MOIRCS Fits Header Information

All Information below are for new detectors (2016-)

FITS header keywords

The examples of the MOIRCS primary FITS headers as of Oct 2017 can be found below.

For the detail of each FITS header keywords, refer the document "FITS hand book version 6.0" (page 120 for general, p170 for the moircs-specific keywords, pp 242-260 for the full list of the header keyword list: they are old).

Here is the most recent moircs-specific keyword dictionary (Last Update: 2017-10-23).

Change of the Header Keywords before and after the Upgrade

During the MOIRCS upgrade work in 2016 we have added some new keywords and eliminated unnecessary old keywords. The change of the keywords is summarized here.

Eliminated Keywords:

    K_TROij (i=1,2,3; j=1,2), K_TRTij (i=1,2,3; j=1,2), K_DETNDM, K_DETZj (j=1,2), K_T-CBj (j=1,2)

Added Keywords:

  • K_EXPCNT (Exposure number at dither position)
  • K_ASIC (Name of the ASIC)
  • K_OVRHD (Estimated overhead in seconds)
  • K_TROi (i=1,2,3: Offset of turret i)
  • K_TRTi (i=1,2,3: Hole number of turret i)
  • AIRM-STR (Airmass at exposure start)
  • AIRM-END (Airmass at exposure end)
  • K_DETZ (Step count position of detector focus)
  • K_T-CB (Temperature of Chip Box (K))
  • ZD-STR (Zenith Distance at exp. start (degree))
  • ZD-END (Zenith Distance at exp. end (degree))

Upgrade Log (since 2017)

  • Dec 2017: The formats of some FITS header keywords (most of the common keywords as well as some MOIRCS-specific keywords) are adjusted to follow the specification described by the manual "FITS no Tebiki".

Updated 2018-4-3

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