Accepted proposals for Semester S12B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S12B received 128 and 4 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 350 nights. After screening by TAC, 63 nights were allocated to the following 39 proposals. Other 13 nights are reserved for SEEDS (HiCIAO SSP) Project and 8 nights are reserved for Fastsound (FMOS SSP) Project. 3 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S12B-001 Masatoshi Imanishi Multiple active supermassive blackholes in galaxy mergers IRCS+AO188 1
S12B-003 Masami Ouchi Keck Deep Spectroscopy for the Most Distant Subaru LAE Candidates II LRIS(Keck) 2
S12B-004 Glenn Orton Jupiter's Altered State: Atmospheric Anomalies as Diagnostics COMICS 1
S12B-007 Masami Ouchi Highest-z LAEs down to the Deepest Flux Limit Achieved with S-Cam II S-Cam 4
S12B-008 Tadayuki Kodama Scrutinizing biased galaxy formation with panoramic near-infrared spectroscopy FMOS 2 abstract
S12B-010 Chris Simpson Galaxy Formation in the Densest Known Region of the Early Universe S-Cam 3
S12B-012 Michitoshi Yoshida Spectro-polarimetry of starburst superwinds: kinematics of dust outflow FOCAS 2
S12B-015 Michihiro Takami Revealing accretion and evolution of heavily embedded high-mass protostars IRCS 1 abstract
S12B-016 Yoshifumi Ishizaki Deep High-z QSO Survey at z ~ 6 and 7: Spectroscopy FOCAS 3
S12B-017 Norio Narita Ascertaining Rayleigh Scattering in the Atmosphere of GJ1214b S-Cam 1 abstract
S12B-021 Koji Kawabata Late-time spectroscopy of envelope-stripped SNe: Figuring the central engine FOCAS 0.5 abstract
S12B-026 Mariko Kubo Formation of the Massive Galaxies in the SSA22 Protocluster at z=3.09 MOIRCS 3
S12B-030 Norio Narita Subaru-Hubble Joint Transmission Spectroscopy for Low-Density Hot Jupiters HDS 2
S12B-031 Kimihiko Nakajima Metallicity census of low-mass galaxies at z~ 2 with FMOS FMOS 3
S12B-036 Tetsuya Hashimoto Metallicity of dark "GRB" host galaxies MOIRCS 1
S12B-039 Yuka Fujii Ocean Glint in Earthshine Spectra IRCS+AO188 1
S12B-043 Shogo Nishiyama Two Modes of Star Formation at the Galactic Center? IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S12B-045 John Silverman Subaru/FMOS survey of star formation at z~1.5 in COSMOS (*Intensive Program) FMOS 2 abstract
S12B-048 Nobuhiro Okabe Testing Hydrostatic Equilibrium of the Intracluster Medium from the Core to the Virial Radius Ic S-Cam 1 abstract
S12B-051 Katsuya Okoshi Survey for Galaxies associated with coincident, multiple HI gas at high redshift NIFS(Gemini) 1 abstract
S12B-056 Masayuki Akiyama Census of Active Super Massive Black Holes at z~2.0 DEIMOS(Keck) 2 abstract
S12B-057 Toshihiro Kawaguchi Secure measurements of SMBH-bulge mass ratio for z~3 quasars IRCS+AO188 2
S12B-060 Nozomu Tominaga First Detection of Shock Breakout at High-Redshift S-Cam 2
S12B-064 Keiichi Maeda Late-Time NIR Properties of Supernovae: Further Diversities? IRCS+AO188 1 ToO abstract
S12B-065 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows any 2 ToO
S12B-066 Jin Koda Probing the Initial Mass Function in Extended Ultraviolet (XUV) Disks S-Cam 1 abstract
S12B-067 Suk-Jin Yoon A Chemo-Structural Study on Galactic Building Blocks S-Cam 2 abstract
S12B-068 Teruyuki Hirano Uncovering the Evolution History of Exoplanetary Systems HDS 1
S12B-069 Teruyuki Hirano Measurements of the Stellar Inclinations for Kepler Planetary Candidates II HDS 1
S12B-075 Masahiro Takada Subaru weak lensing observations of ACT SZ-selected galaxy clusters S-Cam 1 abstract
S12B-080 Emanuele Daddi Exposing high-z obscured AGNs in the deepest IR/X-rays surveys MOIRCS 2 abstract
S12B-100 Masamune Oguri Resolving host galaxies of binary quasars IRCS+AO188 0.5
S12B-109 Scott Sheppard Beyond the Kuiper Belt Edge S-Cam 1 abstract
S12B-111 Yuta Notsu High Dispersion Spectroscopy of Solar-Type Stars showing Superflares HDS 1.5 abstract
S12B-114 Fumihiko Usui Search for Water in Outer Main Belt Based on AKARI Asteroid Catalog (II) IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S12B-115 Masaaki Otsuka Spatial Distribution of Buckminsterfullerene in Galactic Planetary Nebulae COMICS 2
S12B-118 Chikako Yasui Mass Accretion Rate of YSOs in Low-metallicity Environment GMOS(N) 2
S12B-121 Bon-Chul Koo Infrared-Excess Stellar Objects in the Supernova Remnant G54.1+0.3 COMICS 1.5 abstract
S12B-125 Hiroki Harakawa Searching for the evidences of distant substellar companions HDS 1

