Accepted proposals for Semester S09A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S09A received 151 submitted proposals all for the Normal Program, requesting a total of 429.5 nights. After screening by TAC, 98 + 4 ToO nights were newly allocated to the following 53 proposals. Besides, 11 nights will be used for the running Intensive Program proposals (5 nights for S08A-018, 6 nights for S08B-051), and 5 nights for the Service Program.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S09A-002 Tomotsugu Goto A search for high redshift QSOs at 6.5<z<7.8 FOCAS 0.5
S09A-006 Masatoshi Imanishi Distinguishing the compact energy sources of nearby ULIRGs COMICS 2
S09A-011 Nobunari Kashikawa Concluding the Census of Faint Galaxies at the Reionization Epoch DEIMOS 2
S09A-014 Masaomi Tanaka Spectropolarimetry of Stripped-Envelope Supernovae and GRB-Supernovae FOCAS 1 ToO
S09A-016 Masayuki Tanaka Deep NIR spectroscopy of record-breaking cluster candidates at z~1.8 MOIRCS/MOS 3
S09A-017 Masami Ouchi Follow-up Wide-Field Survey for z~7 Galaxies:Final Push of the Subaru Limit S-Cam 4
S09A-018 Nobuo Arimoto Detecting the Invisibles: The Next Generation of Ultra Faint dSphs S-Cam 3
S09A-020 Nobunari Kashikawa The First Direct Detection of the First Stars MOIRCS/MOS 2
S09A-022 Poshak Gandhi Resolving the mid-infrared cores of a complete distance-limited 3CRR sample COMICS 4
S09A-025 Alexander Scholz Reaching for the Bottom: Spectroscopy of Ultra-Low-Mass Brown Dwarfs MOIRCS/MOS 2
S09A-026 Lorenzo Monaco Chemical abundances in the remote globular cluster NGC2419 HDS 1
S09A-028 Susan Kassin MOIRCS Multi-PA Kinematics of Galaxies at z~2+: A Search for Disks MOIRCS/MOS 2
S09A-030 Tohru NAGAO Nitrogen-Loud QSOs --- A Critical Test for Metallicity Measurements in High-z QSOs MOIRCS 1
S09A-038 Misato Fukagawa Variability in Protoplanetary Disks II IRCS+AO188 2
S09A-039 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows various 3 ToO
S09A-043 Nobuo Arimoto Mapping the Highest Concentrations of Passive Galaxies at z~2 MOIRCS/MOS 3
S09A-044 Toru Yamada Spectroscopic Identification of Infrared-Selcted Clusters of Galaxies at z>1.4 MOIRCS/MOS 1
S09A-045 Paul Ho Structure of Dark Matter and Baryons in AMIBA SZE Galaxy Clusters S-Cam 1.5
S09A-046 Philip Lucas Spectroscopic confirmation of the coolest brown dwarfs with Subaru IRCS 2
S09A-047 Pascale Hibon Searching z~7 galaxies with Suprime-Cam S-Cam 2
S09A-048 Sakurako Okamoto Chemical Signatures of Genuine Building Blocks of the Milky Way HDS 3
S09A-049 Masato Onodera H alpha kinematics of z=1.5 disk galaxies hosting giant molecular gas reservoirs OSIRIS /LGS-AO 1
S09A-051 Mike Watson IR properties of a sample of Extreme FX/Fopt objects (EXOs) MOIRCS 1
S09A-062 Masayuki Akiyama Revealing the dynamical structure of the disk-like galaxies at z~3 II NIFS/LGS-AO 1
S09A-063 Sune Toft Redshifts and environmental impacts on massive evolved galaxies at z~2 MOIRCS/MOS 2.5
S09A-065 Masanori Iye Deep SDF survey for Lyman alpha Emitters at z=7.3 with new SuprimeCam S-Cam 4
S09A-067 Kazuya Matsubayashi Line Ratio Maps of Galactic Winds in Nearby Edge-on Starburst Galaxies Kyoto3DII 2
S09A-069 David Bowen Echelle Observations of QSO Absorption Lines from QSOs HDS 2
S09A-071 Ikuru Iwata Revealing the nature of galaxies emitting strong Lyman continuum LRIS 1
S09A-082 Neil Dello Russo The chemical composition of comet C/2007 N3 Lulin IRCS+AO188 1
S09A-084 Yuki Nakamura A Search for Emission-Line Objects in the Proto-Cluster Region at z=2.4 S-Cam 1
S09A-093 Koji Kawabata Late-time Spectroscopy of Type Ib/c SNe: probing inner ejecta and asphericity FOCAS 2
S09A-096 Norio Narita A Search for Weather Variations in the Transiting Extrasolar Planet HD189733b HDS 2
S09A-097 Norio Narita New Searches for Atmospheric Absorption in Transiting Extrasolar Planets I. HDS 3
S09A-099 Nobunari Kashikawa The first QSOs at z~7 S-Cam 3
S09A-101 Masahide Takada-Hidai Exploring the [S/Fe] Behavior of Metal-Poor Stars with the S I 1.046 μm Lines IRCS+AO188 2
S09A-103 Masamune Oguri Characterizing the strongest lenses in the universe S-Cam 1
S09A-104 Yuichi Matsuda How Did Galaxies Form in the Large-scale HI Gas Reservoir at z=5? S-Cam 2
S09A-108 Scott Sheppard A Neptune Trojan Survey for the New Horizons Spacecraft S-Cam 3
S09A-113 Hajime Sugai Testing the tip of the starburst X-ray luminosity function MOIRCS 2
S09A-114 Naoyuki Tamura Characterizing star-forming galaxies in overdense regions at z = 1-2 MOIRCS/MOS 2
S09A-115 Takeshi Oka Exploring the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way by H3+ Spectroscopy IRCS+AO188 4
S09A-117 Masafumi Yagi Slitless spectroscopy of small bodies on a dark cloud curtain S-Cam 1
S09A-119 Masafumi Yagi Spectroscopy of peculiar extended emission-line regions in the Coma cluster FOCAS 1
S09A-121 Hitomi Kobayashi Hydrogenation of Hydrocarbon Molecules in Comets: Case of C/2007 N3 IRCS+AO188 1
S09A-124 Hideaki Fujiwara Warm Debris Dust around Planet Host Stars (Northern Sources) COMICS 1
S09A-127 Hideaki Fujiwara Warm Debris Dust around Planet Host Stars (Southern Sources) T-ReCS 3
S09A-128 Yutaka Komiyama Coma Cluster of Galaxies -- Ultimate Imaging Survey (III) S-Cam 2
S09A-129 Yutaka Ihara A rate study of highest-z type Ia supernovae FOCAS 1
S09A-135 Toru Misawa Multi-Sightline Spectroscopy of Outflowing Winds in Quasar SDSS J1029+2623 FOCAS, HDS 0.5+1
S09A-138 Tomoki Saito Spectroscopic follow-up of Ly alpha blobs at z~3 in the 2 deg2 COSMOS field GMOS(N) 1
S09A-154 Seiji Sugita Observation of LCROSS Collisions on a Permanent Shadow of the Moon IRCS 0.5
S09A-157 Masayuki Kuzuhara Deep Spectroscopy of a Possible Cluster of Young Planetary-Mass Objects MOIRCS/MOS 1.5

