Accepted proposals for Semester S13A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S13A received 142 and 1 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 368 nights. After screening by TAC, 79 + 3.5 ToO nights were allocated to the following 52 proposals. Other 10 nights are reserved for SEEDS (HiCIAO SSP) Project and 9 nights are reserved for Fastsound (FMOS SSP) Project. 3 nights have been allocated to S12B Intensive Program. And 4 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S13A-002 Masatoshi Imanishi QSO feedback to low mass galaxy formation at high redshift S-Cam 3
S13A-006 Tatsuhito Yoshikawa Spectroscopic identification of YSO candidates in the Galactic Center IRCS+AO188 2
S13A-010 Jin Koda Probing the Initial Mass Function in Extended Ultraviolet (XUV) Disks S-Cam 2 abstract
S13A-011 Masami Ouchi Final Push of the S-Cam Limit for z=7.3 LAEs down to the Deepest Flux S-Cam 4
S13A-014 Shogo Nishiyama A Celestial Show of the Century: Gas Cloud Accretion onto the SMBH SgrA* IRCS/COMICS/HiCIAO 1.5 ToO abstract
S13A-016 Masao Hayashi Completing comprehensive survey of star formation and metallicity at z~1.5 FMOS 2 abstract
S13A-021 Mitsuhiko Honda Trial for the direct detection of exoplanets in the N-band COMICS 1 abstract
S13A-022 Mitsuhiko Honda Observations of Water Ice Distribution in the HD169142 Disk NICI(Gemini) 1 abstract
S13A-023 Luis Vargas Constraining the Role of Dwarf Galaxies in Building the Milky Way Outer Halo HDS 2 abstract
S13A-026 Glenn Orton Jovian Atmospheric Anomalies as Diagnostics of the Deep Atmosphere COMICS 0.5
S13A-027 Wako Aoki Search for ultra metal-poor stars from SDSS/SEGUE with Subaru/HDS HDS 2 abstract
S13A-028 Kimihiko Nakajima Identifying Variations of Ionization State among z~ 2 Star-Forming Galaxies FMOS 2
S13A-030 David Yong The Multiple Populations of the Globular Cluster M2 HDS 1
S13A-033 Ikuru Iwata Ionizing Radiation from High-z Galaxies in the GOODS-N S-Cam 3 abstract
S13A-035 Toshifumi Futamase Exploring Masses, Profiles and Shapes of Dark Matter Halos with Cluster Weak Lensing V S-Cam 1
S13A-036 Poshak Gandhi The composition of freshly-formed dust in recent (post-)AGB thermal pulses COMICS 1 abstract
S13A-037 Hiroyuki Ikeda New constraints on the faint end of the quasar luminosity function at z~5 FOCAS 2
S13A-039 Tadayuki Kodama Scrutinizing the biased galaxy formation in three proto-clusters at z>2 MOIRCS 3 abstract
S13A-045 Yuta Notsu High Dispersion Spectroscopy of Sun-like Stars showing Superflares HDS 1 abstract
S13A-047 Emanuele Daddi Environmental effects on SFR, AGN and metals in a z = 2 galaxy cluster MOIRCS 2 abstract
S13A-049 Kazuaki Ota A Census of z=7 Lyalpha Emitters with the Deepest and Largest Sample to 0.5L*S-Cam 4
S13A-050 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows FOCAS/HDS/MOIRCS 1 ToO
S13A-057 David Sobral Completing Subar-HiZELS: a uniquely matched Halpha & [O ii] survey at z=1.5 S-Cam 1 abstract
