Accepted proposals for Semester S08B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S08B saw 140 and 1 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 419 nights. The available 109 + 5 ToO nights were awarded to the following 57 proposals. 4 nights have already been allocated to S08A Intensive Program. Other 5 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S08B-003 Masayuki Tanaka Precise star formation histories in distant clusters traced by Halpha spectroscopy MOIRCS/MOS 4
S08B-005 Masatoshi Imanishi Distinguishing the compact energy sources of nearby ULIRGs T-ReCS 3
S08B-006 Masami Ouchi Completing DEIMOS Spectroscopy for SXDS Galaxies at z=3-7 DEIMOS 2.3
S08B-008 Masami Ouchi Ultimate Surveys for z~7 LAEs with Red-Sensitive SuperSuprime-Cam S-Cam 4
S08B-009 Toshinobu Takagi A spectroscopic survey of AKARI MIR-selected galaxies DEIMOS 0.7
S08B-012 Tomotsugu Goto Constraining the number density of QSOs at 7.8<z IRCS 1
S08B-019 Masanori Iye SXDF survey for Lyman alpha Emitters at z=7.3 with red-sensitive SuprimeCam S-Cam 2
S08B-020 Naoki Yasuda Grism Supernova Survey to Explore Supernova Rate S-Cam 2
S08B-021 Shogo Nishiyama Interstellar Extinction Law from Optical to Infrared Wavelengths S-Cam 2.5
S08B-022 Yuichi Matsuda Do Lyalpha blobs evolve to cD galaxies? S-Cam 3
S08B-023 Padma Yanamandra-Fisher Saturn's Change of Seasons as it Approaches Ring Plane Crossing COMICS 2
S08B-025 Yusei Koyama Witnessing the galaxy transition in the outskirts of distant clusters FOCAS 3
S08B-026 Tadayuki Kodama The first appearance of the red sequence in proto-clusters NIR spectroscopy MOIRCS/MOS 1
S08B-027 Naohisa Inada Spectroscopy of SDSS gravitational lens candidates FOCAS 1
S08B-028 Toru Misawa Spectropolarimetric Tests of the Structure of Quasar Central Regions FOCAS 2
S08B-029 Toru Misawa How Cool are High Velocity Clouds? HDS 1
S08B-030 Mikako Matsuura Near-infrared study of the molecular outflow from the starburst galaxy M82 MOIRCS/MOS 1.5
S08B-031 Glenn Orton Interaction of Two Giant Anticyclonic Vortices in Jupiter COMICS 1
S08B-032 Glenn Orton Spatially Resolved Thermal Structure of Neptune COMICS 1
S08B-035 Tohru NAGAO Chemical Evolution of Radio Galaxies at 3<z<5 FOCAS 2
S08B-037 Tomoki Morokuma The Nature of Low-Luminosity AGN Selected by Optical Variability FOCAS 1
S08B-039 Nobunari Kashikawa Faint emissions from heavy absorbers II NIR imaging IRCS+AO188 3
S08B-041 Mitsuhiko Honda Observations of Water Ice Distribution in the Disk IRCS+AO188 2
S08B-046 Akio Inoue Follow-up observations of the Lyman continuum survey in the SSA22 FOCAS 2
S08B-050 Kazuaki Ota Reionization and Galaxy Evolution Probed by z=7 Lyalpha Emitters in SXDS S-Cam 3
S08B-051 Hisanori Furusawa Exploring the High-z Universe in the SXDS-UDS & COSMOS-UltraVista Fields* S-Cam 10
S08B-054 Bun'ei Sato Determination of Orbital Parameters for Exoplanet Candidates HDS 1.5
S08B-055 Bun'ei Sato Search for Planets around G-type Giants HDS 0.5
S08B-056 Yoshiko Okamoto Survey of extended disk emission around Herbig Be stars COMICS 1
S08B-057 Takafumi Ootsubo Quantification of Crystalline/Amorphous Silicate Ratio in Comets II COMICS 2
S08B-068 Rodrigo Ibata Understanding the assembly of galactic halos S-Cam 4
S08B-069 Tomohiro Yoshikawa The Origin of Mass-Metallicity Relation at z~2 MOIRCS/MOS 2
S08B-070 Motohide Tamura Reaching for the Bottom of the IMF Spectroscopy of Ultra-Low-Mass BDs MOIRCS/MOS 3
S08B-075 David Barrado y Navascués The nature of Subaru Planetary Mass Candidates in the 5 Myr Col 69 cluster IRCS 1
S08B-085 Miwa Goto Herbig Ae/Be Inner Disks in Transition IRCS+AO188 1
S08B-086 Norio Narita Uncovering the Migration Process of the Transiting Eccentric Planet XO-3b HDS 1
S08B-087 Norio Narita Confirmation of a Large Spin-Orbit Misalignment in HD 17156b HDS 1
S08B-089 Malte Schramm Evolution of the M_BH-M_bulge relation beyond the quasar activity peak IRCS+AO188 3
S08B-091 Masayuki Akiyama Revealing the dynamical structure of the disk-like galaxies at z~3 OSIRIS+LGSAO 1
S08B-092 Mamoru Doi Dark Energy Measurements using SNIa in Elliptical Galaxies FOCAS 3
S08B-093 Edouard Bernard Probing the SFH of isolated dwarfs RR Lyr & deep main-sequence photometry S-Cam 2
S08B-094 Hideko Nomura Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Protoplanetary Disks IRCS+AO188 2
S08B-095 Neil Dello Russo The chemical compositions of comets 6P/d'Arrest and C/2007 W1 (Boattini) IRCS 1
S08B-102 Motohide TAMURA Spectroscopic Confirmation of the First 'Y Dwarf' with Subaru IRCS 2
S08B-103 Mikito Tanaka Probing Faint Substructure in the Outer Stellar Halo of the Andromeda Galaxy S-Cam 3
S08B-106 Misato Fukagawa Multiplicity of Transitional Disk Candidates and New Taurus Members NIRI+LGS-AO 1
S08B-108 Itsuki Sakon A Role of Stellar Radiation on the Chemical Evolution of Interste llar Dust COMICS 2
S08B-109 Chihiro Tokoku Completion of MOIRCS Survey for Very High-z Lyalpha Emitters MOIRCS 0.5
S08B-110 Masaaki Otsuka A Search for s-process Elements in Extremely Metal-Poor Halo PNe HDS 1
S08B-111 Tomonori Usuda Optical Spectroscopy of Cas~A Rosetta Stone for Supernova Studies FOCAS 3 ToO
S08B-115 Masaomi Tanaka The Nature of Supernova 2008D Associated with a Luminous X-Ray Outburst FOCAS 1
S08B-118 Dawn Erb Metallicities and Dynamical Masses of Young Galaxies at z~2 MOIRCS/MOS 2
S08B-119 Poshak Gandhi Probing the emission and structure of AGN with geometrically-thick tori FOCAS 2
S08B-120 Yoshihiko Yamada Truncation of star formation in early-type galaxies in the cluster infall region GMOS-S 1
S08B-121 Tsuyoshi Terai A wide-field survey for small main-belt asteroids in high-inclination S-Cam 2
S08B-123 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows various 2 ToO
S08B-127 Olivier Guyon High Resolution Imaging of Beta Pictoris disk's inner region IRCS+AO188 0.5

