Accepted proposals for Semester S01B

The Call for Proposals for Semester S01B saw 160 submitted proposals, requesting a total of 337 nights. The available 47 nights were awarded to the following 29 proposals:

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S01B-003 Masatoshi Imanishi Energy Diagnoses of Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies IRCS 2
S01B-009 Kentaro Motohara CISCO Infrared Spectroscopy of Lyman Break Galaxies in the HDF OHS 2
S01B-015 Masahide Takada-Hidai The r/s process ratio of barium in metal-poor stars HDS 1
S01B-026 Toru Tanimori Gamma-ray Observation of the Crab Pulsar and Nebula in 10 Gev region CHESS 3
S01B-029 Yutaka Uchida Detection of Spinning of Optical Jets from Forming Stars HDS 1
S01B-035 Masayuki Akiyama Subaru-XMM Deep Survey: Optical Spectroscopy of the Hard X-ray Sources FOCAS 1
S01B-038 Masataka Fukugita Galaxies as Mg II Absorbers in a New SDSS Bright Quasar Sample FOCAS/HDS 2
S01B-051 Yoshiaki Taniguchi Suprime-Cam Search for Optical Counterparts of the Lyman Limit System at z=5.72 Suprime-Cam 3
S01B-055 Kazuhiro Shimasaku Unveil the Galaxy Evolution beyond z = 1 in the Subaru/XMM Deep Field CISCO 3
S01B-057 Toru Yamada Chemical Enrichment in the Universe at Redshift beyond 4 HDS 3
S01B-061 Chris Simpson Classical-double radio sources and the formation of giant elliptical galaxies OHS 2
S01B-069 Arlin Crotts M31 Halo Microlensing - Do Machos Exist in Another Galaxy? Suprime-Cam 2
S01B-070 Takeshi Oka Observation of H3+ in the Diffuse Intersteller Medium IRCS 1
S01B-072 Masahiko Hayashi Neutral and lonized gasses in Young Stellar Jets II IRCS 1
S01B-073 Takahiro Hiroi Characterization of mineral assemblage and water content of D-type asteroids IRCS 1
S01B-077 Tsuko Nakamura What Taxnomic-type is Responsible for Depletion of Sub-km Belt Asteroids? Suprime-Cam 1
S01B-080 Ryoko Ishioka Velocity-field mapping of dwarf-nova accretion disks IRCS 1
S01B-091 Nobuo Arimoto Subaru Suprime-Cam study of Star Formation History in Spiral Galaxy M33 Suprime-Cam 2
S01B-103 Mamoru Doi Cosmology with High-Redshift Type la Supernovae Suprime-Cam 2
S01B-104 Shinki Oyabu Spectroscopic investigation of ISO far-infrared sources FOCAS 1
S01B-120 Junko Takahashi Detection of Infrared H2 Emission Spectra Arising from Formation Pumping IRCS 2
S01B-125 David Tytler The Cosmological Baryon Density from the D/H ratio towards QSOs HDS 2
S01B-127 Satoshi Honda The nature of r-process in early Galaxy and cosmochronometry HDS 1
S01B-130 Toru Nagao High spectral resolution mapping of narrow-emission line clouds in Seyfert galaxies HDS 1
S01B-138 Yuji Urata Identification of the Most Distant GRB Host Galaxy FOCAS 1
S01B-146 Fumiaki Nakata Mapping a Large Scale Structure around Most Distant Supercluster at z=1.3 FOCAS 1
S01B-147 Tomonori Totani A Serendipitous Search for Beamed Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows Suprime-Cam 2
S01B-158 Arthur Wolfe BVRIz imaging of fields around z~ 4 Damped Lyman Alpha Absorbers Suprime-Cam 1
S01B-160 Michihiro Takami Do Jets Remove Angular Momentum from Circumstellar Disks? IRCS 1
Also during Semester S01B, three nights are reserved for a Target Of Opportunity observation program. Director Ando will determine when it is to be conducted. Any loss of time suffered by general Open Use proposals will be compensated in subsequent semesters.

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