Accepted proposals for Semester S10A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S10A received 139 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 412.1 nights. After screening by TAC, 79 + 4 ToO nights were allocated to the following 43 proposals. Other 5 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts Abstract
S10A-006 Masayuki Tanaka Deep NIR spectroscopy of record-breaking cluster candidates at z~1.8 MOIRCS/MOS 2 abstract
S10A-008 Tadayuki Kodama Panoramic Infrared Spectroscopy of Cluster Evolution with Subaru-FMOS: A Pilot Survey FMOS 2
S10A-011 Toru Misawa Multi-Sightline Spectroscopy of Outflowing Winds in Quasar SDSS J1029+2623 HDS 1
S10A-014 Masatoshi Imainshi Distinguishing the compact energy sources of nearby ULIRGs T-ReCS 2
S10A-015 Masatoshi Imanishi Star-formation and growth of supermassive blackholes in nearby QSOs IRCS 2
S10A-018 Jonathan Trump Optically Dull AGN: Obscured, Diluted, or Radiatively Inefficient? FOCAS 2 abstract
S10A-019 Paul Ho Structure of Dark Matter and Baryons in AMIBA SZE Galaxy Clusters (II) S-Cam 2 abstract
S10A-021 Yoichi Takeda Be Abundances of Solar Analogs: Toward Clarifying the Mechanism of Mixing HDS 2 abstract
S10A-024 Masami Ouchi DEIMOS Spectroscopy for z=7 Galaxies Found by the Suprime-Cam Survey DEIMOS 3
S10A-025 Ken-ichi Tadaki Spectroscopic follow-up on the narrow-band Halpha emitter candidates at z=2.2 MOIRCS/MOS 2 abstract
S10A-036 Susan Kassin MOIRCS Multi-PA Kinematics of Galaxies at z~2+: A Search for Disks MOIRCS/MOS 3 abstract
S10A-037 Masafumi Yagi Slitless spectroscopy of small bodies on a dark cloud curtain S-Cam 3 abstract
S10A-039 Magda Arnaboldi The Suprime-Cam M87 PN survey: testing galaxy formation in clusters S-Cam 3 abstract
S10A-043 Satoshi Honda Enrichment of heavy elements in the Sextans dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy HDS 1 abstract
S10A-045 Masamune Oguri Understanding the Largest Quasar Lens SDSS J1029+2623 GMOS(N) 1
S10A-048 Miho Ishigaki Deciphering the formation history of the metal-weak thick disk and halos HDS 1 abstract
S10A-050 Masaomi Tanaka Spectropolarimetry of Stripped-Envelope Supernovae and GRB-Supernovae FOCAS 2 ToO abstract
S10A-051 Masahiro Takada Exploring Masses, Profiles and Shapes of Dark Matter Halos with Cluster Weak Lensing S-Cam 2 abstract
S10A-052 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows various 2 ToO
S10A-058 Nobuo Arimoto Mapping the Highest Concentrations of Passive Galaxies at z~2 MOIRCS/MOS 3
S10A-059 Sakurako Okamoto Chemical Signatures of Genuine Building Blocks of the Milky Way II HDS 2
S10A-061 Masanori Iye Follow-up Spectroscopy of LAE candidates at z~7.3 in SDF FOCAS 4
S10A-067 Hideko Nomura Spatially Resolved [OI] 6300 A Line Emission from Young Circumstellar Disks Kyoto 3DII 2 abstract
S10A-068 Keiichi Maeda Properties of Type Ia Supernovae from Late-Time Spectroscopy FOCAS 1 abstract
S10A-069 Philip Lucas Discovering the coolest brown dwarfs and measuring the substellar mass function. IRCS 2 abstract
S10A-070 Jong-hak Woo Calibrating Black Hole Mass Estimators for High-z Quasars FMOS 2
S10A-084 Gáspár Bakos Confirmation of HATNet Transiting Hot Jupiter Candidates Using Subaru/HDS HDS 3
S10A-085 Yuichi Matsuda How Did Galaxies Form in the Large-scale HI Gas Reservoir at z=5? S-Cam 1
S10A-086 Agnese Del Moro IR properties of Extreme fX/fopt objects (EXOs) MOIRCS 1
S10A-093 Itsuki Sakon Dust Formation in Massive Wolf-Rayet Binary Systems (II) COMICS 2
S10A-094 Poshak Gandhi Mid-infrared properties of low-luminosity AGN Michelle 2
S10A-104 Hisanori Furusawa Exploring the High-z Universe in the SXDS-UDS & COSMOS-UltraVista Fields II S-Cam 5
S10A-105 Norio Narita Search for Dynamic Weather Variations in the Eccentric Exoplanet HAT-P-2b HDS 1
S10A-110 Masamune Oguri Characterizing the strongest lenses in the universe II S-Cam 2
S10A-113 Takeshi Oka H3+ studies of sightlines toward new YSOs near the Galactic center IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S10A-114 Miwa Goto Comprehensive Study of Water Vapor in Protoplanetary Disks IRCS+AO188 1
S10A-115 Hajime Sugai Testing the high end of the starburst X-ray luminosity function MOIRCS 2
S10A-123 Noriyuki Matsunaga Chemical tagging by newly discovered tracers in the innermost Galaxy IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S10A-128* Tomonori Hioki Evolution of Circumbinary Disks around T Tauri Binary Systems IRCS+AO188 2
S10A-139 Teruyuki Hirano A Search for Secondary Planets in Transiting Exoplanetary Systems HDS 1
S10A-143 Teruyuki Hirano Measuring the Rossiter Effect of Newly Discovered Eccentric Exoplanets HDS 2
S10A-147* Misato Fukagawa Variability in Protoplanetary Disks III IRCS+AO188 1 abstract
S10A-150 Yoshiharu Shinnaka Ortho-to-Para Ratio of Cometary NH3 in Comet 81P/Wild 2 HDS 1

