Accepted proposals for Semester S06A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S06A saw 143 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 473.5 nights. The available 79 + 5TOO nights were awarded to the following 34 proposals. 10 nights have already been allocated to S05B Intensive Programs. Other 3 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S06A-011 Masatoshi Imanishi Buried AGNs in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies IRCS 4
S06A-012 Masataka Fukugita The Mass Assembly History of Field Galaxies MOIRCS 2
S06A-018 Takashi Ichikawa A Unified View of Dark and Stellar Mass Evolution of Distant Galaxies MOIRCS 5
S06A-025 Masami Ouchi Suprime-Cam Semi-Near Infrared Imaging for Galaxies at z~7 S-Cam 5
S06A-029 Norio Narita Simultaneous Subaru/MAGNUM Observations of Planetary Transits of TrES-1 HDS 1
S06A-036 Masatoshi Imanishi Star-formation and growth of supermassive blackholes in nearby QSOs IRCS 2
S06A-039 Motohide TAMURA Planetary-Mass YSOs in the Ophiuchus Dark Cloud CISCO,MOIRCS 4.5
S06A-041 Tadayuki Kodama Panoramic Near-Infrared Imaging of Large Scale Structures at z~1 MOIRCS 1
S06A-044 Tomotsugu Goto A search for highest redshift QSOs at z>6.43 FOCAS 2
S06A-045 Hideyo KAWAKITA Composition of Inner Volatile Ices of a Jupiter Family Comet IRCS 2
S06A-046 Toru Yamada Dynamical Mass VS. Stellar Mass MOIRCS 3
S06A-047 Yuka Katsuno Wide-Field Deep NearIR Imaging of Proto-Cluster Regions MOIRCS 2
S06A-050 Motohide TAMURA Spectroscopic Confirmation of the First 'Y Dwarf' with Subaru CISCO 1.5
S06A-053 Tohru NAGAO An Observational Pursuit for PopIII Stars. II. Lyalpha Emitters with a Huge Equivalent Width Emission FOCAS 1
S06A-062 Masanori Iye FOCAS spectroscopy of Five z=7 Lyman Alpha Emitter candidates in SDF FOCAS 1
S06A-067 Bun'ei Sato Search for Planets around G-type Giants HDS 3
S06A-068 Yasuhiro Hashimoto Deep NIR Imaging of Optically Very Faint XMM X-ray Sources MOIRCS 1
S06A-075 Elena Pian Exploring the properties of the Supernovae associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts FOCAS 1TOO
S06A-081 Bun'ei Sato Mapping the Realm of Hot Jupiters* HDS 10(20)
S06A-087 Jun-ichi Watanabe Pursuing Crystalline Silicate inside the nuclei of Ecliptic Comets COMICS 1
S06A-090 Masayuki Tanaka Probing the Cosmic Web and Stellar Populations of Galaxies at z~1.2 FOCAS 4
S06A-091 Toshifumi FUTAMASE The Ultimate Gravitational Lensing Study of Galaxy Clusters (II) S-Cam 1
S06A-093 Toshinobu Takagi The cosmic infrared background: spectroscopy of Spitzer galaxies FOCAS 1
S06A-094 Nobuyuki Kawai Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows detected by Swift and HETE-2 various 4TOO
S06A-097 Chihiro Tokoku MOIRCS Ultra-Deep Ks-band Imaging in the GOODS-N Field MOIRCS 5
S06A-108 Yutaka Komiyama The Extremely Low Luminosity Galaxies Undergoing Star Formation S-Cam 1
S06A-115 Wako Aoki Chemical abundances of carbon-rich dwarfs/subgiants from the SDSS sample HDS 3
S06A-116 Takeshi Oka A Search for H3+ in Planetary Nebulae and Proto-planetary Nebulae IRCS 2
S06A-117 Masataka Ando Spectroscopic survey of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 in/around GOODS-N FOCAS 1
S06A-128 Misato Fukagawa High-Resolution Imaging of an Aggregate of Disks in L1228 South CIAO+AO 1.5
S06A-132 Satoshi Mayama Direct Imaging of Circumstellar Disk in Multiple Systems CIAO+AO 1.5
S06A-137 Kentaro Aoki Studies of Unique Broad Absorption Line Quasars HDS 3
S06A-148 Soojong Pak Shock Triggered Star Formation in M82 IRCS 1
S06A-152 Koji Kawabata Late-time Spectroscopy of Type Ib/c SNe: probing asphericity and inner ejecta FOCAS 2

*This proposal has been accepted in the category of Intensive Program, and 10 nights will be carried over for S06B.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S06A

The following proposals were conducted in S06A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S06A-153S Toru Misawa Monitoring dramatically variable CIV absorption lines in HS1603+3820 HDS 100%
S06A-155S Tomonori Usuda Was the H3+ emission really detected in HD141569A? HDS 100%
S06A-162S Masahide Takada-Hidai Volatile versus refractory elements in stars with planets HDS 50%
S06A-163S Toshinobu Takagi Deep z'-band image of Lockman Hole: a missing piece for SHADES S-Cam 95%
S06A-171S Takuya Yamashita Detecting Debris Disk Structure Caused by Orbiting Planets COMICS 100%
S06A-172S Tomoki Morokuma Detection of AGN Rapid Variation in the Subaru Deep Field S-Cam 100%

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