Accepted proposals for Semester S00

The Call for Proposals for Semester S00 saw 114 submitted proposals, requesting a total of 223 nights. The available 36 nights were awarded to the following 26 proposals:

ID PI Proposal Title Inst Nts
S00-002 Tadashi Nakajima Infrared photometry and spectroscopy of cool low-mass objects IRCS 2
S00-008 Shinki Oyabu Optical morphology of ISO far-infrared sources in the Lockman Hole seen through 0.5" resolution imaging S-Cam 1
S00-009 Nobuo Arimoto Suprime-Cam Observation of Dwarf Galaxies, NGC 3109, Leo I, and Draco S-Cam 2
S00-016 Masayuki Akiyama NIR Spectroscopy and Imaging of Extremely Red ROSAT/XMM X-ray Sources IRCS 2
S00-017 Kouji Ohta Lyman Break Galaxies at z=4.5-6 S-Cam 2
S00-018 Motohide Tamura Circumstellar Environments and Central Sources of Protostars in Taurus IRCS 1
S00-020 Michihiro Takami Infrared spectro-astrometry of pre-main-sequence stars IRCS 1
S00-022 Ken'ichi Nomoto IRCS Spectra of Supernovae with Extraordinary Late-Time IR Excesses IRCS 1
S00-023 Shoko Sakai Dynamics of the Local Universe S-Cam 1
S00-024 Tadayuki Kodama History of Mass Assembly and Star Formation in Galaxy Clusters S-Cam 2
S00-025 Toru Yamada Deep NIR Imaging of Rich Clusters at z~1.26 IRCS 1
S00-031 Masahiko Hayashi Ionized and Neutral Gases in Young Stellar Jets IRCS 2
S00-038 Matthew Malkan Direct Comparison of Optical and Infrared Searches for High-Redshift Galaxies IRCS 1
S00-046 Tohru Nagao What are Broad-Line Regions of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies? IRCS 1
S00-054 Keiichi Umetsu Weak Lensing Survey in a High Redshift Supercluster Field S-Cam 1
S00-055 Yoichi Itoh Infrared Spectroscopy of Young Brown Dwarf Candidates IRCS 1
S00-068 Koji Murakawa Do Jets Remove Angular Momentum From Circumstellar Disks? IRCS 1
S00-070 Masanori Iye IRCS study of Extremely Red Object R1 Found by Subaru in A851 Field IRCS 1
S00-072 Toshiya Ueta High-Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging of Proto-Planetary Nebula Dust Shells IRCS 1
S00-077 Chris Simpson Understanding the starbursts associated with high-redshift radio galaxies IRCS 1
S00-079 Kazuhiro Sekiguchi Optical Identification of Chandra/XMM-Newton Wide Area Deep Survey Sources S-Cam 2
S00-089 Ichi Tanaka Deep Multi-Color Imaging of the Most Distant Superclustering of Galaxies and QSOs at z=1.1 S-Cam 2
S00-094 Kentaro Aoki Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of the Highest-z QSO(z=5.8), SDSS 1044-0125 IRCS 2
S00-101 Jun-ichi Watanabe Survey of Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Object S-Cam 2
S00-103 Tomohiko Sekiguchi Physical Nature of Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt Objects through their near-IR taxonomy IRCS 1
S00-108 Yurii Shibanov Optical Photometry of Middle-aged Old Pulsars S-Cam 1

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