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Preliminary Meeting Program


Preliminary Meeting Program: (To be updated with speakers)

Sunday Nov. 6

  • Workshop Reception at the hotel

Monday Nov. 7

  • Session 1: "The Power of Wide-Field Imaging and Spectroscopic Surveys"
    • Introductory talk on wide-field survey astronomy
    • Talks on WFMOS and HyperSuprime Cam (two talks)
  • Session 2: "Theoretical and Observational Perspectives on Dark Energy"
    • Theoretical (i.e. physics) perspectives (two talks)
    • Observational (i.e., astrophysics) perspective (two talks)
  • Session 3: "Probes of The Dark Universe: WFMOS and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations"
    • BAO theory talk
    • BAO survey talk
    • BAO simulation talk
    • Short contributions on future galaxy redshift surveys, including AAOmega, FMOS etc.

Tuesday Nov. 8

  • Session 4: "Probes of The Dark Universe: HyperSuprimeCam and Weak Lensing"
    • WL theory talk
    • WL observational perspective (two talks)
    • Short contributions on future WL and imaging surveys, including LSST, PanSTARRS, DES,
    • VISTA, VST etc.
  • Session 5: "Other Probes of The Dark Universe"
    • Contributions on other methods to probe the dark universe including supernovae experiments, cluster counts, etc.
    • Workshop banquet at the hotel

Wednesday Nov. 9

  • Session 6: "Related and Extra Science"
    • Contributions from attendees including talks on galaxy evolution, large-scale structure, test of fundamental physics, galactic dynamics etc.
  • Session 7: Conference Summary and Panel Discussion
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