AO188 Instrument Parameters 

Location of the system Nasmyth focus (IR)
Spectral coverage 0.9-5.3 um
Main Optics 2.7' FOV, F/13.9
Main optics throughput 0.7 at JHKLM
Number of control elements 188
Deformable morror Bimorth mirror with 188 control electrodes
Tip/tilt mount stroke +-5''
High-order WFS Curvature sensor with 188 photon counting APDs
Low-order WFS 2x2 Shack-Hartman sensor with 16 photon counting APDs
Control bandwidth > 100 Hz, 1000 corrections/sec
NGS magnitude -1 < R < 16.5
TTGS magnitude R < 18
NGS isoplanatic field 1' in diameter
TTGS isoplanatic field Not determined
Laser Sum frequency generation 4.0W (on-sky) at 589nm (generates R=11 LGS)
Laser beam transfer optics Single mode photonic crystal fiber
Laser launching telescope 50cm telescope attached behind the secondary

9 February 2011

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