Accepted proposals for Semester S11B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S11B received 119 submitted proposals for the Normal Program requesting a total of 291 nights. After screening by TAC, 56.5 + 2 ToO nights were allocated to the following 39 proposals. Other 14 nights are reserved for SEEDS Project and 5.5 nights are reserved for the Service Programs. 5 nights are tentatively reserved for FMOS Strategic Program.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S11B-001 Masatoshi Imanishi Multiple active supermassive blackholes in galaxy mergers IRCS+AO188 2
S11B-007 Masami Ouchi Keck Deep Spectroscopy for the Most Distant Subaru LAE Candidates NIRSPEC 3
S11B-009 Takashi Onaka Buckminsterfullerence in reflection nebulae COMICS 2
S11B-011 Ralph Neuhäuser Solving SB orbits of new young eclipsing spectroscopic binaries in Tr-37 HDS 1.5
S11B-012 Thayne Currie Atmospheric Properties of the Young Gas Giant, β Pic b IRCS+AO188 1.5
S11B-017 Ryou Ohsawa Quest for Evidence of Hydrogenation of PAHs in Evolved PNe COMICS 2 abstract
S11B-020 Tadayuki Kodama Completion of MAHALO-Subaru: Mapping Star Formation at 1.5<z<2.5 MOIRCS 3
S11B-023 Nobunari Kashikawa The first QSOs at z~6 and 7: Spectroscopy FOCAS 3 abstract
S11B-024 Glenn Orton Identifying the Source of Large-Scale Atmospheric Variability in Jupiter COMICS 0.5 abstract
S11B-026 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows any of S-Cam,FOCAS,MOIRCS,
1 ToO
S11B-030 Masahide Takada-Hidai [S/Fe] Behavior of Very Metal-Poor Stars with the S I 1.046 μm Lines IRCS+AO188 2 abstract
S11B-033 Hideyo Kawakita Inner Coma Chemistry and the Accurate Mixing Ratios of Cometary Ice NIRSPEC 2
S11B-035 Wako Aoki Ba isotope ratios in most metal-poor stars HDS 1 abstract
S11B-042 Michitoshi Yoshida Spectro-polarimetry of starburst superwinds: kinematics of dust outflow FOCAS 2
S11B-045 Kazuya Matsubayashi Detailed Structures of Galactic Winds in Nearby Edge-on Starburst Galaxies Kyoto3DII 2 abstract
S11B-046 Keiichi Maeda Type Ia Supernova Explosion Mechanism Through NIR Spectroscopy IRCS+AO188 2 abstract
S11B-048 Kiyoto Yabe Mass-metallicity relation of star-forming galaxies at z~1.4 FMOS 3 abstract
S11B-049 Masaomi Tanaka Revealing 3D Structure of Core-Collapse Supernovae FOCAS 1 ToO abstract
S11B-052 Mario Radovich A weak-lensing analysis of two new clusters discovered by the Planck survey S-Cam 1 abstract
S11B-053 Alexander Scholz SONYC: Spectroscopy of planetary-mass objects in NGC1333 MOIRCS 1
S11B-054 Norio Narita Extremely High SNR and High Dispersion Transit Spectroscopy of WASP-33b HDS 1
S11B-055 Koji Kawabata Late-time spectroscopy of envelope-stripped SNe: Figuring the central engine FOCAS 0.5 abstract
S11B-056 Katsuya Okoshi Faint emissions from heavy absorbers II: NIR imaging spectroscopy OSIRIS+LGS, NIFS+LGS 2 abstract
S11B-069 Nobuhiro Okabe Testing Hydrostatic Equilibrium of the Intracluster Medium from the Core to the Virial Radius Ib S-Cam 2
S11B-070 Takayuki Kotani Solving the Cepheid Mass Discrepancy: Dynamical Mass Determination IRCS+AO188 1
S11B-073 Takeru Uno Jovian H3+ and H2 auroras: Energy transfers between neutral and plasma (retry) IRCS 1 abstract
S11B-074 Masahiro Takada Subaru weak lensing observations of ACT SZ-selected galaxy clusters S-Cam 1
S11B-075 Gáspár Bakos Confirmation of HATNet Transiting Planets Using Subaru/HDS HDS 2
S11B-076 Jun Toshikawa Searching for a Protocluster at z~6 FOCAS 1 abstract
S11B-078 Hanindyo Kuncarayakti GMOS integral field spectroscopy of nearby Ib/c supernova sites GMOS(N) 1 abstract
S11B-082 Norio Narita Refined Measurement of Earth's Transmission Spectrum through a Lunar Eclipse HDS 0.5
S11B-085 Scott Sheppard Beyond the Kuiper Belt Edge S-Cam 1 abstract
S11B-098 John Silverman A Subaru/FMOS survey of supermassive black holes in deep fields FMOS 2
S11B-100 Takatoshi Shibuya Evolution of Galactic-scale Outflows in High-z Galaxies IRCS+AO188 0.5
S11B-105 Toshifumi Futamase Exploring Masses, Profiles and Shapes of Dark Matter Halos with Cluster Weak Lensing III S-Cam 0.5 abstract
S11B-110 Takeo Minezaki Mid-infrared imaging of lensed QSOs to decipher subhalos -- the final target T-ReCS 1
S11B-111 Nobuharu Ukita Imaging of a spiral dust shell around a mass-losing symbiotic binary, R Aquarii HiCIAO+AO188 1
S11B-114 Yusei Koyama Physical Origin of Dusty Starbursts in the Cluster Outskirts at z=0.4 GMOS(N) 2 abstract
S11B-116 Itsuki Sakon Mid-Infrared Late Epoch Observation of Dust Forming Novae T-ReCS 1

