Accepted proposals for Semester S03A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S03A saw 195 and 10 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 537 nights. The available 82+4ToO nights were awarded to the following 42 proposals.

Intensive Programs

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S03A-010 Sadanori Okamura A Search for Intracluster Planetary Nebulae in the Virgo Cluster S-Cam 1
S03A-012 Jochen Greiner Constraining binary models for supersoft X-ray sources FOCAS 3
S03A-015 Bianca Poggianti The origin of dwarf galaxies in clusters FOCAS 1
S03A-017 Ikuru Iwata Lyman Break Galaxies at z=5 in the field J0053+1234 S-Cam 2
S03A-019 Koji Sugitani Detection of Extra-Solar Planets in the Nearest Star-Forming Region CIAO+AO 2
S03A-021 Motohide Tamura AO Imaging Polarimetry of Circumstellar Disks CIAO+AO 2
S03A-024 Hideyo Kawakita Formation conditions of ammonia molecules in Kuiper belt comets HDS 1
S03A-038 Masatoshi Imanishi Buried AGNs in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies IRCS 2
S03A-055 Naoto Kobayashi Number Density of Mg II Absorption Systems at z>3 IRCS 2
S03A-058 Wako Aoki Chemical composition of extremely metal-poor stars with carbon excess HDS 2
S03A-062 Yuzuru Yoshii Subaru Super Deep Field using Adaptive Optics IRCS+AO 3
S03A-064 Masashi Chiba Multi-object Spectroscopy of Stream Stars in the Galactic Halo FOCAS/MOS 2
S03A-066 Masataka Fukugita The Mass Assembly History of Field Galaxies CISCO 2
S03A-072 Yasushi Suto Deep spectroscopic search for scattered light from extrasolar planets with HDS HDS 2
S03A-079 Toru Yamada The Subaru Extrasolar Planet Transit Survey S-Cam 2
S03A-088 Koji Kawabata Polarimetry of Supernovae -- Probing the Origin of Asymmetric Explosions FOCAS 1ToO
S03A-089 Masami Ouchi Unveiling the Large-Scale Structure at the Highest Redshift S-Cam 3
S03A-095 Motohide Tamura Do Brown Dwarfs Have Massive Disks? COMICS 1
S03A-096 Jun-ichi Watanabe Observational Trial for Determining Time Scale of Space Weathering IRCS+AO 1
S03A-101 Nobuyuki Kawai Rapid Follow-up Observation of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows using HETE-2 various 3ToO
S03A-115 Tohru NAGAO The Innermost of Narrow-Line Regions in AGNs Explored by Polarized Light FOCAS 2
S03A-117 Mitsuhiko Honda Are crystalline silicates common to Vega-type stars? COMICS 1
S03A-122 Takashi MIYATA Spatial Distribution of Crystalline Silicate Around Evolved Stars COMICS 2
S03A-124 Ichi Tanaka Spectroscopic Confirmation of a Possible Protocluster around 4C 23.56 at z=2.5 CISCO 2
S03A-129 Carl Grillmair The Tidal Tails of Palomar 5: Tracing the Demise of a Globular Cluster S-Cam 2
S03A-143 Tadayuki Kodama Panoramic Imaging Survey of Cluster Evolution with Subaru (PISCES) -- 1 S-Cam 3
S03A-145 Hideo Matuhara A panchromatic approach to galaxy formation with Subaru and ASTRO-F S-Cam 2
S03A-146 Miwa Goto The H3+ Emission from Alleged Gas Giant Proto Planet around HD 141569 IRCS+AO 1
S03A-149 Masanori Iye Pilot Survey for Lyman Alpha Emitters at z=7.1 FOCAS 2
S03A-152 Pascale JABLONKA Stellar Population of the proto-galaxy MS1512-cB58 (z=2.72) OHS 2
S03A-154 Mikio Morii NIR/Optical Emission Properties of Anomalous X-ray Pulsars IRCS 2
S03A-163 Tomonori Usuda Direct Determination of the CO/H2 Abundance Ratio in the Outer Galaxy IRCS+AO 2
S03A-164 Toru Yamada High-Redshift Luminous Quasars and Galaxy Formation IRCS+AO 3
S03A-167 Kouji Ohta Deep K'-band Imaging of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 CISCO 2
S03A-172 Ryo Kandori Deep NIR Imaging of Compact Globules with and without YSOs - Evolution of Density Structure at the Central Part of Starless/Star-forming Cores - CISCO 1
S03A-176 Hideki Takami Water Vapor Atmosphere of Star: Spectro-Calipermetry with AO IRCS+AO 2
S03A-178 Masao Saito Direct Adaptive Optics Imaging of a Young Massive Disk-Binary System CIAO+AO 1
S03A-191 Yasuhiro Hashimoto NIR Spectroscopy of Extremely Red ROSAT/XMM X-ray Sources OHS 2
S03A-203 Takashi Onaka Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Galactic Center COMICS 2
S03A-204 Bahram Mobasher Measure of Star Formation Rate for Galaxies at z~1 IRCS 2
S03A-IP-2 Tomonori Totani Cluster-Cluster Microlensing Experiment: A Novel Search for Dark Matter S-Cam 5
S03A-IP-7 Satoshi Miyazaki Suprime-Cam Weak Lensing Survey over 33 square degrees S-Cam 5

Service Programs conducted in Semester S03A

The following proposals were conducted in S03A as Service Programs.

IDPIProposal TitleInst
S03A-SP-1 Shuji Deguchi COMICS 20 micron observations of maser stars with no IRAS or MSX association COMICS
S03A-SP-9 Sunao Hasegawa Establishment of calibration stars from MIR to submm COMICS
S03A-SP-13 Hideyuki Izumiura COMICS imaging of the extended, detached dust shell of the carbon star R Scl COMICS
S03A-SP-21 Tohru Misawa Near-Infrared imaging for the counterparts of QSO metal absorption lines CISCO
S03A-SP-12 Zlatan Tsvetanov Multicolor Imaging of the APPLES Deep Field S-Cam
S03A-SP-5 Yutaka Komiyama Suprime-Cam Imaging Survey around Dwarf Irregular Galaxy NGC6822 S-Cam

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