150 Chun Ly Definitive Measurements of the Mass-Metallicity-SFR Relation at z~2.2 FMOS 2 abstract
S14A-158 Kenneth Wong Studying the Most Powerful Gravitational Lens Telescopes with Suprime-Cam S-Cam 1 abstract
S14A-159 Yuriko Saitoh Secure measurements of SMBH-bulge mass ratio for z ~ 3 quasars IRCS+AO188 2
S14A-163 Yuhri Ishimaru Detailed abundances of extremely metal poor stars HDS 1
S14A-164 Tomoki Morokuma Faint-End Luminosity Function of High-z Quasars Selected by Variability FOCAS 1
S14A-168 Deokkeun An Characterization of Methanol Ice around Massive YSOs in the Galactic Center IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S14A-171 Kiyoe Kawauchi Subaru-Hubble Joint Transmission Spectroscopy Low-Density Hot Jupiters II. HDS 1
S14A-174 Masaaki Otsuka Unveiling the Origin and the Evolution of Fluorine through Planetary Nebulae HDS 1
S14A-181 Chihiro Tao First estimate of Jovian auroral electron energy and comparison with UV/X-ray IRCS+AO188 0.5 abstract
S14A-184 Sakurako Okamoto M81; Near field cosmology beyond the Local Group HSC 1.5
S14A-185 Shin Koyamatsu Seach for Gas "Streamers" in the Cavity of Transitional Disks NIFS+NGS-AO(Gemini) 1
S14A-189 Masayuki Yamanaka Constraining Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae from Late-Time Spectra FOCAS 1 abstract
S14A-191 Nozomu Tominaga Properties of High-z Supernovae probed with Shock Breakout HSC 2

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S14A

The following proposals were conducted in S14A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S14A-192S Masaru Kajisawa Probing Massive Galaxies in a Proto-cluster selected by LAEs at z~2.4 II MOIRCS 100%
S14A-193S Shogo Nishiyama Narrow-band Search for Intermediate Age Stars in the Nuclear Star Cluster MOIRCS 35%
S14A-207S Parthasarathy Mudumba Chemical abundances in secondaries in Algol-type close binaries HDS 15%
S14A-209S Yuta Notsu High dispersion spectroscopy of slowly-rotating superflare stars HDS 100%
S14A-214S Myungshin Im Y-band Imaging of z=7 Quasar Candidates MOIRCS 100%
S14A-228S Shin Koyamatsu Gas Distribution in a Protoplanetary Disk with Spiral Arms IRCS+AO188 30%
S14A-242S Ichi Tanaka The Strong [OIII] Emitters in HS1700 Protocluster at z=2.3 MOIRCS 50%
S14A-243S Nao Suzuki Perfect Blackbody Spectra for Next Generation IR Calibration Standards MOIRCS 68%

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