Dear Participants,

The GUAS-Subaru Asian Winter School 2008 is approaching, and this is the
final circular which contains all the important logistics.
Please read it carefully.

               GUAS-Subaru Asian Winter School 2008

             -- Final circular (20th November 2008) --

  Dept. of Astronomical Science, Graduate Univ. for Advanced Studies
 Subaru Telescope, Optical-IR Division, & Astronomy Data Center, NAOJ

                       December 1-5, 2008
      National Astronomical Observatory, Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan


(1) Access to NAOJ Mitaka campus from Narita or Haneda airports
See for detailed directions.
It takes upto 3 hrs from Narita and 2.5 hrs from Haneda.

(2) Check-in your accommodation
Guesthouse (Cosmos-Kaikan):
See the campus map
Checkin time is 14:00.
For those arriving/leaving in the weekends (29-30 Nov, 6-7 Dec),
You can collect/leave your room key at the guard-cottage at the main
entrance of NAOJ.
No breakfast is provided, and you are advised to buy some at the
station (recommended for the first morning) or convenience stores
(~10 minutes walk from the campus).

Hotel Citytel Musashi-Sakai:
for a map in Japanese (sorry!). The yellow square with a double circle
is the hotel. Ignore the yellow dotted lines which indicate access
routes by a car.  North is up, and Tokyo/Shinjuku is to the right.
Go out JR Musashi-Sakai station south exit and the hotel is to your
right (~2 min walk).
Checkin time is 15:00. We imagine that they can keep your luggages
even if you arrive there before that time.
Breakfast is not included by default, but you can order one for 800 Yen.

(3) Cafeteria in the campus
The cafeteira is located on the ground floor of Cosmos-Kaikan (guesthouse).
Open only for the lunch time (11:40-13:00) on weekdays.
A set menu costs you around 400-600 Yen.

There will be some vegitarian/fish meals, but not many options.
If you are a strict vegitarian, you are advised to bring some ready-to-cook
foods by yourself. (You can share a kitchen with fridge and microwave etc
at the guesthouse.)

(4) Start of the school
Time : December 1st, at 1pm.
Place: Large seminar room on the ground floor of the Data analysis building.
       See the campus map at

(5) Posters
Those who requested to present a poster can put up a poster at any
board which is arranged in front of the Large seminar room,
from the noon of 1st Dec until the noon of 5th Dec. Pins will be provided.

(6) Reimbursement and registration fee
In the afternoon of 1st Dec, we will have a business session when we
pay you back all the expenses in CASH (Japanese Yen) (travel, accommodation,
and daily allowances). Please be prepared!
Note that the domestic participants, except Sese-san and Seok-san,
will be paid to your registered bank accounts, and no cash will be given.

You will then be asked to pay the registration fee (5,000 Yen in cash) at
the next desk and also the fees for Cosmos-Kaikan if you stay there.

For those staying at Hotel Citytel, we recommend that you pay only for the
first night when you check-in, and once all your expenses are reimbursed
on the following day, you pay for the rest of your stay at the hotel.

In this reimbursement process, you should provide us:
*original receipt of your flights
*stubs of the boarding passes of your incoming flights
*your signature or name stamp

Once you are back to your country after the school, you should post us:
*stubs of the boarding passes of your return flights

Please make sure to retain all the stubs of the boarding passes
of your flights.

(7) Schedule of the school

Dec 1 12:00-13:00 Registration desk
(Mon)         (stubs/receipt collection, name badge, documents distribution)
      13:00-13:10 Opening address + GUAS (Arimoto)
      13:10-13:30 Guidance (Kodama)
      13:30-14:00 Self-introduction (~1min each)
      14:00-15:30 Overview of Subaru telescope and instruments (Iye)
      15:30-16:00 TV relay to Subaru telescope (Takami)
      16:00-16:30 Reimbursement
      16:30-17:00 Subaru openuse (Kodama)
      17:00-18:00 Break, free discussion, poster viewing
      18:00-21:00 Reception party (GUAS students)

Dec 2 09:00-10:00 Data archive (SMOKA) (Furusho, Yamada, Nishizawa, Nishimura)
(Tue) 10:00-12:00 Data analysis (Lecturers)
      12:00-13:30 Lunch break
      13:30-17:00 Data analysis (Lecturers)