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are those of Gemini or Keck.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S09A

The following proposals were conducted in S09A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S09A-159S Barry Welsh Probing the Local Bubble/Halo Interaction Region HDS 100%
S09A-163S Masaaki Otsuka A Search for s-process Elements in the Extremely Metal-Poor Halo PNe HDS 100%
S09A-165S Wako Aoki Investigation of the Binary Nature of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars HDS 100%
S09A-168S Masao Hayashi A complete census of galaxy populations in and around the most distant X-ray cluster at z=1.45 S-Cam 90%
S09A-169S Kaori Otsuki Neutron-capture elements in r-process-enhanced globulra cluster M80 HDS 100%
S09A-170S Romuald Tylenda Establishing the status of the `red nova' V4332 Sgr HDS 100%
S09A-178S Takehiko Wada Optical Follow-up Imaging of the AKARI NEP Ultra Deep Field (NEP-UDF) S-Cam 30%
S09A-180S A-Ran Lyo Evaluating Doppler Precision of a Young Star HD 135344 for Exoplanet Search HDS 100%
S09A-182S Yuhei Takagi The age determination of late-type T Tauri stars by spectroscopy HDS 100%
S09A-183S Kouji Ohta A New-type GRB Host? S-Cam 75%
S09A-188S Yuji Urata Identification of the GRB080319B host galaxy S-Cam 80%

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