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

* This proposal has been accpeted in the category of Intensive Program, and total 6 nights will be carried over to the following 2 semesters (S13A and S13B).

In order to fill the telescope time resulting from the cancellation of S-Cam observations due to the technical problem involved with Top Unit Exchanger in 2012 September, six backup proposals (see *1 below) were newly executed and additional nights were assigned to originaly accepted five proposals (see *2 below).

S12B-019, Wako Aoki et al.,
Search for ultra metal-poor stars from SDSS/SEGUE with Subaru/HDS
HDS, 1 night

S12B-023, Masayuki Tanaka et al.,
Deep near-IR spectroscopy of a fully matured group of galaxies at z=1.61
MOIRCS, 2 nights

S12B-027, Michael Murphy et al.,
First Subaru measurement of the fine-structure constant: an alpha dipole?
HDS, 2 nights

S12B-054, Gaspar Bakos et al.,
Confirmation of HATNet Transiting Planets Using Subaru/HDS
HDS, 4 nights

S12B-079, Malte Schramm et al.,
Evolution of the Black Hole Mass - Stellar Mass relation at z~4
IRCS+AO188, 2 nights

S12B-105, Akio Inoue et al.,
Spatial segregation of galaxy populations in the SSA22 z=3.1 proto-cluster
FOCAS, 1 night

Additional 1 night for each of S12B-015, S12B-036, S12B-067, and S12B-114. Additional 1.5 nights for S12B-111.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S12B

The following proposals were conducted in S12B as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S12B-145S Miho Ishigaki High-resolution spectroscopy of a post AGB F-supergiant CRL 2688 HDS 100%
S12B-146S Jose-Dias do Nascimento Detailed chemical composition of solar twins revealed by the CoRoT mission HDS 70%
S12B-147S Nobuhiro Okabe Follow-up Weak-lensing Observation of a Textbook Example of Double Relic Cluster S-Cam 40%
S12B-150S Michael Rich Spectroscopy of Bulge Giants with Extreme Heavy Element Abundances HDS 100%
S12B-152S Naoto Iguchi Density and Temperature Evolution of Winds Emanating from YSOs HDS 100%
S12B-153S Ronny Errmann AO image of a young transiting candidate from YETI IRCS+AO188 100%
S12B-155S Wako Aoki Binary Nature of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars HDS 80%
S12B-156S Wako Aoki Chemical Composition of the C and alpha-deficient star SDSS J0018-0939 HDS 100%
S12B-157S Youichi Ohyama PDR around the Superwind Galaxy M82 Probed with [CI]λ9850 Å FOCAS 100%
S12B-162S Noriyuki Katoh Confirmation of Circumbinary planet with Precise Doppler-shift Measurements HDS 60%
S12B-163S Ryosuke Itoh Search for new type of gamma-ray binaries FOCAS 90%
S12B-164S Hakon Dahle Joint lensing, X-ray and SZ study of a massive merging cluster at z=0.65. S-Cam 90%
S12B-166S Hiroshi Shibai Towards imaging of sub-Jupiter mass free-floating planets IRCS+AO188 100%
S12B-169S Takuya Fujiyoshi AO-assisted IRCS near-infrared imaging of SVS13 IRCS+AO188 100%
S12B-171S Yiping Wang Confirmation of a Lyman Limit absorber candidate towards QSO UM402 IRCS+AO188, FOCAS 70%
S12B-172S Nozomu Tominaga Spectroscopy of host galaxies of Type II-P SNe with shock breakout detection FOCAS 60%

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