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

Our TAC newly accepted the following 5 proposals(*1) in December 2011, because the commissioning observations of Hyper Suprime Cam have been cancelled. In addition, the originally accepted 3 programs(*2) have been assigned additional nights.

S11B-029, Kenta Matsuoka et al.,
The AGN-Starburst Connection traced by Nitrogen-Loud Quasars
IRCS+AO188, 1 night, abstract

S11B-031, Masao Hayashi et al.,
The nature of [OII] emitters in and around three frontier clusters at z~1.5
FMOS, 1 night, abstract

S11B-067, Shohei Aoki et al.,
Verification of CH4 in the Martian atmosphere
IRCS+AO188, 2 nights, abstract

S11B-079, Tohru Nagao et al.,
Assessing the Fundamental-Metallicity Relation of Galaxies and Its Evolution
FMOS, 2 nights, abstract

S11B-094, Malte Schramm et al.,
Evolution of the MBH-Mbulge relation beyond the quasar activity peak
IRCS+AO188, 2 nights

Additional 3 nights for S11B-023, 2 nights for S11B-009, and 1 night for S11B-075

Service Programs conducted in Semester S11B

The following proposals were conducted in S11B as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S11B-127S Wako Aoki Binary Nature of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars HDS 100%
S11B-128S Wako Aoki Li isotope ratio of the very metal-poor turn-off star HD~84937 HDS 100%
S11B-130S Christian Ginski A search for substellar companions around beta Pic moving group members IRCS+AO188 100%
S11B-132S Gracjan Maciejewski Stellar parameters and chromospheric activity of WASP-10 HDS 100%
S11B-137S Yuta Notsu High Dispersion Spectroscopy of a G-Type Star Causing Superflares HDS 100%
S11B-139S Aruna Goswami High resolution spectroscopy of the Hydrogen deficient C star HE1015-2050 HDS 80%
S11B-153S Hideki Umehata Ultra-bright SMGs toward the cluster RXJ2228+2036 MOIRCS 100%
S11B-156S Yuuki Moritani HDS observation of the TeV gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303/V615 Cas HDS 100%
S11B-157S David Yong The first chemical abundance study of the intriguing globular cluster M2 HDS 75%
S11B-158S Kenta Suzuki A Survey for DRGs in the Excess AzTEC/ASTE Source Regions near 4C 23.56 MOIRCS 100%
S11B-161S Charles Steinhardt Imaging the Host of a Recoiling Black Hole Candidate at z=0.714 IRCS+AO188 100%
S11B-162S Albert Kong Adaptive Optics Imaging of an X-ray Luminous Globular Cluster in M31 IRCS+AO188 100%

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