COMICS low-resolution N-band spectroscopy

The low-resolution N-band grating disperses the entire N-band onto the 3rd of the COMICS spectrograph's 5 detector arrays at a resolution of 250 (0.33'' slit) and a dispersion of 0.02 um/pixel.

Detectors 1   2     3     4   5
Wavelength (um) 7.30 13.63

The following plot shows the spectral sensitivity (1 sigma in 1 second of on-source integration) of the NL grating for point and extended sources. This figure assumes that only chopping is used; if chopping and nodding are required, the sensitivity will be sqrt(2) times worse. The plot is also available in postscript format.

The background observed by the NL grating is presented in the following figure, also available in postscript format.

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