Suprime-Cam general filters

The following tables list the general filters available for general use, together with their sensitivites. The transmission curves of each filter are available as plots or ASCII lists if indicated in the respective columns.

You may need to consider

as well as transmission curves below for estimating more exact throughput of each filter.

Broad-band filters

Sensitivities listed are for a 5 sigma detection in 1 hour of integration, assuming good (0.5'') seeing and a moderately dark sky (3 days from New Moon). Point sources are measured in a 1.5'' diameter aperture; extended source sensitivities are per pixel; binning over N pixels will improve the sensitivity by 1.25 log N mag.

Filter Sensitivity mag for
1 e-/s
Name Plot List (mag) (mag/arcsec2)
B 27.6 26.2 28.5
V 27.4 25.9 28.7
Rc 27.0 25.5 28.7
Ic 26.0 24.5 27.7
g' 27.5 26.0 28.9
r' 27.2 25.8 28.9
i' 26.8 25.4 29.1
z' 25.8 24.4 28.5
Y 24.7 23.3 26.8

Magnitudes for the Johnson-Cousins filters are on the Vega system, and those for the SDSS filters, and a Y filter are on the AB magnitude system.

Narrow-band filters

Filter Sensitivity mag for
1 e-/s
Name Plot List (mag) (mag/arcsec2)
NA656 25.4 24.0 25.7
NB711 25.2 23.6 25.6
NB816 25.2 23.6 25.8
NB921 25.4 23.9 25.8

Magnitudes for these filters are on the AB magnitude system.

Note: For the details about the user filters, please contact the owners.

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