S13A-059 Yusei Koyama Resolving the nature of strong starbursts within z>2 proto-cluster galaxies IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S13A-060 Andreas Seifahrt A near Infrared Radial Velocity survey around the lowest mass stars IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S13A-061 Toshihiro Kawaguchi Secure measurements of SMBH-bulge mass ratio for z~3 quasars IRCS+AO188 3
S13A-062 Noriyuki Matsunaga Kinematics of old bulge Miras and the early phase of the Nuclear Stellar DiskFMOS 0.5 abstract
S13A-065 Hideyo Kawakita OPRs of Cometary Volatiles and 14N/15N Ratio in CN in Comet PanSTARRS HDS 1
S13A-069 Mikito Tanaka Resolving the stellar halo of an interacting edge-on spiral, NGC4631/NGC4656 S-Cam 1.5 abstract
S13A-077 Miwa Goto Anomalous Cosmic Ray Ionization Rate of H2 toward CRL~2136 IRCS+AO188 1
S13A-078 Katsuya Okoshi Survey for Galaxies associated with coincident, multiple HI gas at high-z II OSIRIS(Keck) 1 abstract
S13A-081 Miho Ishigaki Kinematics of clumpy tidal streams of a halo globular cluster Palomar 5 DEIMOS(Keck) 2
S13A-082 Kentaro Aoki Mid-Infrared Selected Quasars from WISE All-Sky Data Release FMOS 2
S13A-083 Keiichi Umetsu A Unique Cluster Mass Profile Dataset from an HST-Subaru Survey Program III S-Cam 1 abstract
S13A-088 Russell Smith The IMF and sodium abundance trends in passive Coma Cluster galaxies FMOS 2
S13A-089 Tsuyoshi Terai Water-Ice Crystallinity on Trans-Neptunian Objects MOIRCS 1 abstract
S13A-098 Jun Toshikawa A First Site of Cluster Formation at z~6 DEIMOS(Keck) 1 abstract
S13A-102 Yoichi Yatsu Visualizing the pulsar wind of a Black-widow pulsar 1FGL J1311.7-3429 FOCAS 1
S13A-103 Hideaki Fujiwara Variability of Dust Features toward Warm Debris Disks COMICS 1
S13A-109 Chun Ly Definitive Measurements of the Mass-Metallicity-SFR Relation at z~2 FMOS 2 abstract
S13A-111 Padma Yanamandra-Fisher Saturn's Atmospheric Response to Episodic Events and Changing Seasons COMICS 1
S13A-117 Yuji Urata Spectral Typing of the Unusual Long and Luminous Optical Transient GMOS(Gemini-N&S) 1 ToO
S13A-118 Toru Misawa Multi-Sightline Spectroscopy of Outflowing Winds in SDSS~J1029+2623 II HDS 1
S13A-120 Hakon Dahle Joint lensing and X-ray study of the most massive galaxy clusters at z > 0.5 S-Cam 2
S13A-122 Akihiko Fukui Constraints on Mass and Separation of Microlensing Planets by AO Imaging II HiCIAO 0.5
S13A-127 Keiichi Maeda Census of Type Ia Supernova Populations through Late-Time Spectra FOCAS 2 abstract
S13A-129 Hisanori Furusawa Constraining the bright end of the UV luminosity function of z~ 7 galaxies FOCAS 2
S13A-130 Teruyuki Hirano Measurements of the Stellar Inclinations for Kepler Planetary Candidates III HDS 1
S13A-139 Takafumi Ootsubo Grain properties of crystalline silicate in Oort cloud comets COMICS 0.5
S13A-140 Yuhei Takagi Disk Dissipation Timescale in Ophiuchus HDS 3
S13A-141 Hiroki Harakawa Exploring the characters of Hot-Neptunes around bright stars HDS 1.5
S13A-145 Ken Mawatari QSO illuminated filaments survey with MOIRCS MOIRCS 1

