Accepted proposals for Semester S02B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S02B saw 193 and 4 submitted proposals for the Normal and Intensive Programs, respectively, requesting a total of 487.5 nights. The available 89 nights were awarded to the following 39 proposals:

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S02B-001 Kozo Sadakane Chemical Compositions of Planet-Haboring Stars HDS 1
S02B-004 Masatoshi Imanishi A Search for Dusty DLAs at z~3 FOCAS 1
S02B-008 Toru Yamada When Did the Hubble Sequence Appear? - Extended Deep NIR Survey at HDF-N CISCO 1
S02B-016 Yasushi Suto A spectrophotometric search for scattered light from the transiting planet HD 209458b HDS 2
S02B-017 Naoto Kobayashi Deep NIR Echelle Spectroscopy of two Brightest High-redshift QSOs IRCS 2
S02B-030 Tae-Soo Pyo Toward a General View of Outflows from Young Stars IRCS+AO 1
S02B-032 Sadanori Okamura A Search for Intracluster Planetary Nebulae in the Virgo Cluster Suprime-Cam 2
S02B-042 Masahiko Hayashi Sub-Arcsec Structure of Disks at Planet Forming Radii CIAO+AO 3
S02B-045 Takamitsu Miyaji Near-IR Spectroscopy of XMM-Newton Sources in the Groth Strip OHS 2
S02B-046 Tetsuharu Fuse Follow-up Survey of Uranian Irregular Satellites Suprime-Cam 1
S02B-063 Masao Saito A mid infrared imaging of low-mass protostars in Taurus COMICS 1
S02B-064 Michihiro Takami Observing the physical link between inflow,outflow and accretion disks of YSOs IRCS 1
S02B-068 Hideo Matsuhara Are sub-mm survey galaxies proto-ellipticals? CISCO 2
S02B-077 Yutaka Uchida(1) Intertwined Velocity Features in the Optical Jets from Young Stars HDS 2
S02B-085 Masataka Ando Optical Spectroscopy of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~5 FOCAS 3
S02B-086 Ikuru Iwata Lyman Break Galaxies at z=5 in the field J0053+1243 Suprime-Cam 2
S02B-089 Koji Sugitani Detection of Extra-Solar Planets in the Nearest Star-Forming Region CIAO+AO 2
S02B-101 Nobuo Arimoto EIS Deep 3a Survey (Part 1) - Sampling of 500 Ellipticals at z>1 Suprime-Cam 3
S02B-105 Nobuo Arimoto Star Formation History in Spiral Galaxy M33(II) - H-alpha Mapping Suprime-Cam 1
S02B-110 Masataka Fukugita The Mass Assembly History of Field Galaxies CISCO 2
S02B-111 Jaron Kurk A study of the highest redshift structures of galaxies known Suprime-Cam 2
S02B-112 Tadayuki Kodama Galaxy Groups aroud a Cluster - the key Hierarchy for Environmental Effects FOCAS 1
S02B-121 Daisuke Kinoshita Deepest Search for Cold Disk beyond 50 AU from the Sun Suprime-Cam 3
S02B-127 Luis Ho Mass of Supermassive Black Hole in Quasar IRCS+AO 1
S02B-136 David Tytler The Cosmological Baryon Density from the D/H ratio towards QSOs HDS 1
S02B-140 Hisanori Furusawa Evolution of Field Dwarf Galaxies in the Subaru Deep Field FOCAS 3
S02B-141 Masami Ouchi Spectroscopy of the Large and Highest-z Galaxy Samples Obtained by Subaru FOCAS 3
S02B-145 Kazuhiro Shimasaku A Deep Survey of Lyman Break Galaxies at the Highest Redshifts Suprime-Cam 3
S02B-147 Takuya Yamashita Dust precipitation in Orion proplyds I: H2 emission survey IRCS 2
S02B-153 Ichi Tanaka Spectroscopic Confirmation of the Most Distant Superstructure Traced by A Group of QSOs at z=1.1 FOCAS 3
S02B-162 Kazuhiro Shimasaku Suprime-Cam Mapping of 3-D Structures of Lyman alpha Galaxies at z~4.8 Suprime-Cam 2
S02B-163 Keiichi Kodaira Intermediate-band Filter Survey of the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field Suprime-Cam 3
S02B-164 Susumu Inoue 6Li in metal-poor stars as fossil record of structure formation in the early Galaxy HDS 2
S02B-168 Takeshi Tsuru The Physics of ultraluminous X-ray sources FOCAS 2
S02B-172 Chisato Ikuta Metallicity Distribution Functions in the Dwarf Galaxy Leo II FOCAS 1
S02B-176 Wako Aoki Kinematics and Abundance Patterns of the Inner and Outer Galactic Halo HDS 2
S02B-177 Wako Aoki Chemical composition of extremely metal-poor stars with carbon excess HDS 2
S02B-181 Ken-ichi Nomoto The Formation and Evolution of CO Molecules in Supernova Ejecta (ToO) CISCO/IRCS 3
(1)Professor Yutaka Uchida passed away on Aug 17, 2002. Masa Hayashi will act as PI for this proposal.

Intensive Program
ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S02B-I04 Mamoru Doi Cosmology with High-Redshift Type Ia Supernovae FOCAS/CISCO 10

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