Dec 3 09:00-10:15 Science with Subaru: Galaxies (Kashikawa)
(Wed) 10:15-10:30 Break
      10:30-11:45 Science with Subaru: Star Formation and Exoplanets (Tamura)
      11:45-13:00 Lunch break
      13:00-21:30 Excursion to JAXA/ISAS (including dinner) (Yamamura, Sakamoto, Ita)

Dec 4 09:00-12:00 Data analysis (Lecturers)
(Thu) 12:00-13:30 Lunch break
      13:30-15:30 Data analysis (Lecturers)
      15:30-17:30 NAOJ guided tour (including the 4D2U theater) (Takanashi)
      17:30-18:00 Break, free discussion, poster viewing
      18:00-21:00 Banquet (buffet)

Dec 5 09:00-11:00 Data analysis (Lecturers)
(Fri) 11:00-11:15 School photo (Nakajima)
      11:15-11:45 Summary & impression (~1 min each)
      11:50-12:00 Closing remarks (Kodama, Arimoto)

(8) Computers, e-mail, data transfer
Take a look at the important notes on your computer,
e-mail, and data transfer environments at the school:
Make sure to read it through prior to your visit.

We need to register your e-mail addresses to the Subaru data archive
(SMOKA) so that you can download the data from there.
Please let Drs. Furusho (furusho.reiko _at_ and Yagi
(yagi.masafumi _at_ know your e-mail address that you
can access from NAOJ, *** by 26th Nov ***.

(9) Emergency call
You can contact us at anytime at winter08@optik.mtk,
In emergency, we'll try to reply within ~12 hours at the latest.
In a real emergency, you can contact us at the following numbers:

Kodama's office: +81-(0)422-34-3533
Kodama's mobile phone: the number will be informed later.
                       (available from noon 28th Nov - noon 8th Dec)
Subaru secretaries: +81-(0)422-34-3516/3517 (office hours only)

(10) Travel insurance
For those coming from abroad are strongly advised to buy a travel insurance.
In principle, we will not take any responsibility for any unexpected
trouble caused upon you, such as sick, theft, misconnection, and so on.

(11) Climate in Tokyo
For your information to decide your clothes to bring,
early December in Tokyo is the beginning of winter and the daytime
temperature will be around 10-15 degrees Celsius and ~5-10 during
the nights.

(12) Textbooks and homework
The textbooks for Subaru data reduction can be downloaded from:
A printed version will be provided at the school.

You are strongly encouraged (requested) to do some homework
before coming to the school. See below for the list of homework for
each instrument. If you have any specific questions, you can ask the
lecturers directly by sending them e-mails.

(13) Participants list
See below.

That's it.
We are looking forward to seeing you all soon. Have a safe trip!

Best wishes,
Organizing Committee

List of homework for each instrument

The participants are expected to read through the entire
textbook to comprehend the overview of the data reduction.
We also suggest making a list of your questions.
In addition, please have a look on the FOCAS web page 
for the specific information about the instrument.
Some additional documents will be provided at the school.

Takashi Hattori (hattori _at_
Tomoki Morokuma (tomoki.morokuma _at_

The participants are expected to read through the entire
textbook to comprehend the overview of the data reduction.
We also suggest making a list of your questions.
In addiotion, please have a look on the IRCS web page 
for the specific information about the instrument.

Yosuke Minowa (minoways _at_

1. Read through the IRCS web page
2. Read through the manual of IRCS spectroscopy.

Masa Imanishi (masa.imanishi _at_

The participants are expected to understand spectroscopy using
gratings, in particular the so-called echelle spectra obtained using
two gratings (echelle and cross-disperser). We suggest you to read the
paper on HDS (Noguchi et al. 2002, PASJ 54, 855; please contact W. Aoki
if you cannot access PASJ) and the HDS user manual that is available on
the HDS web page.

Wako Aoki (aoki.wako _at_
Satoshi Kawanomoto (kawanomoto.satoshi _at_

1) Read the SDFRED manual (v1.4.1).
   If you have any question, ask subaru-red-sup ML.
2) Try to search a paper using NASA/ADS (or its mirror).
   In the class, I will ask you to search some paper in PDF.
3) Study about basics of statistics, at least about 
   - Poisson distribution
   - Normal distribution(Gaussian)
   - propagation of errors

Masafumi Yagi (yagi.masafumi _at_
Yutaka Komiyama (komiyama _at_

Participants list (version 20/11/2008)

