Accepted proposals for Semester S05A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S05A saw 137 and 2 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 456.5 nights. The available 84 + 5TOO nights were awarded to the following 35 proposals. Other 5 nights are reserved for the Service Programs.

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S05A-007 Motohide TAMURA Spectroscopic Confirmation of the First 'Y Dwarf' with Subaru CISCO 1TOO
S05A-008 Toru Yamada Giant Lyman α Blobs and Structure Formation in the Universe* FOCAS,S-Cam 7
S05A-009 Tadayuki Kodama Panoramic Imaging of Three z`1 Clusters and Their Surroundings S-Cam 2
S05A-012 Tadashi Nakajima A Coronagraphic Survey for Brown Dwarfs and Planets around Nearby Stars CIAO+AO 5
S05A-013 Motohide TAMURA Planetary-Mass YSOs in the Ophiuchus Dark Cloud CISCO,IRCS+AO 4
S05A-015 Nobuo Arimoto Exploring the Andies with Suprime-Cam S-Cam 3
S05A-028 Eric Perlman Searching for the Torus of M87 COMICS 2
S05A-029 Padmavati Yanamandra-Fisher Mid-IR Imaging of Saturn and Its Rings in Support of Cassini Mission. COMICS 1
S05A-030 Masatoshi Imanishi Do ULIRGs evolve into QSOs? IRCS+AO 2
S05A-032 Norio Narita Measurement of the Rossiter Effect During Transits of the Exoplanet TrES-1 HDS 1
S05A-038 Tohru NAGAO Nuclear Star-Forming Activities in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies IRCS 2
S05A-041 Toru Misawa Quasar central regions illuminated by intrinsic narrow absorption lines HDS 2
S05A-042 Mitsuhiko Honda Search for Crystalline Silicate in Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Comets II COMICS 1
S05A-047 Takashi Murayama Searching for Proto-Quasars: CIV emitters at z>4 FOCAS 3
S05A-056 Wako Aoki Chemical Abundance Patterns of the First Generations of Stars HDS 4
S05A-058 NOBUO ARIMOTO Abundances in the Most Metal-Poor stars in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies HDS 4
S05A-079 Elena Pian Exploring the properties of the Supernovae associated with Gamma-Ray Bursts FOCAS 1TOO
S05A-084 Takuya Yamashita Detecting debirs disk structures caused by orbiting planets COMICS 3
S05A-086 Tohru NAGAO An Observational Pursuit for Population III Stars through HeII Emission in Very High-z Galaxies OHS 3
S05A-088 Ken'ichi Nomoto Type Ib/c Supernovae: diagnostics on energies, asphericities, and progenitors FOCAS 2
S05A-091 Yoshiko Okamoto Spectro-astrometry to reveal dust distributions within HAEBE disks COMICS 2
S05A-098 Masato Onodera Stellar Populations of BzK-selected Massive Star-forming z~2 Galaxies CISCO/OHS 4
S05A-104 Peter Lundqvist Early evolution of a nearby Type Ia supernova HDS/IRCS 1TOO
S05A-116 Satoshi Miyazaki Spectroscopy of clusters detected in Suprime weak lensing survey FOCAS 3
S05A-119 Masahiro TAKADA Weighing Dark Energy and Neutrinos with Suprime-Cam Cosmic Shear Survey S-Cam 4
S05A-129 Takashi Miyata Time variation of 12C/13C ratio in the final stage of stellar evolution COMICS 2
S05A-139 Yuhri Ishimaru Pd and Ag abundances in the weak r-process enhanced stars HDS 1
S05A-142 Takashi Hattori Integral Field Spectroscopy of Emission Line Nebulae Associated with ULXs Kyoto 3DII 2
S05A-143 Susumu Inoue Probing early Galactic dynamical evolution with 6Li in metal-poor stars HDS 3
S05A-149 Masataka Ando Spectroscopic deep survey of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 FOCAS 5
S05A-158 Nobuyuki Kawai Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows in the Swift Era various 2TOO
S05A-159 Nobuhiro OKABE Weak Lensing Analysis of Merging Galaxy Clusters with Chandra/XMM-Newton S-Cam 1
S05A-160 Masanori Iye FOCAS MOS followup of Lyman Alpha Emitter candidates at z=7 in SDF FOCAS 2
S05A-168 Misato Fukagawa Resolving Dust Property in Newly Found Disks CIAO+AO 2
S05A-173 Takao Nakagawa Probing Molecular Torus in AGN through Time Variability of CO Absorption IRCS+AO 2

*This proposal has been accepted in the category of Intensive Programs, and was allocated totally 14 nights during the year.

Service Programs conducted in Semester S05A

The following proposals were conducted in S05A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInstAchievement
S05A-183S Toru Misawa Monitoring dramatically variable CIV absorption lines in HS1603+3820 HDS 100%
S05A-184S Toru Misawa Highest-resolution spectroscopy of a multi-phase absorber HDS 100%
S05A-192S Masahide Takada-Hidai Sulfur in extremely metal poor stars HDS 100%
S05A-208S Wako Aoki Oxygen abundance of the carbon-rich, extremely metal poor star CS22957-027 HDS 100%
S05A-209S Wako Aoki Lithium abundance of the carbon-rich, metal poor star CS22880-074 HDS 100%
S05A-210S Wako Aoki Oxygen and Sodium abundances of the C-rich, metal poor star CS31062-050 HDS 100%
S05A-212S Wako Aoki Binary Nature of carbon-enhanced very metal poor stars HDS 80%
S05A-203S Naofumi Fujishiro Bz'Ks photometry of a strong clustering around a QSO at 'Redshift Desert' S-Cam 89%
S05A-213S Daisuke Kuroda The observation for finding small asteroids near the earth's orbit. S-Cam 100%
S05A-191S Tadafumi Takata Massive red galaxies around a submilimeter bright high redshift radio galaxy CISCO 100%
S05A-195S Ikuru Iwata Near-IR Imaging of Extremely Luminous Lyman Break Galaxies CISCO 100%

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