Accepted proposals for Semester S07B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S07B saw 138 submitted proposals for the Normal Programs, requesting a total of 407.8 nights. The available 112 + 5.5TOO nights were awarded to the following 53 proposals. Other 6 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S07B-002 Tomotsugu Goto A search for faint 5.8<z<6.5 QSOs FOCAS 1
S07B-004 Masatoshi Imanishi Buried AGNs in nearby ultraluminous infrared galaxies NIRSPEC 2
S07B-005 Masatoshi Imanishi Distinguishing the compact energy sources of nearby ULIRGs COMICS 1
S07B-007 Yoichi Itoh Search for Proto-Planetary Disks and Planets around Binary Systems CIAO+AO 2
S07B-008 Masami Ouchi Completion of SXDS NB921 Imaging II: Concluding z=6.6 LAE Clustering S-Cam 2
S07B-010 Akio Inoue Deep narrowband survey of ionizing photons from z~3 galaxies S-Cam 5
S07B-015 G. Orton Thermal Imaging and Spectroscopy of Jupiter COMICS 1
S07B-018 Toru Yamada Systematic Spectroscopy of NIR-Selected Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift MOIRCS 2
S07B-019 Chihiro Tokoku Search for Galaxies at the Cosmic Frontier MOIRCS 5
S07B-020 Nobunari Kashikawa Faint emissions from heavy absorbers: spectroscopy FOCAS 2
S07B-022 Zhibo Jiang Searching for the circumstellar disks around massive protostellar objects CIAO+AO 2
S07B-024 Keiichi Umetsu Subaru Weak Lensing Study of Merging Galaxy Clusters II S-Cam 1
S07B-026 Nahum Arav The Cosmological Impact of Quasar Outflows HDS 2
S07B-027 Masami Ouchi Deep High-Resolution DEIMOS Spectroscopy for SXDS Galaxies at z=3-7 DEIMOS 2
S07B-029 Tadayuki Kodama The first appearance of the red sequence in proto-clusters: NIR observations MOIRCS 3
S07B-032 Yuka Uchimoto Stellar Mass Assembly in a Proto-Cluster Region at z=3.09 MOIRCS 4
S07B-036 Tohru NAGAO The nature of Ly alpha blobs in the high-z universe MOIRCS 3
S07B-037 Masayuki Tanaka Precise star formation histories in distant clusters traced by H alpha spectroscopy MOIRCS 3
S07B-042 Yoshihiro Ueda Reliable mass measuremens in a study of heating effects in SS433 FOCAS 2
S07B-043 Naoto Kobayashi Evolution of High-redshift MgII Absorption Systems IRCS 3
S07B-044 Chikako Yasui A Complete Census of Initial Mass Function in a Low-metallicity Environment MOIRCS 3
S07B-049 Sadanori Okamura Suprime-Cam Slitless Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Galaxies S-Cam 3
S07B-050 Takashi MIYATA Fossils of AGB/PPNe dust? - A broad 12 mu m feature in NGC7027 COMICS, IRCS 1+1
S07B-052 Nobuo Arimoto Exploring the Local Group with Suprime-Cam II S-Cam 3
S07B-054 Mikako Matsuura PDR or shocks? line excitations of planetary nebulae MOIRCS 1
S07B-057 Keiichi Maeda Hunting for the Signatures of Explosion Asymmetry in Core-Collapse SNe FOCAS 2
S07B-060 Yuji Ikeda Detection of high-velocity white-dwarf winds in symbiotic binaries IRCS 2
S07B-062 Hideko Nomura Molecular Hydrogen Emission from Protoplanetary Disks IRCS 2
S07B-064 Takafumi Ootsubo Crystallinity and porosity of silicate dust grains in Ecliptic comets COMICS 1
S07B-067 Bun'ei Sato Search for Planets around G-type Giants HDS 1.5
S07B-076 Padma Yanamandra-Fisher Temporal Variability of Saturn's Poles and Thermal Properties of Its Rings COMICS 1
S07B-078 Christopher Leigh Spectroscopic search for thermal emission from upsilon And b IRCS 2
S07B-079 Kazuaki Mitsuyama Temporal Variation of Mesoscale Structure at Venus Cloud-top COMICS 3
S07B-083 Toru Misawa How Cool are High Velocity Clouds? HDS 1
S07B-087 Mara Salvato NIR spectroscopy of 6 cluster candidates beyond z = 1.5 MOIRCS 1
S07B-089 Anton Koekemoer High-Redshift Black Hole Growth in Dense Environments with COSMOS MOIRCS 3
S07B-091 Norio Narita Measuring the Distribution of Spin-Orbit Alignments of Transiting Hot Jupiters HDS 4
S07B-093 Ralph Neuhauser Astrometric search for sub-stellar companions in low-mass binary stars CIAO+AO 0.5
S07B-096 Masayuki Akiyama Establishing the drastic evolution of the stellar mass distribution of galaxies NIRI+Altair 2.5
S07B-098 Scott Sheppard Completing the Inventory of the Outer Solar System S-Cam 2
S07B-099 Yoichi TAMURA Clustering of SMGs revealed by AzTEC and DRGs in the 4C41.17 field MOIRCS 3
S07B-103 Motohide TAMURA The Bottom of the IMF in Orion MOIRCS 2
S07B-106 Naoyuki Tamura MOIRCS spectroscopy of BiK-selected galaxies at z~ 2 MOIRCS 3
S07B-109 Kimiaki Kawara Spectroscopic study of a massive galaxy at z ~ 5.5 GMOS(N) 0.5
S07B-110 Masao Sako Spectroscopy of SN II Discovered by the SDSS-II FOCAS 2
S07B-111 Motohide TAMURA Spectroscopic Confirmation of the First 'Y Dwarf' with Subaru IRCS 1
S07B-113 Toshinobu Takagi An optical spectroscopic survey of AKARI 4 mu m-selected massive galaxies FOCAS 3
S07B-114 Itsuki Sakon Evolution of PAHs in Compact HII Regions with Intense Radiation Fields COMICS 3
S07B-116 Nobuyuki Kawai Subaru Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows various 3.5 ToO
S07B-117 Yoshihiko Yamada Truncation of star formation in early-type galaxies in the cluster infall region GMOS-S 2
S07B-120 Tomoharu Oka Search for Compact Stellar Clusters in the Central Molecular Zone of our Galaxy MOIRCS 2
S07B-121 Tomonori Usuda Cas A: Optical Spectroscopy of 300 years ago FOCAS 2 ToO
S07B-142 Suk-Jin Yoon Are There Two Distinct Globular Cluster Subsystems in Elliptical Galaxies? MOIRCS 2

