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Probing the Dark Universe with Subaru and Gemini


The conference organizers wish to express their gratitude to the following funding agencies for their generous support of the Subaru/Gemini dark energy Workshop: Gemini Observatory, Subaru, the National Optical Astronomical Observatory (U.S.), the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (U.K.), and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.

The Gemini Observatory is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under a cooperative agreement with the NSF on behalf of the Gemini partnership: the National Science Foundation (United States), the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (United Kingdom), the National Research Council (Canada), CONICYT (Chile), the Australian Research Council (Australia), CNPq (Brazil), and CONICET (Argentina)

Workshop Description:
In 1998, two teams of cosmologists discovered that the expansion rate of the Universe was accelerating rather than slowing-down as expected. This discovery gave birth to the concept of "Dark Energy"; a new form of matter in the Universe with an effective negative pressure. In 2005,we still know very little about this dark energy, except that it constitutes approximately 75% of the energy budget of the Universe and does not appear to change rapidly with look-back time. Theoretically, there are now many models for the origin and form of dark energy, including Einstein's Cosmological Constant, modifications to General Relativity, Quintessence and "Phantom Energy". Dark Energy has now become one of the most exciting problems in the whole of modern science.

Workshop Purpose:
Gemini and Subaru are exploring the possibility of collaborating on an optical Wide-Field Multi-Object Spectrograph (WFMOS), which would be a shared facility installed on the Subaru telescope. Subaru is independently designing an imager, HyperSuprime, which would address complementary science questions and share some optics with WFMOS. To increase visibility of the WFMOS and HyperSuprime projects and the science they will enable, and to build relations between astronomers in the Gemini and Subaru communities, Gemini and Subaru are jointly sponsoring a scientific workshop on the subject of Dark Energy.

Organizing Committee:
Arjun Dey (SOC co-chair)
Naoshi Sugiyama (SOC co-chair)
Bob Nichol (SOC)
Masashi Chiba (SOC)
Satoshi Miyazaki (LOC-Subaru)
Joseph Jensen (LOC-Gemini)

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