Information for Observers

If you have been awarded observing time on Subaru Telescope, you are required to read and obey the following information and rules.

  • Limitations on Night Supports
    Night supports by the telescope operation group is limited to the on-call off-site support by 9 pm due to increasing demand for maintenance work for the aging telescope and dome. On-site troubleshooting will be conducted the next day or later. Generally, night supports by other than night operators and support astronomers will be done on a best-effort basis after 12 am.
  • About Requiring Short Engineering Time
    Subaru Telescope may request to use a part of observing time (1-2 hrs) for engineering purposes to verify the functions and performance of the telescope and instruments. This is because due to limited telescope time it is difficult to allocate sufficient engineering time in the telescope schedule. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Travel Support Policy
    Due to the severely tight budget, NAOJ's support of travel expenses is limited to Mitaka remote observation. Up to three researchers who are affiliated to Japanese institutes will be supported for each observing run.
  • Remote Observations
    Subaru Telescope recommends observers from Japan to perform their observations remotely from Mitaka Headquarter. For foreign observers, we also recommend remote observations from Hilo Base Facility. But under the situation influenced by COVID-19, open-use observation may be performed via Zoom and new remote observation software (GERS: Gen2 Extended Remote System).
  • Procedure for visiting and remote observation Subaru Telescope in English or Japanese
    This describes the information to be provided to Subaru Telescope prior to your arrival in Hawai`i or remote observation at Mitaka NAOJ campus.
  • Safety Advisory in English or Japanese
    The summit of Mauna Kea is a hazardous environment, and all visitors must be aware of these issues.
  • Open Use Observations Policy in English or Japanese
    Subaru Telescope has policies regarding the operation of the telescope, as well as deviations from proposed observations.
  • Target of Opportunity (ToO) Observations Procedure in English or Japanese
    The procedure to issue ToO observations is described.
  • Observation Compensation and Dome Operation policies in English
    The rules of compensation for the observation canceled and of nightly dome operation.
  • Filling Open Use report form (visiting observers only). Go to Electronic report form.

We are very keen for visitors to share their work with the scientific staff of Subaru Telescope via our Subaru seminars. Please contact if you are interested.

February 15th, 2021

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