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

In order to compensate the surplus telescope time resulting from the cancellation of S-Cam and FMOS observations due to the technical problem involved with Top Unit Exchanger in 2013 March, thirteen backup proposals (see *1 below) were newly executed and additional nights were assigned to originaly accepted seven proposals (see *2 below).

S13A-004, Takatoshi Shibuya et al.,
Extragalactic Outflows in the Largest Sample of Lyman Alpha Emitters
MOIRCS, 1.5 nights

S13A-017, Yiping Wang et al.,
Search for galaxy counterparts of Lyman Limit Systems at z>3
IRCS+AO188, 1 night, abstract

S13A-031, Tadashi Nakajima et al.,
High Resolution K-Band Spectroscopy of Selected M Dwarfs
IRCS+AO188, 1 night, abstract

S13A-046, Nobunari Kashikawa et al.,
Spectroscopy for a Very Faint High-z quasar at z~6
IRCS+AO188&FOCAS, 2 nights, abstract

S13A-054, Yoonyoung Kim et al.,
Search for Dormant Comets in Near-Earth Space
FOCAS, 1 night, abstract

S13A-055, Anders Thygesen et al.,
Mg isotope ratios as a probe of the chemical enrichment of the Milky Way
HDS, 1 night

S13A-073, Masato Onodera et al.,
Robust measurement of structural parameters for a passive galaxy at z=3
IRCS+AO188, 1 night, abstract

S13A-075, Eduard Rusu et al.,
Subaru Telescope LGS-AO imaging of Gravitationally Lensed Quasars
IRCS+AO188, 2 nights

S13A-093, Takeshi Oka et al.,
Expanding Molecular Ring in the Galactic center studied by H3+
IRCS+AO188, 2 nights, abstract

S13A-096, Masaru Kajisawa et al.,
Probing Massive Galaxies in a Proto-cluster Selected by LAEs at z~2.4
MOIRCS, 2 nights, abstract

S13A-100, Malte Schramm et al.,
Evolution of the Black Hole Mass - Stellar Mass relation at z~4
IRCS+AO188, 1 night

S13A-113, Fumihiko Usui et al.,
Exploring Water on Planetesimal Remnants Using AKARI Asteroid Catalog
IRCS+AO188, 1 night, abstract

S13A-133, Kenta Kaneko et al.,
Study of Origin of IR-optical Emission of Magnetars IRCS+AO188, 1.5 nights

Additional 1 night for each of S13A-023, S13A-045, S13A-047, and S13A-130. Additional 2 nights for each of S13A-039, S13A-059, and S13A-061.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S13A

The following proposals were conducted in S13A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S13A-148S Nobuhiro Okabe Detailed Multiwavelength Analysis of Unique Merger Phenomena found in the Pandora's Cluster, Abell 2744 : Ic S-Cam 80%
S13A-149S Ralph Neuhäuser Detection of supernova debris on runaway stars HDS 100%
S13A-165S Koji Sugitani Deep i' imaging of Proto-OB Association S-Cam 40%
S13A-166S Ho-Gyu Lee Subaru 3.3 mum PAH imaging observation of the bright IR SNR G349.7+0.2 IRCS 100%
S13A-175S Wako Aoki Li isotope measurements of interstellar matter towards rho Oph HDS 100%
S13A-176S Wako Aoki Binary Nature of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars HDS 50%
S13A-177S Kentaro Aoki Optical Spectroscopy of Blue Mid-Infrared Selected Quasar Candidates FOCAS 100%
S13A-178S Ken-ichi Tadaki Halpha mapping of 3D structures in a forming proto-cluster at z=2.5 MOIRCS 45%
S13A-179S Ryosuke Itoh Identification of new type gamma-ray sources IRCS+AO188 33%
S13A-184S Mika Kagaya Spectroscopic observation of candidates of accelerators of UHECRs FOCAS 100%
S13A-187S Anupreeta More The curious case of SL2S140449+573746 FOCAS 80%
S13A-189S Yasuhito Hashiba Local star formation histories in NGC4254 using CO 2.29 mum absorption MOIRCS 35%
S13A-190S Koji Kawabata Late-time Observation of Two Luminous Core-collapse Supernovae FOCAS 100%
S13A-195S Youichi Ohyama Wind Profiling from A Fast-evolving Compton-thick Monster FOCAS 80%

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