Accepted proposals for Semester S05B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S05B saw 113 and 3 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 368.5 nights. The available 78 + 3TOO nights were awarded to the following 33 proposals. 7 nights have already been allocated to S05A Intensive Program. Other 5 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S05B-004 Tadashi Nakajima A Coronagraphic Search for Planets around Young Nearby Stars CIAO+AO 2
S05B-006 Nobuo Arimoto Stellar Populations in the Sextans Dwarf Sph Galaxy -- Complete Mapping S-Cam 3
S05B-009 Masatoshi Imanishi A Search for Dusty DLAs at z~ 3 FOCAS 1
S05B-011 Bruce Carney Li abundances in halo subgiants HDS 2
S05B-013 Yoshiaki TANIGUCHI COSMOS-21: Deep Intermediate & Narrow-band Survey of the COSMOS Field* S-Cam 5
S05B-018 Bun'ei Sato Mapping the Realm of Hot Jupiters HDS 5
S05B-027 Masami Ouchi Search for the Most Distant Structures in the Subaru/XMM Deep Field S-Cam 4
S05B-029 Naoki Yasuda Diversity of Type Ia Supernovae Detected in the SDSS II FOCAS 3
S05B-035 Mitsuhiko Honda 24.5mum Imaging of Nearby HAeBe Disks COMICS 2
S05B-037 Motohide TAMURA Spectroscopic Confirmation of the First 'Y Dwarf' with Subaru CISCO 1
S05B-039 Motohide TAMURA Sub-Arcsec Imaging of Disks at Planet Forming Radii CIAO+AO 3
S05B-051 Tadayuki Kodama The Mass Assembly History of Galaxies in Proto Clusters back to z~2.5 CISCO 4
S05B-052 Tadayuki Kodama Deep Near-Infrared Imaging along the Known Large Scale Structures at z~1 CISCO 3
S05B-054 Elena Pian Exploring the properties of the Supernovae associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts FOCAS 1TOO
S05B-077 Yoshiko Okamoto Spectro-astrometry of the dust features around nearby Vega-like stars. II COMICS 2
S05B-081 Toshifumi FUTAMASE The Ultimate Gravitational Lensing Study of Galaxy Clusters S-Cam 2
S05B-082 Takeo Minezaki Mid-infrared imaging of lensed QSOs as a probe of CDM substructure --II COMICS 4
S05B-085 Ken'ichi Nomoto Probing the Iron-Rich Ejecta of Type~Ia Supernovae at Late-Time CISCO/OHS 1
S05B-088 David Knauth The Riddle of the Low Lithium Isotope Ratio toward o Per. HDS 1
S05B-091 Naoyuki Tamura Globular Cluster Populations in Isolated Luminous Ellipticals S-Cam 2
S05B-096 Nobuyuki Kawai Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows detected by Swift and HETE-2 various 2TOO
S05B-098 Naohisa Inada Spectroscopic study of the giant quadruple QSO lens SDSS J1004+4112 FOCAS 1
S05B-103 Nobunari Kashikawa Faint emission from heavy absorbers FOCAS 2
S05B-105 Tadafumi Takata Proto Clusters Traced by Massive Red Galaxies FOCAS 1
S05B-110 Hajime Sugai Search for extended Lyalpha nebulae around the sub-mm sources at redshift 2-3 Kyoto3DII 2
S05B-111 Hideo Sagawa Mid Infrared Imaging of the Microstructure in Venus Clouds COMICS 1
S05B-116 Nobuo ARIMOTO Abundances in Extremely Metal-Poor Stars in Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal HDS 4
S05B-118 Masayuki Akiyama Obscured/non-obscured Accretion at z=4 FOCAS 5
S05B-132 Jinsong Deng Late-time Spectroscopy of Type Ib/c SNe: probing asphericity and inner ejecta FOCAS 1
S05B-137 Mamoru Doi Dark Energy Measurements using SNIa in Elliptical Galaxies* FOCAS 5
S05B-146 Yoichi Itoh Coronagraphic Search for Planets in the Pleiades CIAO+AO 1
S05B-149 Kouji Ohta Wide and Deep B-band Imaging of an SCAM/UKIDSS DXS Field S-Cam 2
S05B-152 Satoshi Honda Abundance patterns of r-process-enhanced metal-poor stars HDS 3

*These proposals have been accepted in the category of Intensive Programs, and were allocated 5 nights each for S06A.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S05B

The following proposals were conducted in S05B as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S05B-155S W.J.G. de Blok The Extended Stellar Halo of NGC 6822: Tidal Streams around a Dwarf? S-Cam 100%
S05B-156S Satoshi Honda Heavy neutron-capture elements in the extremely metal-poor star HD~88609 HDS 60%
S05B-158S Kaori Otsuki Neutron-capture elements in the metal-poor globular cluster M30 HDS 100%
S05B-159S Wako Aoki Binary nature of carbon-enhanced, very metal-poor stars HDS 90%
S05B-160S Wako Aoki Oxygen and Sodium abundances of the C-rich, metal-poor star CS31062-050 HDS 100%
S05B-161S Brian Schmidt Measuring the Properties of the Donor Star to Tycho's SN HDS 100%
S05B-162S Kazuaki Ota Unveiling the merger process in a protocluster region CISCO 100%
S05B-166S Satoshi Kawanomoto Rubidium isotopic ratio in interstellar media HDS 100%
S05B-168S Tomoki Morokuma AGN Evolution Using Highly Complete Sample in the SXDS S-Cam 100%
S05B-172S Hideyuki Izumiura Time Variability of the P-Cyg Balmer Lines in BM Gem HDS 100%
S05B-173S Daigo Tomono Probing the origin of AGN silicate emission: COMICS imaging of NGC~3998 COMICS 70%
S05B-177S Kouji Mori A Near-Infrared and X-ray Monitoring of "Moving Wisps" in the Crab Nebula CISCO 100%
S05B-178S Masaaki Otsuka Internal Kinematics and Chemical Abundances of Galactic Halo PNe HDS 70%
S05B-179S Mikito Tanaka Covering the Shortcomings of Wide Area Subaru Survey of Andromeda Halo S-Cam 86%

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