Overseas participants (24):                                                
Name                          Country    Instrument   Poster  Accomodation
Ms. Shim, Hyunjin             Korea      Suprime-Cam  Yes     S(guesthouse)
Mr. Kuncarayakti, Hanindyo    Indonesia  Suprime-Cam          S(guesthouse)
Mr. Lee, Jonghwan             Korea      Suprime-Cam          T(guesthouse)
Ms. Lu, Ting-Ni               Taiwan     Suprime-Cam          H(hotel)
Mr. Shih, Chia-Jung           Taiwan     Suprime-Cam          H(hotel)
Mr. Roozrokh, Anooshiravan    Iran       Suprime-Cam  Yes     S(guesthouse)
Mr. Yan, Chi-Hung             Taiwan     Suprime-Cam          H(hotel)
Ms. Zhao, Zhengshi            China      HDS          Yes     S(guesthouse)
Mr. Puri Jatmiko, Agus Triono Indonesia  HDS                  S(guesthouse)
Ms. Mohamad-Yob, Siti-Jamiah  Malaysia   HDS                  F(guesthouse)
Mr. Wang, Liang               China      HDS                  S(guesthouse)
Ms. Chong, Sze Ning Selina    HongKong   HDS                  S(guesthouse)
Mr. Liu, Chun-Fan             Taiwan     HDS                  H(hotel)
Ms. Ahmad, Nazhatulshima      Malaysia   HDS                  F(guesthouse)
Mr. Lin, Hsing-Wen            Taiwan     IRCS(imag)   Yes     H(hotel)
Mr. Lin, Chien-Cheng          Taiwan     IRCS(imag)   Yes     H(hotel)
Ms. Abdul Aziz, Azni          Malaysia   IRCS(imag)   Yes     F(guesthouse)
Ms. Sethuram, Ramya           India      IRCS(imag)           S(guesthouse)
Mr. Lee, Jong Chul            Korea      IRCS(spec)           T(guesthouse)
Ms. Jhang, Ya-Ting            Taiwan     IRCS(spec)   Yes     H(hotel)
Mr. Lee, Joon Hyeop           Korea      IRCS(spec)   Yes     T(guesthouse)
Ms. Hung, Chao-Ling           Taiwan     IRCS(spec)   Yes     H(hotel)
Ms. Irawati,Puji              Indonesia  FOCAS                S(guesthouse)
Mr. Lim, Sungsoon             Korea      FOCAS                T(guesthouse)

Domestic participants (12):
Name                      Institute            Instrument Poster Accomodation
Mr. Suzuki, Kenta         Univ. of Tokyo       Suprime-Cam       none
Mr. Okamura, Tomohiro     Tohoku Univ.         Suprime-Cam       H(hotel)
Mr. Sese, Rogel Mari      Univ of Tsukuba      IRCS(imag)        H(hotel)
Mr. Imai, Masafumi        Kochi N. C. of Tech. IRCS(imag)        H(hotel)
Mr. Okita, Hirofumi       Tohoku Univ.         IRCS(imag)        H(hotel)
Ms. Sakata, Misa          Tohoku Univ.         IRCS(imag)        H(hotel)
Mr. Lundock, Ramsey       Tohoku Univ.         IRCS(spec)   Yes  H(hotel)
Ms. Seok, JiYeon          Seoul National Univ. IRCS(spec)        S(guesthouse)
Mr. Hwang, Narae          NAOJ                 FOCAS             none
Mr. Kawaguchi, Toshihiro  Aoyama Gakuin Univ.  FOCAS        Yes  none
Mr. Tsutsui, Ryo          Kyoto Univ.          FOCAS             H(hotel)
Mr. Satomi, Shigeru       Univ. of Tokyo       FOCAS             none

Notes for accommodation:

(S,T,F) NAOJ Guest House (Cosmos Kaikan),
   10 single (S), 2 twin (T), and 1 family (F), non-smoking in all rooms,
   free internet connection in rooms. NO BREAKFAST is provided.
  *Single rooms are basic single bed rooms with TV, bath and toilet.
   A shared kitchen with fridge, cooker, and microwave is available on
   the same floor.
  *Twin rooms have a living room with sofa and TV, equipped kitchen (with
   fridge, cooker, and microwave), a bed room with two separate beds,
   bath and toilet.
  *Family room has a living room with sofa with TV, equipped kitchen (with
   fridge, cooker, microwave), two bed rooms (one with a single bed and
   the other with two separate beds), bath and toilet.
(H) Hotel Citytel Musashi-Sakai (Tel: +81-422-33-5111), 7,400 Yen per night,
   all single rooms, free internet connection in rooms.  No breakfast by
   default, but you can order one for 800 Yen.