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are Gemini's. or Keck's.

*This proposal has been accepted in the category of Intensive Program, and 10 nights will be carried over for the following semester.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S08B

The following proposals were conducted in S08B as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S08B-004S Barry Welsh Probing the Intermediate Velocity Clouds HDS 50%
S08B-148S Tadayuki Kodama Ultimate Study of Environmental Effects in the Huge Cosmic Web at z=0.55 S-Cam 100%
S08B-150S Michael Hilker Missing satellites in fossil groups? S-Cam 80%
S08B-155S Norio Narita Spectroscopic Selection of Transiting Planet Candidates from the MOA-I Data HDS 100%
S08B-156S Masayuki Tanaka Deep i-band Imaging of One of the Highest Redshift X-ray Clusters S-Cam 100%
S08B-160S Nicolas Martin A deep view of three newly discovered Andromeda satellites S-Cam 100%
S08B-165S Yasuyuki Tanaka Search for fallback debris disk around RRAT with Subaru/IRCS IRCS 100%
S08B-168S Toru Misawa A Bare Molecular Cloud at z=0.45? HDS 100%
S08B-169S Sascha Quanz Scrutinizing a New Isolated, Massive Protostar--Disk System IRCS 100%
S08B-170S Yoichi Itoh High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Brown Dwarfs HDS 100%
S08B-171S Wako Aoki Investigation of the Binary Nature of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars HDS 100%
S08B-172S Yuki Nakamura Proving the Largest Equivalent Width of Ly-alpha Emitters in a z=3.1 Protocluster S-Cam 100%

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