IRCS Imaging Overhead and Total Observing Time Calculator

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Readout Mode
Usually the Fast readout mode should be used for L' and M' bands imaging due to very high background level.

Size of the Array Area
Note the maximum frame size for L' band at 52 mas scale is 896x896 without AO188 and 512x512 with AO188.

Exposure time for single shot (sec)
Usually the exposure time is less than 90 s (J-band), 45 s (H-band), 60 s (K or K'-band) for 52 mas full array(1024x1024) mode.

COADDS for single frame

Number of Dithering

Number of dummyread

* Additional overheads should be thought....
+ Setup Field (target acquisition) per each target : 3-5 min,
+ Telescope Pointing time : 1 min for dAZ = 30 degree,
+ Focus Adjustment (usually 3 times per a night) : 10 min per one time,
+ If you use AO188, for AO188 parameter adjustment : ~ 15 min per each target,
+ Filter change : less than 1 min.

Programmed by Tae-Soo Pyo, 2009. Feb. 7