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

Some of the accpeted programs using AO188(*1) cannot be performed in S10A due to the unexpected damage of AO188. In place of those programs and SEEDS, our TAC newly accepted the following 5 programs in February 2010. In addition, the originally accepted 4 programs(*2) have been assigned additional nights.

S10A-031, Alexander Scholz et al,
SONYC: A census of brown dwarfs and planetary-mass objects in rho Ophiuchus
FMOS, 2 nights

S10A-077, Koji Kawabata et al.,
Late-time Spectroscopy of Type Ib/c SNe: Probing inner ejecta and asphericity
FOCAS, 1 night, abstract

S10A-083, Karl Glazebrook et al.,
Is Dark Energy an Illusion? Measuring the growth of structure to z=1.5
S-Cam, 2 nights, abstract

S10A-099, Mai Shirahata et al.,
Probing Molecular Tori in AGNs through Time Variability of CO Absorption
IRCS, 2 nights

S10A-101, Scott Sheppard et al.,
A Neptune Trojan Survey for the New Horizons Spacecraft
S-Cam, 2 nights, abstract

S10A-128 and S10A-147 have been cancelled.
S10A-113, S10A-114, and S10A-123 will be performed without AO188.

Additional 1 night each for S10A-036, S10A-048, S10A-058, and S10A-110

Service Programs conducted in Semester S10A

The following proposals were conducted in S10A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S10A-092S Mitsuhiko Honda Mid-infrared Q-band imaging of Transitional Disks COMICS 60%
S10A-155S Masamune Oguri Near-infrared imaging of gravitational lens candidates MOIRCS 100%
S10A-156S Masato Onodera A search for Lyalpha emitters in a z=4.05 proto-cluster in GOODS-N S-Cam 90%
S10A-161S Poshak Gandhi A Weak-lensing Analysis of the Merging Galaxy Cluster Abell 2146 S-Cam 55%
S10A-164S Nobuhiro Okabe Subaru Weak Lensing Study of Merging Galaxy Clusters IIc S-Cam 30%
S10A-167S Jelte de Jong The enigmatic pair of dwarf spheroidal galaxies Leo IV and V S-Cam 80%
S10A-168S Yuhei Takagi The Age of YSOs with a Transitional Disk HDS 100%
S10A-174S Boyke Rochau Pre- and post-main sequence in conjuction: The Red Supergiant Clusters MOIRCS 25%
S10A-175S Giacomo Beccari The dynamical state of the globular cluster Palomar 14 S-Cam 70%
S10A-176S Keiichi Umetsu Weak Lensing on the ALHAMBRA Fields S-Cam 50%
S10A-178S Masayuki Yamanaka Inner structure of extremely luminous Type Ia SN 2009dc FOCAS 100%
S10A-180S Shiori Kyu Investigating Initial Mass Function in the Bluest Local LSB Galaxy FOCAS&MOIRCS 70%
S10A-181S Jin Koda Halpha imaging of the extended UV disk of M83 S-Cam 80%
S10A-183S Aki Takigawa Multicolor Imaging of Dust Shell around R Cas at Maximum Brightness COMICS 50%
S10A-187S Ananda Hota Nature of an exotic and new 'Fireball galaxy' IC 3418 FOCAS 25%
S10A-189S Nozomu Tominaga Spectroscopy of a host galaxy of a shock breakout candidate FOCAS 100%

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