Accepted proposals for Semester S01A

The Call for Proposals for Semester S01A saw 105 submitted proposals, requesting a total of 204 nights. The available 36 nights were awarded to the following 27 proposals:

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S01A-002 Shinki Oyabu Spectroscopic Investigation of the ISO far-infrared sources FOCAS/CISCO 2
S01A-003 Michihiro Takami Infrared Spectro-astrometry of pre-main-sequence stars IRCS 1
S01A-008 Machiko Sawada FOCAS Resolved Spectroscopy of a Forming Galaxy at z=3.4 FOCAS 1
S01A-014 Takeshi Oka Search for H3+ in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium IRCS 1
S01A-022 Yoichi Takeda Chemistry of Planet-Bearing Stars HDS 1
S01A-023 Yoichi Itoh Water Ice in Kuiper Belt Objects IRCS 1
S01A-028 Yuhri Ishimaru Light nuclei of the r-process HDS 2
S01A-030 Jun-ichi Watanabe Toward the First Detection of the Atmosphere of Asteroids HDS 1
S01A-034 Shin Mineshige Velocity-field mapping of eclipsing dwarf-nova accretion disks IRCS 1
S01A-046 Chris Simpson OHS spectroscopy of red quasars from a deep Chadra survey OHS 1
S01A-048 Chris Simpson High quality spectra of massive spheroids in the young Universe IRCS 1
S01A-049 Garret Cotter A spectroscopic survey of Extremely Red Objects OHS 1
S01A-050 Masayuki Akiyama Nature of Hard X-ray Sources with Faint Optical Counterparts FOCAS 1
S01A-055 Toru Yamada Survey of Lyman Break Galaxies Near the Quasars and Radio Galaxies at z>4 FOCAS 1
S01A-058 Toru Yamada Extremely Deep K-band Imaging of the Hubble Deep Field North CISCO 3
S01A-065 Takeshi Tsuru Mass and Activity of the Off-Center Intermediate Massive Black Hole in M82 IRCS 2
S01A-067 Nobuo Arimoto Stellar Abundance Patterns of sagittarius & Ursa Minor Dwarf Spheroidals HDS 2
S01A-068 Inese Ivans The Chemical Nature of Accreted Halo Stars and Their Progenitor Systems HDS 1
S01A-074 Ryosuke Nakamura Search for Complex Hydorocarbons on Pluto IRCS 1
S01A-079 Mamoru Doi Deep spectroscopy of high-redshift supernovae FOCAS 2
S01A-080 Masataka Fukugita Search for galaxy clustering at z=4 using an SDSS quasar pair FOCAS 2
S01A-081 Kumiko Usuda Detection of H2 absorption line toward the Galactic Center IRCS 1
S01A-086 David Tytler The Cosmological Baryons Density from the D/H ratio towards QSOs HDS 2
S01A-089 Wako Aoki Chemical composition of very metal-poor stars with carbon excesses HDS 1
S01A-090 Tomonori Totani Search for an old isolated neutron star as an unidentified gamma-ray source FOCAS 1
S01A-099 Takashi Murayama How Opaque Are Dusty Tori in Type 2 Seyfert Galaxies? IRCS 1
S01A-104 Takashi Murayama Mass Measurement of Super-massive Black Holes in Seyfert Galaxies from Bulge Stellar Kinematics FOCAS 1

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