We have time-exchange programs with Gemini and Keck. The instruments written in italics are Gemini's. or Keck's.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S07B

The following proposals were conducted in S07B as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S07B-056S Kazuhiro Shimasaku Dark-halo mass dependence of star formation properties for z~3 LBGs S-Cam 100%
S07B-143S Naohisa Inada Wide-Field Imaging of the Largest Lensed QSO SDSS J1029+2623 S-Cam 92%
S07B-144S Lorenzo Monaco Detailed chemical abundances of stars in the young globular cluster Pal1 HDS 35%
S07B-146S Naruhisa Takato Search for the dust belts of Mars IRCS 100%
S07B-148S Masayuki Tanaka Probing the Largest Structures in the z~0.5 Universe S-Cam 100%
S07B-149S Michael Eracleous Black Hole Masses in AGNs With Double-Peaked Emission Lines HDS 90%
S07B-151S Nobunari Kashikawa Clustering Segregation in High-z Universe S-Cam 100%
S07B-154S Wako Aoki Investigation of the Binary Nature of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Star HDS 100%
S07B-156S Hideo Matsuhara Optical Follow-up Imaging of the AKARI NEP Ultra Deep Field S-Cam 100%
S07B-162S Naoto Kobayashi Investigating Initial Mass Function in Low-metallicity Environment MOIRCS 57.5%
S07B-163S Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar The Young Eruptive Star GM Cep: Activity, Rotation, and Binarity HDS 100%
S07B-166S Thomas Dall High rotation -- low v sin i : Finding the hidden ultra-fast, ultra-active stars HDS 100%
S07B-167S Masafumi Yagi Pilot survey of distorted features around E+A galaxies S-Cam 100%
S07B-168S Wako Aoki Th abundance ratios in bright giants in the Galactic halo HDS 100%
S07B-172S Kaori Otsuki r-process elements in M30 HDS 100%
S07B-175S Yuhei Takagi Surface gravity determination of late-type T Tauri stars by spectroscopy HDS 100%
S07B-180S Yutaka Ihara Property of host galaxies of SDSS type Ia suparnovae MOIRCS 15%

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