Accepted proposals for Semester S04A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S04A saw 164 and 4 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 527.8 nights. The available 102.5 + 5TOO nights were awarded to the following 43 proposals:

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S04A-003 Masatoshi Imanishi Buried AGNs in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies IRCS2
S04A-006 Toru Yamada Suprime-Cam/UKIDSS DXS 10 deg2 Deep Optical/NIR Imaging Survey II S-Cam4
S04A-013 Ken'ichi Nomoto Unravelling the nature of the extraordinary type Ia/IIn supernova SN 2002 ic IRCS/HDS2
S04A-015 Tadashi Nakajima A Coronagraphic Survey for Brown Dwarfs and Planets around Nearby StarsCIAO+AO4
S04A-017 Toru Yamada Large-Scale Structure at z=3 and Galaxy Formation S-Cam 2
S04A-018 Hideyo Kawakita Determination of Water Ortho-to-Para Ratio in Comet C/2001 Q4 (NEAT) IRCS0.5
S04A-024 Ortwin Gerhard Detecting IC Planetary Nebulae from the diffuse light in the Coma cluster FOCAS3
S04A-026 Hideo Matsuhara Survey for High-z Starbursts with Subaru complementary to ASTRO-F S-Cam2
S04A-028 Yoichi Takeda High-Dispersion Snapshot Spectroscopy of RR Lyr Variables HDS1
S04A-035 Ikuru Iwata Determining Luminosity Function of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 S-Cam1
S04A-036 Masashi Chiba Deciphering Past Assembly Histroy of the Stellar Halo in the Andromeda Galaxy S-Cam4
S04A-037 Masashi Chiba Mid-infrared Imaging of Lensed QSOs As a Probe of CDM Substructure COMICS2
S04A-039 Tomonori Usuda Direct Determination of the CO/H2 Ratio: Is it uniform in the Galaxy? IRCS+AO2
S04A-040 Peter Lundqvist Early evolution of a bright Type Ia supernova HDS or IRCS+AO1TOO
S04A-042 Masayuki Akiyama Rest-frame >5000Angstrom Morphology of z~3 Lyman Break Galaxies (1) IRCS+AO10
S04A-048 Naoto Kobayashi Testing the Possible Time Variation of Fine Structure Constant HDS2
S04A-052 Nobunari Kashikawa Search for galaxy clustering around a couple of SDSS QSOs at z=4.8 S-Cam3
S04A-062 Shigeru Ida Mapping the Realm of Hot Jupiters HDS4
S04A-070 Mitsuhiko Honda Direct Determination of the Temperature Distribution in Circumstellar Disks COMICS2
S04A-075 Yuichi Matsuda Physical origins of extended Lyalpha emitters at high redshift FOCAS1
S04A-080 Yoshiaki Taniguchi Wide-Field Search for Lyalpha Emitters at z=5.7 in the HST/COSMOS FieldS-Cam2.5
S04A-081 Nobuo Arimoto A New Population of z~2 Galaxies: Starburst Elliptical Galaxies? CISCO/OHS2
S04A-082 Nobuyuki Kawai Rapid Follow-up Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows using HETE-2 various2TOO
S04A-093 Nobuo Arimoto Stellar Aubndance Pattern of the Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy HDS4
S04A-099 Tadafumi Takata Unveiling Sub-mm Galaxies(I) OHS4
S04A-100 Satoshi Miyazaki Spectroscopy of clusters detected in the Suprime-Cam Weak Lensing Survey FOCAS3
S04A-103 Eric Perlman Searching for the Torus of M87 COMICS2
S04A-107 Kaori Otsuki Origin of r-process elements HDS2
S04A-122 Takuji Tsujimoto Tracing Nucleosynthesis in the Early Universe with Absorption-Line Spectroscopy HDS2
S04A-124 Luis Ho Mass of Supermassive Black Hole in Quasar IRCS+AO2
S04A-131 Miwa Goto Interstellar H3+ in Metastable State IRCS+AO3
S04A-136 Ryo Kandori Deep NIR Imaging of Compact Globules-Evolution of Density Structure at the Central Part of Starless/Star-forming Cores CISCO2
S04A-139 Masataka Ando Spectroscopic deep survey of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 FOCAS3
S04A-144 Wako Aoki Chemical Abundance Patterns of the First Generations of Stars HDS4
S04A-150 Ko Nedachi Deep L'-band Imaging of CrA Coronet Star-Forming Cluster IRCS1
S04A-153 Takafumi Ootsubo Toward understanding the origin of cometary crystalline silicates COMICS0.5
S04A-155 Yumiko Oasa Infrared Spectroscopy of Young Planetary-Mass Object Candidates in S106CISCO2
S04A-162 Koji Kawabata Polarimetry of Supernovae- Probing the Origin of Asymmetric Explosions FOCAS2TOO
S04A-167 Misato Fukagawa Morphological Evolution of Disks around Young Intermediate-mass Stars CIAO+AO3
S04A-172 Yuhri Ishimaru The origin of noble metals as diagnostics of the r-process HDS2
S04A-173 Atsushi Shimono IFS Observation of Stellar and Gaseous Components of Nearby Seyferts Kyoto 3DII2
S04A-176 Hiroshi Karoji Exploring the Cosmic Star Formation History at z=6 FOCAS4
S04A-178 Hajime Sugai Kinematics and Physical Conditions of LINERs: Revealing with Unique IFSKyoto 3DII1

(1) Intensive Programs

Service Programs conducted in Semester S04A

The following proposals were conducted in S04A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInst
S04A-SP-01 Tadafumi Takata Red Population around a proto cluster at z=3.5 CISCO
S04A-SP-06 Motohide Tamura Young Brown Dwarfs (YBD) Search in the Core of W3 Main Star Forming Region CISCO
S04A-SP-09 Koji Mori A Near-Infrared (NIR) and X-ray Monitoring Campaign of "moving wisps" seen in the heart of the Crab Nebula CISCO
S04A-SP-24 Yasushi Nakajima Confirmation of Infrared jet from a possible Class 0 YSO CISCO
S04A-SP-28 Ichi Tanaka High-resolution Near-Infrared Imaging of an Unusual ERO SCUBA Source in a Massive Cluster at z=0.45 CISCO
S04A-SP-07 Mai Shirahata The AGN-starburst connection in Seyfert 2 galaxies COMICS
S04A-SP-23 Takafumi Ootsubo Establishment of new calibration stars from MIR to submm COMICS
S04A-SP-29 Ko Nedachi Mid-infrared imaging of central region of CrA coronet star-forming cluster COMICS
S04A-SP-32 Susum Inoue 6Li in the extremely metal-poor star G64-12 as a fossil record of early Galaxy formation HDS
S04A-SP-12 Wako Aoki Binary nature of carbon-enhanced, very metal-poor stars HDS
S04A-SP-33 Hideyuki Izumiura Carbon isotopic Ratios in Mira-type Carbon Stars HDS
S04A-SP-11 Wako Aoki Isotope ratios of Eu and Pb in the s-process-rich star CS22898-027 HDS
S04A-SP-22 Nobuhiro Okabe Measurement of Dark Matter Distribution of Gas Subhalo with Cold Fronts in A2142 via Weak Lensing S-Cam
S04A-SP-30 Eiichi Egami Suprime-Cam Imaging of the HDF-N SIRTF Field S-Cam

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