Accepted proposals for Semester S03B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S03B saw 193 and 3 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 555 nights. The available 90.5 + 4TOO nights were awarded to the following 45 proposals:

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S03B-006 Tadashi Nakajima A Coronagraphic Survey for Brown Dwarfs and Planets around Nearby Stars CIAO+AO 2
S03B-008 Yasuhiro Hashimoto NIR Spectroscopy of Extremely Red ROSAT/XMM X-ray Sources OHS 2
S03B-013 Masatoshi Imanishi A Search for Dusty DLAs at z~ 3 FOCAS 1
S03B-024 Chris Simpson The most distant radio galaxies in the SXDS CISCO 1
S03B-025 Tae-Soo Pyo [Fe~II] Slit Scan Observations of YSO Outflows for Understanding Accretion and Launching Mechanisms IRCS+AO, IRCS 2
S03B-029 Tadafumi TAKATA Clustering properties of red galaxies around an extended sub-mm source FOCAS 1
S03B-031 Toru Yamada Suprime-Cam/UKIDSS DXS 10 deg2 Deep Optical/NIR Imaging Survey S-Cam 2
S03B-034 Nobuo ARIMOTO Stellar Populations in the Sextans Dwarf Sph Galaxy -- Complete Mapping S-Cam 2
S03B-036 Naoto Kobayashi Number Density of Mg II Absorption Systems at z > 3 (II) IRCS 2
S03B-037 Toru Yamada True Number Density of Old Passive Galaxies at z~ 1 FOCAS 2
S03B-044 Hideyo Kawakita A First Characterization of CH4, C2H2, and C2H6 in a Kuiper Belt Comet IRCS 1
S03B-046 Yoichi Itoh Direct Detection of an Extra-Solar Planet CIAO+AO 2
S03B-052 Masaru Ajiki Multi-field and deep survey of Ly alpha emitters at z~5.7 S-Cam 3
S03B-056 Naoyuki Tamura A Wide-Field Survey of Globular Cluster Populations in Luminous Ellipticals S-Cam 2
S03B-064 Takashi Onaka Dust Properties of Embedded Super-Star Clusters in Blue Dwarf Galaxies COMICS 2
S03B-070 Masayuki Akiyama Rest-frame >5000Angstrom Morphology of z~3 Lyman Break Galaxies IRCS+AO 1
S03B-083 Tohru NAGAO The Innermost of Narrow-Line Regions in AGNs Explored by Polarized Light FOCAS 1
S03B-084 Tohru NAGAO Nuclear Star-Forming Activities in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies IRCS 2
S03B-086 Jun-ichi Watanabe Trial for detecting the Crystalline Silicate feature of Comet 2P/Encke COMICS 0.5
S03B-088 Masanori Iye Testing the Photometric Classification of Extremely Red Objects OHS 2
S03B-090 Daisuke Kinoshita Surface Color Distribution of small TNOs S-Cam 2
S03B-096 Kazuhiro Shimasaku Highest-Redshift Lyman-Break Galaxy Survey: Follow-up Imaging S-Cam 2
S03B-101 Masami Ouchi First Systematic Survey for Large-Scale Structures at z~_ 3, 4, and 5 S-Cam 3
S03B-102 Yoshiko Okamoto Directly resolved dust distribution around possible young planetary systems COMICS 1.5
S03B-133 Naruhisa Takato Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Binary Trans-Neptune Objects 1999 TC36 IRCS+AO 1
S03B-157 Michihiro Takami Testing magneto-centrifugal wind models using spectro-astrometry HDS 2
S03B-180 MASAHIKO HAYASHI Sub-Arcsec Structure of Disks at Planet Forming Radii CIAO+AO 4
S03B-194 Mitsuhiko Honda Does low value of the power-law index of dust opacity indicate grain growth ? COMICS 1.5
S03B-199 Tadayuki Kodama Tracing the History of Mass Assembly of Cluster Galaxies back to z~2 CISCO 2
S03B-200 Miwa Goto Measuring Icy Sphere Around YSOs IRCS+AO 1
S03B-202 Miwa Goto The 12CO/13CO Ratio with NIR Vibrational Transition Lines IRCS+AO 2
S03B-209 Ken'ichi Nomoto Probing the Iron-Rich Ejecta of Type Ia Supernovae at Late-Time OHS 2
S03B-215 Wako Aoki Chemical Abundance Patterns of the First Generations of Stars HDS 2
S03B-218 Kazuhiro Shimasaku Spectroscopy of Extended Ly alpha Emission Sources to Identify Forming Galaxies FOCAS 3
S03B-219 Kouji Ohta Deep K'-band Imaging of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 CISCO 2
S03B-220 Nobunari Kashikawa Probing the entire structure of a galactic halo through multiple line of sights HDS 2
S03B-222 Yuichi Matsuda Wide Field Spectroscopic Follow-Up of the Proto-cluster Region at z=3.1 FOCAS 1
S03B-227 Mamoru Doi Cosmology with High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae S-Cam 3
S03B-229 Tomonori Usuda Direct Determination of the CO/H2 Abundance Ratio in TMC IRCS+AO 2
S03B-233 Aya Kubota The Black Hole Mass of Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources FOCAS 3
S03B-240 Manfred Pakull The nature of ultraluminous X-ray sources FOCAS 2
S03B-250 Yuji Urata Environment of GRB and Hypernova host galaxies COMICS 1
S03B-267 Nobuyuki Kawai Rapid Follow-up Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows using HETE-2 TOO 4TOO
S03B-268 Takao Nakagawa Probing Molecular Tori in Seyfert-2s through CO Absorption IRCS+AO 2
S03B-239 Yoshiaki Taniguchi SuprimeCam Imaging of the HST COSMOS 2-Degree ACS Survey Deep Field (1) S-Cam 10

(1) Intensive Program

Service Programs conducted in Semester S03B

The following proposals were conducted in S03B as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInst
S03B-SP-01 Toru Misawa Near-Infrared imaging for the counterparts of QSO metal absorption lines CISCO
S03B-SP-08 Sozo YOKOGAWA Proper-Motion Measurement of the H_2 Fingers in the Orion KL/BN Region CISCO
S03B-SP-07 Shigeyuki Sako Mid-infrared size of the Orion silhouette-disk d183-405 COMICS
S03B-SP-14 Hideyuki Izumiura COMICS imaging of the extended, detached dust shell of the carbon star U Cam COMICS

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