COMICS medium-resolution N-band spectroscopy

The medium-resolution N-band grating provides a resolution of 2500 (0.33'' slit) and a dispersion of 0.002 um/pixel. The spectrum is dispersed onto all 5 of the COMICS spectrograph's detectors, with large gaps between them. The grating tilt can be selected to vary the wavelength regions which fall on the detectors, or the entire N-band (7.8-13.3 um) can be covered in two standard grating positions. Note that the wavelength axis is tilted with respect to the detector columns, by about 20-30 pixels (~0.05 um) over the entire length of the slit.

Detectors 1   2   3   4   5
Coverage (um) 0.63 0.62 0.61 0.60 0.59
0.49 0.48 0.47 0.46

The point-source sensitivity of the NM grating varies with wavelength and is shown in the following figure (1 sigma for 1 second of on-source integration time).

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